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Seattle Seahawks Depth Chart
HC: Pete Carroll | OC: Darrell Bevell | DC: Dan Quinn | ST: Brian Schneider
Updated: 10/22/2014 11:27PM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 89 Baldwin, Doug CF11 83 Lockette, Ricardo SF13 10 Richardson, Paul 14/2    
RWR 15 Kearse, Jermaine CF12 19 Walters, Bryan SF12 81 Norwood, Kevin 14/4    
LT 76 Okung, Russell 10/1 78 Bailey, Alvin CF13 70 McDonald, Andrew P/Car    
LG 77 Carpenter, James 11/1 63 Schilling, Steve SF14      
C 60 Unger, Max 09/2 63 Schilling, Steve SF14 65 Lewis, Patrick P/Cle    
RG 64 Sweezy, JR 12/7 63 Schilling, Steve SF14      
RT 68 Britt, Justin 14/2 79 Gilliam, Garry CF14      
TE 86 Miller, Zach U/Oak 82 Willson, Luke 13/5 84 Helfet, Cooper CF12 87 Brackett, Brett W/Ten  
QB 3 Wilson, Russell 12/3 7 JACKSON, TARVARIS T/Buf      
FB 40 Coleman, Derrick SF12        
RB 24 Lynch, Marshawn T/BUF 22 Turbin, Robert 12/4 33 Michael, Christine 13/2    
LDE 72 Bennett, Michael U/TB 98 Scruggs, Greg 12/7      
LDT 99 McDaniel, Tony U/Mia 94 WILLIAMS, KEVIN U/Min      
RDT 92 Mebane, Brandon 07/3 97 Hill, Jordan 13/3      
RDE 56 Avril, Cliff U/Det 93 Schofield, O'Brien U/Arz      
LOLB 51 Irvin, Bruce 12/1 57 Morgan, Michael CF11      
MLB 54 Wagner, Bobby 12/2 3 Wilson, Russell 12/3 52 Coyle, Brock CF14    
ROLB 50 Wright, KJ 11/4 53 Smith, Malcolm 11/7 58 Pierre-Louis, Kevin 14/4    
LCB 25 Sherman, Richard 11/5 28 Burley, Marcus T/Ind      
SS 31 Chancellor, Kam 10/5 23 Johnson, Jeron CF11      
FS 29 Thomas, Earl 10/1 35 Shead, DeShawn CF12      
RCB 41 Maxwell, Byron 11/6 27 Simon, Tharold 13/5 26 Terrell, Steven SF14    
Special Teams
P 9 RYAN, JON SF08        
PK 4 Hauschka, Steven W/Den        
LS 49 Gresham, Clint W/NO 86 Miller, Zach U/Oak      
H 9 RYAN, JON SF08        
PR 19 Walters, Bryan SF12 89 Baldwin, Doug CF11      
KR 19 Walters, Bryan SF12 89 Baldwin, Doug CF11      
Practice Squad
PS 42 Parks, Terrance SS 30 Bronson, Demitrius RB 5 Daniels, BJ QB 69 Isles, Nate OG 88 Bates, Phil WR
PS 62 Nowak, Drew OG 67 Staten, Jimmy DT 74 Warmsley, Julius DE 44 Fort, LJ ILB  
RES 75 Scott, Garrett NFI 85 McCoy, Anthony IR 39 Pinkins, Eric NFI 6 Gilreath, David IR 75 Smith, D'Anthony IR
RES 90 Williams, Jesse IR 46 Taylor, Mike IR 55 FARWELL, HEATH IR 20 Lane, Jeremy IR-2/DFR 91 Marsh, Cassius IR

DEPTH CHARTS FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before RUSSELL WILSON made the Seattle Seahawks' depth chart: Wisconsin, 5105 203 4.55. Four-year starter. Three at North Carolina State and one at Wisconsin. Started a total of 50 games over career. Accurate and consistent outside the pocket. He is athletic, talented, confident, and poised. Plays well under pressure. A rhythm passer who has good anticipation and timing in his throws. The bottom line is he finds the open receiver. Was in sync with his Wisconsin receivers because he spent extra time with them before the game, throwing game day patterns. An alert, composed, and consistent competitor with body control and athletic feet. Consistently makes good on-the-field decisions. A clutch player who can play under center or in the shotgun. Dangerous on bootleg, play action, and waggle passes. Accurate on the run going left or right. Good pocket presence and sixth sense feel. Accurate passer short and medium with his feet under him. Plays in balance. Excellent fundamentals. He uses the whole field to attack a defense. Top notch field vision and awareness despite his shorter than ideal NFL quarterback height requirement. Has touch and feel for the passing game. Places the ball where the defender can’t get to it. A natural leader who was voted captain in his only year for the Badgers. Has a natural feel in the passing game and is instinctive enough to read a play as it develops. Led the nation in pass efficiency in 2011 with a 191.7% QB rating. The only thing Wilson is missing from being a sure-fire first round draft choice is two inches in height. He makes up for that with his high release. A team must be willing to play to his unique skill set that features an NFL arm and athletic ability. Drafted by the Colorado Rockies and played during the summer in their minor league affiliates. Can learn the most complex of offensive schemes. He has a high and quick release. Quickly processes information. 2011 stats: 225/309, 3175 passing yds, 72.8%, 33 TDs, 4 INTs. Ball velocity 55 mph. OSR:4/ 15. Second/third round. (A-31, H-10 1/4, SS-4.09, VJ-34).

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