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Philadelphia Eagles Depth Chart
HC: Chip Kelly | OC: Pat Shurmur | DC: Billy Davis | ST: Dave Fipp
Updated: 01/21/2015 1:06PM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 14 Cooper, Riley 10/5 88 Maehl, Jeff T/HOU      
RWR 18 Maclin, Jeremy 09/1 11 Huff, Josh 14/3      
WR 81 Matthews, Jordan 14/2 16 SMITH, BRAD SF13      
LT 71 PETERS, JASON T/Buf 66 Gardner, Andrew U/Hou      
LG 69 MATHIS, EVAN U/Cin 67 Kelly, Dennis 12/5      
C 62 Kelce, Jason 11/6 63 Molk, David SF14 61 Vandervelde, Julian 11/5    
RG 79 HERREMANS, TODD 05/4 64 Tobin, Matt CF13      
RT 65 Johnson, Lane 13/1 76 BARBRE, ALLEN SF13      
TE 87 CELEK, BRENT 07/5 86 Ertz, Zach 13/2 85 CASEY, JAMES U/Hou 47 Burton, Trey CF14  
QB 3 Sanchez, Mark SF14 2 Barkley, Matt 13/4 9 Foles, Nick 12/3    
RB 25 McCoy, LeSean 09/2 43 SPROLES, DARREN T/NO 32 Polk, Chris CF12    
RDE 91 Cox, Fletcher 12/1 93 BAIR, BRANDON SF13      
NT 96 Logan, Bennie 13/3 94 Allen, Beau 14/7      
LDE 72 Thornton, Cedric CF11 75 Curry, Vinny 12/2 97 Hart, Taylor 14/5    
LOLB 98 Barwin, Connor U/Hou 90 Smith II, Marcus 14/1 57 Long, Travis CF13    
LILB 50 Matthews, Casey 11/4 51 Acho, Emmanuel P/NYG      
RILB 59 RYANS, DEMECO T/Hou 95 Kendricks, Mychal 12/2 53 Goode, Najee W/TB    
ROLB 58 COLE, TRENT 05/5 55 Graham, Brandon 10/1 56 Braman, Bryan R/Hou    
LCB 24 Fletcher, Bradley U/SL 23 Carroll, Nolan U/Mia 37 Watkins, Jaylen 14/4    
SS 29 Allen, Nate 10/2 28 Wolff, Earl 13/5 33 Prosinski, Chris SF14 21 Couplin III, Jerome P/Det  
FS 27 Jenkins, Malcolm U/NO 42 Maragos, Chris U/Sea      
RCB 26 WILLIAMS, CARY U/Bal 22 Boykin, Brandon 12/4      
Special Teams
P 8 JONES, DONNIE U/Hou        
PK 1 Parkey, Cody T/Ind        
LS 46 DORENBOS, JON SF06 87 CELEK, BRENT 07/5      
H 8 JONES, DONNIE U/Hou 3 Sanchez, Mark SF14      
PR 43 SPROLES, DARREN T/NO 18 Maclin, Jeremy 09/1 14 Cooper, Riley 10/5    
KR 32 Polk, Chris CF12 11 Huff, Josh 14/3 43 SPROLES, DARREN T/NO 23 Carroll, Nolan U/Mia  
FUT 68 Andrews, Josh Fut/OG 41 Barner, Kenjon Fut/RB 77 Graf, Kevin Fut/OT 74 Keliikipi, Wade Fut/DT 4 Kinne, GJ Fut/QB
FUT 84 Murphy, Will Fut/WR 10 Pratt, Quron Fut/WR 30 Reynolds, Ed Fut/FS 00 Hepburn, Brandon Fut/MLB 00 Tucker, Matthew Fut/RB

DEPTH CHARTS FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before JORDAN MATTHEWS made the Philadelphia Eagles' depth chart: Vanderbilt, 6031 212 4.46. Three-year starter. A slender angular possession pass catcher with long arms and strong hands to snatch a ball away from the defender. Uses his body well to screen off defender and catch the ball. A cousin of Jerry Rice. An impact player who has the strength to break tackles. A vertical route runner who can make overhead catches in stride. Has the speed to beat a corner deep, especially with his double moves. A long strider who picks up speed as he goes down the field. Struggles to separate in close quarters. Usually played with a big cushion. Catches the ball in his hands but will cradle catch as needed. Gets open by his route running prowess. Improved his overall route running in 2013. Good footwork and body balance. Good burst out of his cuts. Rarely any wasted motion. As polished and natural a receiver as there is in this draft. Faster than advertised, running a 4.46 at the Combine. Struggled early in the Senior Bowl week of practice, but competed hard and was back to his old pass catching self by week’s end. Good eye/hand coordination and body control. Can make the circus splash type catch. Wing span of 80 inches. All-time SEC career leader in receptions (364) and yards (4,950). The first SEC player with 90 receptions or more in back-to-back seasons and the first player in conference history to record 100 receptions in one season. 2013 stats: 112-1477, 13.2 ypr, 7 TD. OSR:13/46. Second/third round. (A-33 1/4, H-10 3/8, VJ-35.5, SS-4.18).

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