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Arizona Cardinals Depth Chart
HC: Bruce Arians | OC: Harold Goodwin | DC: Todd Bowles | ST: Amos Jones
Updated: 04/12/2014 2:30PM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 11 FITZGERALD, LARRY 04/1 19 Ginn, Ted U/Car 13 Brown, Jaron CF13 10 Golden, Brittan SF13 89 Lawson, Javone CF13
RWR 15 Floyd, Michael 12/1 16 Williams, Teddy SF13 19 Buckner, Dan SF13    
LT 68 Veldheer, Jared U/Oak 79 Sowell, Bradley W/Ind      
LG 61 Cooper, Jonathan 13/1 65 Johnson, Christian SF14      
C 63 SENDLEIN, LYLE CF07 71 Larsen, Ted U/TB 64 Blake, Philip SF13 60 Draheim, Tommie SF13 67 Estes, John SF14
RG 74 Fanaika, Paul SF13 78 Watford, Earl 13/4      
RT 70 Massie, Bobby 12/4 76 Potter, Nate 12/7      
TE 89 Carlson, John CC/Min 86 Ballard, Jake SF13 49 Brackett, Brett SF14    
TE 84 Housler, Rob 11/3 85 Fells, Darren SF13 80 Hardy, Andre SF14    
QB 3 PALMER, CARSON T/Oak 5 Stanton, Drew U/Ind 14 Lindley, Ryan 12/6    
RB 38 Ellington, Andre 13/6 30 Taylor, Stepfan 13/5 28 Dwyer, Jonathan U/Pit 34 Williams, Ryan 11/2 39 Hughes, Robert SF13
LDE 93 Campbell, Calais 08/2 47 Tracy, Adrian SF14      
NT 92 Williams, Dan 10/1 66 Ta'amu, Alameda W/Pit 62 McCloud, Anthony SF13    
RDT 90 DOCKETT, DARNELL 04/3 98 RUCKER, FROSTEE CC/Cle 60 Thompson, Everrette CF12    
WLB 55 ABRAHAM, JOHN SF13 97 ALEXANDER, LORENZO U/Was 44 Rowe, Kenny SF13    
ILB 51 Minter, Kevin 13/2 54 Demens, Kenny CF13      
ILB 58 Washington, Daryl 10/2 53 Dickson, JoJo SF13      
SLB 91 Shaughnessy, Matt U/Oak 59 Benard, Marcus SF13 94 Acho, Sam 11/4 57 Okafor, Alex 13/4  
LCB 21 Peterson, Patrick 11/1 42 Lewis, LeQuan SF14      
SS 36 Jefferson, Tony CF13 33 Johnson, Orhian SF13      
FS 32 Mathieu, Tyrann 13/3 26 Johnson, Rashad 09/3 26 Taylor, Curtis SF13 41 Whitley, Eddie SF14  
RCB 00 CROMARTIE, ANTONIO CC/NYJ 25 Powers, Jerraud U/Ind 31 Bethel, Justin 12/6 23 McCann, Bryan SF13  
Special Teams
P 9 ZASTUDIL, DAVE SF11        
PK 4 FEELY, JAY U/NYJ 2 Hrapmann, Danny SF14      
LS 82 LEACH, MIKE SF09        
H 9 ZASTUDIL, DAVE SF11        
PR 21 Peterson, Patrick 11/1 19 Ginn, Ted U/Car      
KR 19 Ginn, Ted U/Car 38 Ellington, Andre 13/6      
Free Agents / Cap Casualties
UFA 28 Mendenhall, Rashard RET 96 Talley, Ronald UFA 29 Smith, Alfonso UFA    

DEPTH CHART FEATURES - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before ANDRE ELLINGTON made the Arizona Cardinals' depth chart: Clemson, 5092 199 4.49. Three-year starter who played in a spread offense featuring quick hitting plays. A slasher with good vision and running skills. Elusive with good body control and balance. Can pick his way through the defense after a burst through the line to get into the second and third levels of the defense. One of those unique backs who can jump cut in the hole. He gets to and through the crease quickly. A strong lower body despite size. Can step out of a tackle or run through it if a defender does’t wrap up. Has the big speed to turn the corner on sweeps and burst away from the defense. Will contribute as a kickoff return specialist. Smaller than ideal for an NFL back, but has position skills as a third down option. Dependable hands with rare drops. Has a chance to upgrade a stop gap starter as a third down back and kickoff return specialist. Durability is a question. Needs more overall size and strength to break tackles. Not a short yardage runner. Must work on ability to consistently anchor in pass protection. Grades out as a good backup and third down back. 2012 stats: 1081 yds, 5.1 ypc, 8 TD, 14 rec, 232 yds, 1 TD. OSR:16/34. Third/fourth round. (A-31, H-9 3/8, BP-DNP, SS-DNP).

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