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Minnesota Vikings Depth Chart
HC: Mike Zimmer | OC: Norv Turner | DC: George Edwards | ST: Mike Priefer
Updated: 04/17/2014 7:14PM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 15 JENNINGS, GREG U/GB 81 Simpson, Jerome U/Cin 17 Wright, Jarius 12/4 83 Smith, Rodney CF13  
RWR 84 Patterson, Cordarrelle 13/1 00 Jean, Lestar R/Hou 19 Thielen, Adam CF13 00 Jorden, Kamar CF12  
LT 75 Kalil, Matt 12/1 60 Remmers, Mike W/SD      
LG 74 Johnson, Charlie U/Ind 60 Baca, Jeff 13/6 61 BERGER, JOE SF11    
C 65 Sullivan, John 08/6 00 Samuda, Josh CF12      
RG 63 Fusco, Brandon 11/6 00 Ducasse, Vladimir U/NYJ      
RT 71 Loadholt, Phil 09/2 68 Murphy, Kevin W/SF      
TE 82 Rudolph, Kyle 11/2 40 Ellison, Rhett 12/4 86 Ford, Chase SF12 00 Reisner, Allen R/Jax  
QB 7 Ponder, Christian 11/1 16 CASSEL, MATT CC/KC      
FB 48 Line, Zach CF13 42 Felton, Jerome U/Ind      
RB 28 Peterson, Adrian 07/1 44 Asiata, Matt CF11 23 Banyard, Joe SF12 38 Randle, Bradley CF13  
LDE 96 ROBISON, BRIAN 07/4 92 Trattou, Justin W/NYG      
NT 98 Joseph, Linval U/NYG 90 EVANS, FRED SF07 91 Baker, Chase CF12    
DT 95 Floyd, Sharrif 13/1 00 Johnson, Tom SF14 00 Randall, Kheeston SF14    
RDE 97 Griffen, Everson 10/4 00 Wootton, Corey U/Chi 64 Nealy, Spencer SF13    
SLB 52 GREENWAY, CHAD 06/1 51 Dean, Larry CF11      
MLB 56 Mauti, Michael 13/7 54 Brinkley, Jasper CC/Arz 57 Cole, Audie 12/7 00 Lawrence, Simoni SF14 00 Manning, Terrell W/SD
WLB 54 Hodges, Gerald 13/4        
LCB 21 Robinson, Josh 12/3 29 Rhodes, Xavier 13/1 35 Sherels, Marcus CF10 00 Cox, Derek CC/SD  
SS 33 Sanford, Jamarca 09/7 41 Raymond, Mistral 11/6      
FS 22 Smith, Harrison 12/1 34 Sendejo, Andrew SF11 36 Blanton, Robert 12/5 00 Coleman, Kurt U/Phi 30 Bishop, Brandan CF13
RCB 24 Munnerlyn, Captain U/Car 27 Prater, Shaun W/Phi 26 Steeples, Robert SF13 25 Edwards, Kip SF13  
Special Teams
P 18 Locke, Jeff 13/5        
PK 3 Walsh, Blair 12/6        
H 18 Locke, Jeff 13/5        
PR 35 Sherels, Marcus CF10 17 Wright, Jarius 12/4      
KR 84 Patterson, Cordarrelle 13/1 35 Sherels, Marcus CF10      
Free Agents / Cap Casualties
UFA 73 Webb, J'Marcus UFA 55 Mitchell, Marvin UFA 59 Bishop, Desmond UFA 93 WILLIAMS, KEVIN UFA  

DEPTH CHARTS FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before SHARRIF FLOYD made the Minnesota Vikings' depth chart: Florida, 6025 297 4.95. Junior entry. Two-year starter who has experience at both end and tackle as a sophomore. Thick upper and lower body build. Works through a double team block but has problems with low cut blocks. Uses his hands well to control a man scheme blocker. A disruptive penetrator who works to finish the play. Quick off the ball. Shows some surge to get by offensive tackles similar to what he did in the Texas A&M game to get past Luke Joeckel early in the season. Contains well as an edge player. Hard to tie up on a reach block. Struggles to rush the passer. Will stop his feet on a pass rush. Gets wired to blockers. Needs to change up his pass rush bag of tricks. Plays in a five man rotation where he is always fresh. Will lose the ball carrier at times. Draws a lot of double teams where he gets turned and walled on the line of scrimmage. Will slant and angle himself out of a play by defensive calls, but is slow to recover. Question instincts. Will run around blocks leaving a running lane at times. Makes some impressive splash plays, including blocked field goal attempts and a late sack (one of three for the year) against Florida State to take the Seminoles out of field goal range. Best position is as a one gap under tackle penetrator. A first year starter. 2012 stats: 46 T, 13 TFL, 3 sacks, 1 FF. OSR:4/17. No bench press at Combine - his choice. First round. (A-31 3/4, H-10 1/8, BP-DNP, 10-1.73).

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