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Tennessee Titans Depth Chart
HC: Ken Whisenhunt | OC: Jason Michael | DC: Ray Horton | ST: Nick Kaczor
Updated: 12/18/2014 7:41PM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 85 WASHINGTON, NATE U/Pit 17 Durham, Kris W/Det      
RWR 80 HAGAN, DEREK SF14 83 Richardson, Rico SF14      
WR 13 Wright, Kendall 12/1        
LT 77 Lewan, Taylor 14/1 76 SVITEK, WILL SF14      
LG 67 Levitre, Andy U/Buf 69 Olsen, Eric SF14      
C 60 SPENCER, CHRIS U/Chi 69 Olsen, Eric SF14      
RG 70 Warmack, Chance 13/1 69 Olsen, Eric SF14 79 Meredith, Jamon SF14    
RT 68 Stingily, Byron 11/6 79 Jones, Terren P/Bal      
TE 82 WALKER, DELANIE U/SF 86 Coffman, Chase SF14 44 BATTLE, JACKIE SF13 89 Mulligan, Matthew SF14  
QB 7 Mettenberger, Zach 14/6 12 WHITEHURST, CHARLIE U/SD 00 PALMER, JORDAN SF14    
RB 20 Sankey, Bishop 14/2 23 Greene, Shonn U/NYJ 29 WASHINGTON, LEON SF13 35 Andrews, Antonio CF14  
FB 44 BATTLE, JACKIE SF13        
LDE 93 Martin, Mike 12/3 92 Pitoitua, Ropati U/KC 90 Jones, DaQuan 14/4    
NT 94 Hill, Sammie U/Det 96 Woods, Al U/Pit      
DT 99 Casey, Jurrell 11/3 97 Klug, Karl 11/5      
LOLB 91 Morgan, Derrick 10/1 49 Moch, Dontay SF14 58 Burnett, Kaelin P/Arz    
LILB 59 Woodyard, Wesley U/Den 45 Staples, Justin SF14      
RILB 54 Williamson, Avery 14/5 50 Gooden, Zaviar 13/3      
LCB 24 Sensabaugh, Coty 12/4 28 Huff, Marqueston 14/4      
SS 21 WILSON, GEORGE CC/Buf 39 Stafford, Daimion 13/7      
FS 33 Griffin, Michael 07/1 28 Huff, Marqueston 14/4 35 Thomas, Jemea P/SL    
RCB 30 McCourty, Jason 09/6 32 Harris, Brandon W/Hou 36 Wooten, Khalid 13/6    
Special Teams
P 6 Kern, Brett W/Den 8 Succop, Ryan SF14      
PK 8 Succop, Ryan SF14 6 Kern, Brett W/Den      
LS 48 Brinkley, Beau CF12        
H 6 Kern, Brett W/Den 21 WILSON, GEORGE CC/Buf      
KO 8 Succop, Ryan SF14 6 Kern, Brett W/Den      
Practice Squad
PS 78 Anunoby, Chigbo NT 54 Smallwood, Yawin IB 14 Moye, Derek WR 64 McCray, Justin OG 73 Poehls, William OT
PS 11 Tanney, Alex QB 37 Seastrunk, Lache RB 49 Sutton, Chaz LB 51 Askew, Nate OB  
RES 61 Ikard, Gabe IR 81 Stewart, Josh IR 52 McCarthy, Colin IR 55 Brown, Zach IR 31 POLLARD, BERNARD IR
RES 71 ROOS, MICHAEL IR 88 STEVENS, CRAIG IR 84 Thompson, Taylor IR 62 Schwenke, Brian IR 15 Hunter, Justin IR
RES 25 Wreh-Wilson, Blidi IR 72 Oher, Michael IR 10 Locker, Jake IR 87 Brackett, Brett IR 22 McCluster, Dexter IR

DEPTH CHARTS FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before BISHOP SANKEY made the Tennessee Titans' depth chart: Washington, 5094 209 4.49. Junior entry. Two-year starter and team captain. Averaged 5.72 yards per carry while racking up 1870 yards last fall. Good overall run talent inside and outside. Natural instincts and feel for running the ball. Quick reactions with the ability to create positive yardage on poorly blocked plays. A confident playmaker at crunch time. Dependable and reliable to make plays when needed. A shifty and smart back who can make the jump cut, change of direction move in the hole. Has innate sudden lateral quickness. A disciplined runner who follows and cuts off his blocks. Can run over or shake a defender in the open field. Will break arm tackles with his strong lower body and legs. Can carry a tackler in the end zone. Good effort in pass protection. Has a willingness to wall off the blitzer. Flashes the speed to turn the corner. Good contact balance. Catches the ball naturally in his hands. Good ball security. Fringe size is a concern for durability purposes. 2013 stats: 1870 yds, 5.7 ypc, 20 TD, 28 rec, 304 yds, 1 TD. OSR:4/36. Second/third round. (A-31, H-10, BP-26, SS-4.00).

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