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Minnesota Vikings Depth Chart
HC: Mike Zimmer | OC: Norv Turner | DC: George Edwards | ST: Mike Priefer
Updated: 01/21/2015 8:10PM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 15 JENNINGS, GREG U/GB 17 Wright, Jarius 12/4      
RWR 12 Johnson, Charles P/Cle 84 Patterson, Cordarrelle 13/1 19 Thielen, Adam CF13    
LT 75 Kalil, Matt 12/1 60 Bykowski, Carter P/SF 78 Richardson, Antonio CF14    
LG 74 JOHNSON, CHARLIE U/Ind 66 Yankey, David 14/5      
C 65 Sullivan, John 08/6 61 BERGER, JOE SF11 64 Samuda, Josh SF14    
RG 63 Fusco, Brandon 11/6 62 Ducasse, Vladimir U/NYJ 72 Wentworth, Austin CF14    
RT 71 Loadholt, Phil 09/2 79 Harris, Michael W/SD      
TE 82 Rudolph, Kyle 11/2 85 Ellison, Rhett 12/4 86 Ford, Chase SF12    
QB 5 Bridgewater, Teddy 14/1 16 CASSEL, MATT CC/KC 7 Ponder, Christian 11/1    
FB 42 Felton, Jerome U/Ind 48 Line, Zach CF13      
RB 44 Asiata, Matt CF11 31 McKinnon, Jerick 14/3 23 Banyard, Joe SF12 33 Josey, Henry P/Jax  
LDE 96 ROBISON, BRIAN 07/4 99 Wootton, Corey U/Chi 94 Trattou, Justin W/NYG    
NT 98 Joseph, Linval U/NYG 93 Stephen, Shamar 14/7      
DT 73 Floyd, Sharrif 13/1 92 JOHNSON, TOM SF14      
RDE 97 Griffen, Everson 10/4 95 Crichton, Scott 14/3      
SLB 55 Barr, Anthony 14/1 50 Hodges, Gerald 13/4 49 DeCicco, Dom SF14    
MLB 54 Brinkley, Jasper CC/Arz 57 Cole, Audie 12/7      
WLB 52 GREENWAY, CHAD 06/1 58 Watts, Brandon 14/7 56 Mauti, Michael 13/7 51 Kaddu, Josh SF14  
LCB 24 Munnerlyn, Captain U/Car 21 Robinson, Josh 12/3 35 Sherels, Marcus CF10    
SS 36 Blanton, Robert 12/5 32 Exum, Antone 14/6      
FS 22 Smith, Harrison 12/1 34 Sendejo, Andrew SF14 26 Dixon, Ahmad SF14    
RCB 29 Rhodes, Xavier 13/1 39 Price, Jabari 14/7 27 Prater, Shaun W/Phi    
CB 21 Robinson, Josh 12/3        
Special Teams
P 18 Locke, Jeff 13/5        
PK 3 Walsh, Blair 12/6        
H 18 Locke, Jeff 13/5        
PR 35 Sherels, Marcus CF10 17 Wright, Jarius 12/4      
KR 84 Patterson, Cordarrelle 13/1 35 Sherels, Marcus CF10      
SUS 28 Peterson, Adrian SUS        
FUT 59 Anderson, Justin Fut/IB 13 Colter, Kain Fut/WR 6 Devlin, Pat Fut/QB 76 Faciane, Isame Fut/NT 11 Foster, Donte Fut/WR
FUT 67 Kerin, Zac Fut/OC 62 McCray, Jordan Fut/OG 89 Otten, Ryan Fut/TE 43 Williams, Dominique Fut/RB 00 Anunoby, Chigbo Fut/NT
FUT 00 Mackey, Leon Fut/DE 00 Van Dyke, DeMarcus Fut/CB 00 Carter, Jalil Fut/WR    

DEPTH CHARTS FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before TEDDY BRIDGEWATER made the Minnesota Vikings' depth chart: Louisville, 6021 214 4.85. Junior entry. Three-year starter. An accurate (71% in 2013) and clutch quarterback who makes good decisions. Right-handed. Throws to a spot, not to a man. He passes the ball before the receiver breaks. Good poise and presence in the pocket. Has quiet feet. He can roll away from pressure. Productive on third down. The team has confidence in Teddy and he makes the players better around him. Against this competition he can gun the ball into tight spots for a completion. Disciplined with the football. His performance is generally consistent and reliable. Leads by example. Needs to work on deep accuracy. There are head scratchers that each team is addressing along with the positive production over Bridgewater’s career. Durability is a major concern. He has an injury history that reaches back to high school. Almost every body part and joint has been nicked up. His ectomorphic build is not conducive to growth or to the train wrecks he will encounter on Sunday afternoons. He wears gloves to throw which is some indication that he has problems gripping the football. Competition level was such that he rarely faced any NFL prospects. What did he do versus good teams? Central Florida was the only top-25 team that he faced. Connecticut, Memphis, South Florida, Temple, Kentucky, and Florida International combined for 13 wins. Four other opponents were poorly rated. Not working out at the Combine and a poor pro day workout left more questions than answers for evaluators. Ball clubs are wondering how much better he can get. Runs more of a traditional West Coast offense where the team huddles. Climbs the pocket well while keeping his eyes down the field. Good athlete who is smooth and consistent. Quick release. Can stretch a secondary and is accurate with his back shoulder throws. Stands strong in the pocket. Accurate when rolling out and throwing to his right. He doesn’t leave the pocket and run too early. Lays the ball out for his receiver. Good touch and feel. Throws his receivers open. Good ball placement to receivers on blitzes. Will take what is there in the passing game. Uses his check downs and outlet receivers as needed. Will stare down an oncoming blitzer and throw the ball accurately. A good package of tangible and intangible assets. 2013 stats: 303/427, 3970 passing yds, 71.0%, 31 TD, 4 INT. Did not work out or throw at Combine, his choice. First round. (A-33, H-9 1/4, SS-4.20, VJ-30).

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