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Houston Texans Depth Chart
HC: Bill O'Brien | OC: Bill O'Brien | DC: Romeo Crennel | ST: Bob Ligashesky
Updated: 07/27/2015 9:30PM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 10 Hopkins, DeAndre 13/1 13 Johnson, Damaris W/Phi 82 Martin, Keshawn 12/4 12 Mumphery, Keith 15/5 17 Nwachukwu, Uzoma CF13
RWR 85 Shorts, Cecil U/Jax 11 Strong, Jaelen 15/3 85 WASHINGTON, NATE U/Ten 2 Davis, Jace SF14 6 Worthy, Chandler CF15
RWR         19 Labhart, Travis CF14
LT 76 Brown, Duane 08/1 70 Adams, Jeff W/Ten 73 Yeatman, Will R/Mia 63 Lamm, Kendall CF15  
LG 71 Su'a-Filo, Xavier 14/2 62 Slade, Chad CF15      
C 60 Jones, Ben 12/4 67 White, Cody CF12 78 Ferentz, James SF14 65 Mancz, Greg CF15  
RG 79 Brooks, Brandon 12/3        
RT 72 Newton, Derek 11/7 72 Witzmann, Bryan CF14 73 Feiler, Matt CF14 66 Treadwell, Joseph CF15 00 Adams, Aaron SF15
TE 88 Graham, Garrett 10/4 87 Fiedorowicz, CJ 14/3 84 Griffin, Ryan 13/6 81 Denham, AD CF14 86 Lee, Khari CF15
TE         89 McFarland, Mike CF15
QB 7 Hoyer, Brian U/Cle 15 Mallett, Ryan T/NE 3 Savage, Tom 14/4    
FB 45 Prosch, Jay 14/6        
RB 23 Foster, Arian CF09 28 Blue, Alfred 14/6 32 Polk, Chris SF15 41 Grimes, Jonathan W/Jax 38 Hilliard, Kenny 15/7
RDE 99 Watt, JJ 11/1 92 Finau, Tevita SF14 95 Covington, Christian 15/6 98 McLeod, Cameron CF15  
NT 75 WILFORK, VINCE CC/Hou 92 Nix III, Louis 14/3 61 Deaderick, Brandon U/NO    
LDE 93 Crick, Jared 12/4 97 Pagan, Jeoffrey 14/6 47 Trail, Lynden CF15 96 Pettinato, Dan CF15 64 Coleman, Jasper CF15
SLB 59 Mercilus, Whitney 12/1 51 Simon, John P/Bal 64 Brown, Kourtnei SF14 44 Thompson, Carlos CF15  
LILB 56 Cushing, Brian 09/1 50 Dent, Akeem PUP 53 Bullough, Max CF14 58 Cliett, Reshard 15/6  
RILB 55 McKinney, Benardrick 15/2 57 Tuggle, Justin CF13 52 Tarpinian, Jeff SF13 54 Mohamed, Mike SF13  
OLB 90 Clowney, Jadeveon PUP 65 Ankrah, Jason CF14 49 Washington, Tony CF15    
LCB 25 Jackson, Kareem 10/1 30 Johnson, Kevin 15/1 34 Bouye, AJ CF13 26 Morris, Darryl W/SF 20 Rolle, Jumal P/GB
SS 35 Pleasant, Eddie CF12 33 Brown, Stevie U/NYG 42 Parks, Terrance SF14 43 Moore, Corey CF15  
FS 26 Moore, Rahim U/Den 39 Ballentine, Lonnie 14/7 40 Drummond, Kurtis CF15    
RCB 24 JOSEPH, JOHNATHAN U/Cin 29 Hal, Andre 14/7 31 James, Charles SF14    
Special Teams
P 9 LECHLER, SHANE U/Oak 8 Johnson, Will CF15      
PK 4 Bullock, Randy 12/5        
LS 46 Weeks, Jonathan CF10        
H 9 LECHLER, SHANE U/Oak        
PR 82 Martin, Keshawn 12/4 13 Johnson, Damaris W/Phi      
KR 13 Johnson, Damaris W/Phi 82 Martin, Keshawn 12/4      
RES 77 Quessenberry, David NFI 16 Bonner, Alan NFI      

DEPTH CHART FEATURE - What Ourlads' NFL Scouting Services said before CJ FIEDOROWICZ made the Houston Texans' depth chart: Iowa, 6054 265 4.76. Two-year starter. Will break into the league as a blocking tight end and special teams’ coverage and blocking weapon, but has underdeveloped receiving tools. He has the intelligence to learn pass defenses and has the speed to clear out from wide receivers on underneath routes. Can improve his run after catch ability. He made impressive strides at the Senior Bowl separating from linebackers in man-to-man coverage. Grades out as a solid backup with ascending skills. Can make the overhead catch from the slot. No hold up on the line of scrimmage. Gets through and into pass route. A screen and wall off type blocker. Can get a good base fit to drive defensive end at times. Good arm extension to lock out and mirror in pass protection. Good measurables for the position and reactions to the ball. Has improved his base blocking when in a move position to lead through on linebackers. A throwback traditional NFL tight end. Can be beat off the edge by a speed rusher at times. Needs more functional strength and aggressiveness on base blocks. Must work to bend and play low like other angular tight ends. 2013 stats: 30-299, 10.0 ypr, 6 TD. OSR:3/18. Third/fourth round. (A-33, H-10 1/4, BP-25, VJ-31.5).

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