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Chicago Bears Depth Chart
HC: John Fox | OC: Adam Gase | DC: Vic Fangio | ST: Jeff Rodgers
Updated: 08/25/2015 5:56PM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 19 Royal, Eddie U/SD 11 Bellamy, Josh W/Was 80 Mariani, Marc SF14 85 Umodu, Ify CF15 4 Cruz, AJ SF15
LWR       2 Kelley, Jeremy SF15 13 White, Kevin PUP
RWR 17 Jeffery, Alshon 12/2 10 Wilson, Marquess 13/7 81 Meredith, Cameron CF15 18 Lawrence, Rashad SF14 82 Chiles, John SF15
RWR         14 Norwood, Levi CF15
LT 74 BUSHROD, JERMON U/NO 72 Leno, Charles 14/7 65 Jefferson, Cameron CF15    
LG 68 Slauson, Matt U/NYJ 62 Ducasse, Vladimir U/Min 63 Moore, Tyler CF15    
C 64 MONTGOMERY, WILL U/Den 55 Grasu, Hroniss 15/3 71 Boffeli, Conor SF14    
RG 75 Long, Kyle 13/1 79 Nix, Lucas SF15      
RT 67 Mills, Jordan 13/5 70 Ola, Michael W/Mia 73 Fabuluje, Tayo 15/6    
TE 83 Bennett, Martellus U/NYG 87 Pascoe, Bear U/Atl 48 Pantale, Chris W/NYJ 46 Greene, Kevin SF15  
TE/FB88 ROSARIO, DANTE T/Dal 86 MILLER, ZACH SF14 84 Annen, Blake CF14    
QB 6 CUTLER, JAY T/Den 8 Clausen, Jimmy U/Car 15 Carden, Shane CF15    
RB 22 Forte, Matt 08/2 35 Rodgers, Jacquizz U/Atl 36 Langford, Jeremy 15/4 25 Carey, Ka'Deem 14/4 32 Perry, Senorise CF14
RB         37 Thomas, Daniel SF15
DE 95 Ferguson, Ego 14/2 98 Dunn, Brandon CF14 72 Pierre, Olsen CF15 71 Carter, David SF15  
NT 90 RATLIFF, JAY SUS/3 76 Goldman, Eddie 15/2 73 Williams, Terry CF15    
RE 96 Jenkins, Jarvis U/Was 93 Sutton, Will 14/3 94 Washington, Cornelius 13/6    
LOLB 92 McPhee, Pernell U/Bal 49 Acho, Sam U/Arz 97 Young, Willie U/Det 48 Woestmann, Kyle CF15  
LILB 50 McClellin, Shea 12/1 53 Foster, Mason U/TB 57 Timu, John CF15    
RILB 59 Jones, Christian CF14 52 Bostic, Jon 13/2 47 Anderson, Jonathan CF15 63 Wells, Matthew T/NE  
ROLB 69 ALLEN, JARED U/Min 99 Houston, Lamarr U/Oak 91 Bass, David W/Oak    
LCB 26 JENNINGS, TIM SF10 25 Porter, Tracy SF15 27 McManis, Sherrick 10/5 39 Black, Qumain CF15 32 Glenn, Jacoby CF15
FS 45 Vereen, Brock 14/4 38 Amos, Adrian 15/5 30 Hurst, Demontre CF13 46 Jefferson, Anthony CF15  
RCB 23 Fuller, Kyle 14/1 24 BALL, ALAN U/Jax 20 Mitchell, Terrance 14/7 29 Louis-Jean, Al CF14 37 Callahan, Bryce CF15
NCB 25 Porter, Tracy SF15        
Special Teams
P 16 O'Donnell, Pat 14/6        
PK 9 GOULD, ROBBIE SF05        
LS 43 GAFFORD, THOMAS U/KC 60 Lovato, Rick CF15      
H 16 O'Donnell, Pat 14/6        
KO 9 GOULD, ROBBIE SF05        
PR 80 Mariani, Marc SF14 19 Royal, Eddie U/SD      
KR 80 Mariani, Marc SF14 32 Perry, Senorise CF14      
RES 12 Fales, David NFI 78 Weaver, Jason IR      

DEPTH CHARTS FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before EGO FERGUSON made the Chicago Bears' depth chart: LSU, 6027 315 5.00. Junior entry. Played in 38 games with 12 starts in his career. Impressive player who is constantly fighting off blocks and making a difference against the run. Pursues well towards the sideline but he can also eat up the double team and anchor his position. Plays a similar style to Bennie Logan, currently of the Eagles. A physical inside stack and shed tackle who draws double teams on a regular basis. Does a good job of exploding and extending low and crossing the face of a blocker. Good lateral quickness. Naturally strong at holding his ground. Played in a rotation his first two years for the Tigers where his main job was to help secure the middle of the defense. Doesn’t stay blocked. Plays with leverage on blocks and is rarely sealed. Finishes pursuit on plays to the outside. When rushing the passer he has good hand strength to get inside a blocker’s frame and control movement. Needs technique work as an inside pass rusher. Plays without knee and hip bend at times. 2013 stats: 58 T, 3.5 TFL, 1 sack. Medical exclusion at Combine, right ankle. Second/third round. (A-32 1/2, H-10 3/4, BP-24, 10-DNP).

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