Arizona Cardinals Depth Chart

  • HC: Bruce Arians
  • OC: Harold Goodwin
  • DC: James Bettcher
  • ST: Amos Jones
Updated: 08/18/2017 9:41PM ET
Pos No. Player 1 No Player 2 No Player 3 No Player 4 No Player 5
LWR11FITZGERALD, LARRY 04/114Nelson, JJ 15/516Williams, Chad 17/383Dobson, Aaron SF1715Ross, Jeremy SF16
LWR19Agudosi, Carlton CF17
RWR12Brown, John 14/313Brown, Jaron CF1310Golden, Brittan SF1385Hogan, Krishawn CF1781Hubert, Chris CF16
LT74Humphries, DJ 15/173Wetzel, John SF1578Price, Givens CF16
LG76IUPATI, MIKE U/SF71Johnson, Kaleb SF1669Holden, Will 17/5
C53SHIPLEY, AQ U/Ind61Toner, Cole 16/562Munyer, Daniel SF16
RG70Boehm, Evan 16/467BERGSTROM, TONY SF1764Johnson, Dorian 17/4
RT68VELDHEER, JARED U/Oak75John, Ulrick P/Mia60McLaughlin, Jonathan CF17
TE87Niklas, Troy 14/289Valles, Hakeem CF1682Christian, Gerald 15/7
TE84Gresham, Jermaine SF1580Momah, Ifeanyi SF1586Seals-Jones, Ricky CF17
QB3PALMER, CARSON T/Oak5STANTON, DREW U/Ind7Gabbert, Blaine SF171Knight, Trevor CF17
RB31Johnson, David 15/333Williams, Kerwynn SF1435Penny, Elijhaa CF1623JOHNSON, CHRIS SF1545Summers, James CF17
RB22Logan, TJ 17/538Ellington, Andre 13/6
LDE97Mauro, Josh P/Pit72Pierre, Olsen SF1594Williams, Xavier CF1563Anau, Peli CF17
NT98Peters, Corey U/Atl95Gunter, Rodney 15/465Tasini, Pasoni CF17
RDT92RUCKER, FROSTEE CC/Cle90Nkemdiche, Robert 16/191Stinson, Ed 14/579Moala, David SF17
SAM55Jones, Chandler T/NE93Jones, Jarvis U/Pit42Capi, Nordly SF1649Waugh, Terence CF17
SILB43Reddick, Haason 17/158Wright, Scooby P/Cle45Bynes, Josh SF1720Bucannon, Deone PUP
RILB56DANSBY, KARLOS 04/257WHEELER, PHILIP SF1752Gooden, Zaviar SF1651Johnson, Tre'Von CF17
WLB44Golden, Markus 15/296Martin, Kareem 14/354Bazzie, Alex SF1700Langford, Ryan SF17
LCB21Peterson, Patrick 11/137WILLIAMS, TRAMON SF1734Miller, Harlan 16/635Lewis, Ryan CF1739Carter, Jarell CF17
FS32Mathieu, Tyrann 13/336Baker, Budda 17/230Ford, Johnathan 17/634Miller, Harlan 16/6
RCB28Bethel, Justin 12/626Williams, Brandon 16/323Shelton, Sojourn CF1748Hayes, De'Chavon CF1725Gray, Daniel CF17
Special Teams
P6Wile, Matt SF169Leone, Richie SF17
LS46Brewer, Aaron SF16
H6Wile, Matt SF169Leone, Richie SF17
PR33Williams, Kerwynn SF1415Ross, Jeremy SF1630Ford, Johnathan 17/616Williams, Chad 17/3
KR33Williams, Kerwynn SF1410Golden, Brittan SF1315Ross, Jeremy SF1616Williams, Chad 17/3
RES59Fua, Alani IR29Zamort, Ronald IR


DEPTH CHART FEATURES - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before ROBERT NKEMDICHE made the Arizona Cardinals' depth chart: Mississippi, 6034 294 4.92. Junior entry. Three-year starter from Loganville, GA. Named to several post-season teams. He is an underachiever who flashes tidbits of natural talent. Has been inconsistent over his career. Off-field vetting will be important after he fell out of a widow and later tested positive for marijuana. His triangle numbers for the position (height, weight, speed) are Pro Bowl caliber. Nkemdiche in comparison with All-Pro Ndamukong Suh: three year production for the Ole Miss tackle: 98 tackles, 19 tackles for loss, 7 sacks; Suh’s senior year only at Nebraska: 85 tackles, 24 tackles for loss, 12 sacks. The former Rebel has experience at both end and defensive tackle. He pressures inside gaps but doesn’t finish plays. Good short area quickness. Presses the pocket at times with good leverage. Flashes the ability to overwhelm a blocker. Can play in space. Violent hitter. Technique poor. Blockers take advantage of his weaknesses. Footwork needs work. Plays off balance and awkward at times. Not a consistent player. Disappears in games where there is no production. Has untapped power and quickness. He also scored three touchdowns on offense, two receiving and one rushing and blocked one field goal attempt. Has several off field concerns that need to be vetted before the draft. Boom or Bust. 2015 stats: 29 T, 7 TFL, 3 sacks, 2 PBU, 7 QBH, 1 BK in 11 games. Edge speed:left 2.03, right 2.07. OSR:1/ 28. First/second round. (A-33 7/8, H-10 3/4, BP-28, 10-1.67).