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New England Patriots Depth Chart
HC: Bill Belichick | OC: Josh McDaniels | DC: Matt Patricia | ST: Scott O'Brien
Updated: 11/26/2014 7:16PM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 19 LaFell, Brandon U/Car 80 Amendola, Danny U/SL 18 Slater, Matthew 08/5    
RWR 11 Edelman, Julian 09/7 17 Dobson, Aaron 13/2 84 Tyms, Brian SF14    
LT 77 Solder, Nate 11/1 61 Cannon, Marcus 11/5 65 Devey, Jordan SF13    
LG 63 CONNOLLY, DAN SF07 61 Cannon, Marcus 11/5 65 Devey, Jordan SF13    
C 66 Stork, Bryan 14/4 62 Wendell, Ryan CF08      
RG 62 Wendell, Ryan CF08 67 Kline, Josh CF13      
RT 76 VOLLMER, SEBASTIAN 09/2 61 Cannon, Marcus 11/5 71 Fleming, Cameron 14/4    
TE 87 Gronkowski, Rob 10/2 47 Hoomanawanui, Michael P/Was 81 Wright, Tim T/TB    
QB 12 BRADY, TOM 00/6 10 Garoppolo, Jimmy 14/2      
RB 35 Gray, Jonas SF14 29 Blount, LeGarrette SF14 38 Bolden, Brandon CF12    
RB 34 Vereen, Shane 11/2 28 White, James 14/4 46 Develin, James SF13    
LDE 50 NINKOVICH, ROB SF09 74 Easley, Dominique 14/1      
LDT 75 WILFORK, VINCE 04/1 97 Branch, Alan SF14      
RDT 94 Jones, Chris W/TB 74 Easley, Dominique 14/1 97 Branch, Alan SF14    
RDE 74 Easley, Dominique 14/1 90 Moore, Zach 14/6 95 Jones, Chandler 12/1    
SLB 91 Collins, Jamie 13/2 55 Ayers, Akeem T/Ten 59 White, Chris W/Det    
WLB 54 Hightower, Dont'a 12/1 52 Casillas, Jonathan T/TB      
LCB 24 Revis, Darrelle CC/TB 26 Ryan, Logan 13/3 21 Butler, Malcolm CF14    
SS 23 Chung, Patrick SF14 30 Harmon, Duron 13/3 43 Ebner, Nate 12/6    
FS 32 McCourty, Devin 10/1 27 Wilson, Tavon 12/2      
RCB 39 BROWNER, BRANDON U/Sea 37 Dennard, Alfonzo 12/7 25 Arrington, Kyle SF09    
CB 26 Ryan, Logan 13/3        
Special Teams
P 6 Allen, Ryan CF13        
LS 48 Aiken, Danny W/Buf        
H 6 Allen, Ryan CF13        
PR 11 Edelman, Julian 09/7 80 Amendola, Danny U/SL      
KR 80 Amendola, Danny U/SL 19 LaFell, Brandon U/Car 18 Slater, Matthew 08/5    
Practice Squad
PS 92 Bequette, Jake DE 14 Krause, Jonathan WR 82 Boyce, Josh WR 86 Grimble, Xavier TE 58 Fleming, Darius OB
PS 72 Vellano, Joe DT 68 Hauptmann, Caylin OT 64 Barker, Chris OG 98 Walker, Casey NT 53 Hughlett, Charley LS
RES 16 Orton, Greg IR 96 Siliga, Sealver IR-4/DFR 45 Gordon, Cameron IR 31 Gaffney, Tyler IR 52 Morris, James IR
RES 99 Buchanan, Michael IR 51 Mayo, Jerod IR 22 Ridley, Stevan IR    

DEPTH CHARTS FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before BRYAN STORK made the New England Patriots' depth chart: Florida State, 6037 315 5.00. Three-year starter who earned the 2013 Rimington Trophy as the outstanding center in the country. A technique savvy center who is quick enough to gain position and seal a big nose tackle. Plays with a good base. Runs feet on contact. Takes good angles to the second level to cut off pursuit. Good football and on-the-field awareness to cut or face up and fit his block. Experienced at both the shotgun and conventional snap. Plays with a good base and knee bend. Physical player who can shock you with his punch. Head always on a swivel. Ability to adjust and block different looks. Instinctive. Can quick set and force separation in pass protection. Good use of hands when combo blocking. Big hands to lock on defender and create a seam, then climbs to the second level. Plays with leverage and anchor ability. A patient yet physical interior presence for the Seminoles. Medical exclusion at Combine, left knee and both shoulders. Second/ third round. (A-32 1/4, H-10 1/8, BP-DNP, 10-DNP).

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