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Stanley Morgan Jr. | 14

WR | Nebraska | New Orleans Saints
Ht: 6000 / 6' 00" | Wt: 205 | Upd: 05/14/2024


Birth Date: 09/07/1996
Age: 27
Original Team: CIN FA
NFL Entry: 19 CFA
NFL Exp: 5
Depth Chart Key: SF24
Team History: CIN NO

Player History

05/19 CIN FA
08/19 CIN waived
09/19 CIN P/SQ 1-4
10/19 CIN activated 5
09/20 CIN waived
09/20 CIN P/SQ 1-10
11/20 CIN activated 10
11/20 CIN P/SQ 11
11/20 CIN Covid-19
12/20 CIN P/SQ 13
12/20 CIN activated 13
12/20 CIN P/SQ 14
12/20 CIN activated 14
08/23 CIN T V V
08/23 CIN P/SQ 0-9
11/23 CIN activated 9
11/23 CIN P/SQ 9-10
11/23 CIN activated 10
11/23 CIN P/SQ 10-18
01/24 CIN activated 18
01/24 CIN P/SQ 18-19
03/24 NO FA

Ourlads' Profile:

2019 Guide: What Ourlads' Scouting Services said about STANLEY MORGAN JR: Nebraska, 6000 202 4.54. Three year starter from New Orleans, LA. A two time second-team All Big 10 receiver who hasn’t been in an ideal offense to put his abilities on display. He is a tough, hardnosed pass catcher who has shown flashes often enough to see a high ceiling. A good enough athlete and maintains a tough enough mindset to work from the slot where his lack of long speed isn’t as much of an issue. However before he can be thrown into the mix, his route running needs to be enhanced greatly. While he develops, his special teams defensive impact could be a strong factor as well. A true competitor who gets off the line and works through traffic without hesitation. Wiry strength with a frame that can add more bulk in time. Excellent hands and ball skills. Consistently looks the ball in and will show immediate control of it upon contact. Extends for balls away from his body. Hardnosed after the catch and will compete hard as a blocker. Rough around the edges as a route runner. Will struggle to separate because his movement ability is average at best and he rounds his breaks. Doesn’t have the deep speed to get behind the secondary and is often struggling to gain separation on all levels of the route tree. 2018 stats: 70-1004, 14.3 ypr, 7 TD. OSR:15/42. Fourth/fifth round. (A-32 3/8, H-9 7/8, VJ-38.5, SS-4.15).