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Tennessee Titans Depth Chart
HC: Ken Whisenhunt | OC: Jason Michael | DC: Ray Horton | ST: Nick Kaczor
Updated: 04/17/2014 6:43PM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 85 WASHINGTON, NATE U/Pit 15 Hunter, Justin 13/2 83 Mariani, Marc 10/7 00 Williams, Isaiah SF14  
RWR 13 Wright, Kendall 12/1 00 McCluster, Dexter U/KC 14 Preston, Michael CF11 00 Bryant, Lamont SF14  
LT 71 ROOS, MICHAEL 05/2 77 Adams, Jeff SF13      
LG 67 Levitre, Andy U/Buf 60 SPENCER, CHRIS U/Chi      
C 62 Schwenke, Brian 13/4 69 Horn, Tyler SF13      
RG 70 Warmack, Chance 13/1 00 Olsen, Eric SF14      
RT 00 Oher, Michael U/Bal 68 Stingily, Byron 11/6      
TE 82 Walker, Delanie U/SF 88 Stevens, Craig 08/3 84 Thompson, Taylor 12/5 86 Schiltz, Adam SF13  
QB 10 Locker, Jake 11/1 00 WHITEHURST, CHARLIE U/SD 8 Wilson, Tyler P/Oak    
RB 23 Greene, Shonn U/NYJ 22 BATTLE, JACKIE SF13 26 WASHINGTON, LEON SF13    
FB 42 Mooney, Collin CF12 45 Johnson, Quinn W/Den      
LDE 91 Morgan, Derrick 10/1 92 Pitoitua, Ropati U/KC 98 Edwards, Lavar 13/5    
NT 99 Casey, Jurrell 11/3 94 Hill, Sammie U/Det 90 Johnson, Antonio U/Ind 78 Anunoby, Chigbo SF13  
RDE 65 Woods, Al U/Pit 97 Klug, Karl 11/5 93 Martin, Mike 12/3    
LOLB 56 Ayers, Akeem 11/2 50 Gooden, Zaviar 13/3 57 Bailey, Patrick W/Pit    
LILB 00 Woodyard, Wesley U/Den 51 Copeland, Brandon SF13 00 Hinds, David SF14    
RILB 52 McCarthy, Colin 11/4 53 Fokou, Moise U/Ind      
ROLB 00 PHILLIPS, SHAUN U/Den 55 Brown, Zach 12/2 95 WIMBLEY, KAMERION CC/Oak 49 Willard, Jonathan CF13  
LCB 30 McCourty, Jason 09/6 24 Sensabaugh, Coty 12/4 32 Pellerin, Micah SF13 36 Wooten, Khalid 13/6  
SS 31 Pollard, Bernard CC/Bal 39 Stafford, Daimion 13/7      
FS 33 Griffin, Michael 07/1 21 WILSON, GEORGE CC/Buf      
RCB 29 Wreh-Wilson, Blidi 13/3 37 Campbell, Tommie 11/7 40 Baker, George CF13    
Special Teams
P 6 Kern, Brett W/Den        
PK 6 Kern, Brett W/Den        
LS 48 Brinkley, Beau CF12 84 Thompson, Taylor 12/5      
H 21 WILSON, GEORGE CC/Buf        
KO 6 Kern, Brett W/Den        
PR 26 WASHINGTON, LEON SF13 83 Mariani, Marc 10/7      
KR 26 WASHINGTON, LEON SF13 83 Mariani, Marc 10/7      
Free Agents / Cap Casualties
UFA 59 Turner, Rob UFA 66 OTTO, MIKE UFA 61 Matthews, Kevin UFA 11 Smith, Rusty UFA  

DEPTH CHARTS FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before BRIAN SCHWENKE made the Tennessee Titans' depth chart: California, 6030 307 5.00. Three-year starter who is athletic with good body control. Aggressive off the snap. Good foot quickness to cut off defender. Sticks his man with good head position. Plays with attitude and effort. Slides off blocks well to seal the linebackers on the second level. Strong leg action and sure hands to steer or turn the defensive tackle. Shorter arms than ideal. Had some bad snaps from the shotgun. Only played center for one year. Experienced starter for two years at guard. Plays with a good base and leverage. Good functional anchor strength to stop a bull rush. Good use of hands to punch with quickness. Gets his hands inside on the breast plate to control his target. Solid six-inch punch. Mentally tough frame of mind. Good concentration and focus on the job. Gains an advantage with his first step quickness. Can climb to the second level and cut off linebackers. Would like to see him finish more consistently. Eventual starter with developmental time. OSR:8/49. Third/fourth round. (A- 32, H-10 1/4, BP-31, 10-1.74).

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