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Chicago Bears Depth Chart
HC: John Fox | OC: Adam Gase | DC: Vic Fangio | ST: Jeff Rodgers
Updated: 01/27/2015 9:48PM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 15 MARSHALL, BRANDON T/Mia 10 Wilson, Marquess 13/7 11 Bellamy, Josh W/Was 83 Mariani, Marc SF14  
RWR 17 Jeffery, Alshon 12/2 19 Morgan, Josh U/Was      
LT 74 BUSHROD, JERMON U/NO 72 Leno, Charles 14/7      
LG 68 Slauson, Matt U/NYJ 70 Ola, Michael W/Mia 78 Groy, Ryan CF14    
C 63 GARZA, ROBERTO U/Atl 64 De La Puente, Brian U/NO      
RG 75 Long, Kyle 13/1        
RT 67 Mills, Jordan 13/5 62 Britton, Eben U/Jax      
TE 83 Bennett, Martellus U/NYG 88 ROSARIO, DANTE T/Dal 86 MILLER, ZACH SF14 84 Annen, Blake CF14  
QB 6 CUTLER, JAY T/Den 8 Clausen, Jimmy U/Car 12 Fales, David 14/6    
RB 22 Forte, Matt 08/2 25 Carey, Ka'Deem 14/4 32 Perry, Senorise CF14    
FB 24 OWENS, MONTELL SF14        
LDE 99 Houston, Lamarr U/Oak 97 Young, Willie U/Det 91 Bass, David W/Oak 73 Lane, Austen SF14  
LDT 93 Sutton, Will 14/3 90 RATLIFF, JAY SF13 98 Dunn, Brandon CF14    
NT 92 Paea, Stephen 11/2 95 Ferguson, Ego 14/2      
RDE 69 ALLEN, JARED U/Min 76 SCOTT, TREVOR SF14 94 Washington, Cornelius 13/6    
SLB 59 Jones, Christian CF14 52 Greene, Khaseem 13/4      
MLB 57 Bostic, Jon 13/2 58 WILLIAMS, DJ CC/Den      
WLB 55 BRIGGS, LANCE 03/3 50 McClellin, Shea 12/1 60 Lattimore, DeDe CF14 53 Sharpton, Darryl SF14  
LCB 26 JENNINGS, TIM SF10 30 Hurst, Demontre CF13 37 Mitchell, Terrance 14/7    
SS 21 Mundy, Ryan U/NYG 29 McCray, Danny U/Dal      
FS 47 Conte, Chris 11/3 45 Vereen, Brock 14/4 49 Walters, Anthony SF14    
RCB 33 TILLMAN, CHARLES 03/2 23 Fuller, Kyle 14/1 27 McManis, Sherrick T/Hou 39 Louis-Jean, Al CF14  
Special Teams
P 16 O'Donnell, Pat 14/6        
LS 44 CAIN, JEREMY SF14        
H 16 O'Donnell, Pat 14/6        
PR 83 Mariani, Marc SF14        
KR 83 Mariani, Marc SF14        
FUT 71 Boffeli, Conor Fut/OG 45 Brown, Jonathan Fut/OB 18 Lawrence, Rashad Fut/WR 85 Maxwell, Jacob Fut/TE 60 Merrell, Jamil Fut/OB
FUT 73 Weaver, Jason Fut/OT 00 Chiles, John Fut/WR      

DEPTH CHARTS FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before JORDAN MILLS made the Chicago Bears' depth chart: Louisiana Tech, 6050 318 5.37. Started 34 games in his career including five starts as an offensive guard in 2009. A versatile four-for-one player who can help a team out at any position except center. Plays with a good base and mirror in pass protection. Gets push in the run game. Gains quick inside position to wall off and create a running lane. More athlete than physical player. Must improve his hand use by keeping them inside the frame of the defender. Needs to finish his blocks more consistently. Struggles with edge speed rushers and two move players. May move inside to guard where he has help on both sides of him. An improvement in his core strength will get him one step closer to making an NFL roster. Was a late addition to the Senior Bowl but competed immediately and played with good intensity at left and right tackle and left guard. OSR:36/ 49. Seventh round/PFA. (A-34, H-9 3/4, BP-20, 10-1.84).

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