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Atlanta Falcons Depth Chart
HC: Mike Smith | OC: Dirk Koetter | DC: Mike Nolan | ST: Keith Armstrong
Updated: 12/17/2014 8:26PM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 84 WHITE, RODDY 05/1 83 Douglas, Harry 08/3 14 Weems, Eric SF14    
RWR 11 Jones, Julio 11/1 17 HESTER, DEVIN U/Chi 19 Davis, Drew CF11    
LT 70 Matthews, Jake 14/1 68 Carimi, Gabe SF14      
LG 63 BLALOCK, JUSTIN 07/2 69 Gunn, Harland P/NO      
C 62 Stone, James CF14 69 Gunn, Harland P/NO      
RG 75 Asamoah, Jon U/KC 69 Gunn, Harland P/NO      
RT 73 Schraeder, Ryan CF13 68 Carimi, Gabe SF14 79 SCOTT, JONATHAN SF14    
TE 80 Toilolo, Levine 13/4 86 Pascoe, Bear U/NYG      
QB 2 Ryan, Matt 08/1 13 Yates, TJ T/Hou 12 Renfree, Sean 13/7    
FB 42 DiMarco, Patrick SF13        
RB 39 JACKSON, STEVEN U/SL 32 Rodgers, Jacquizz 11/5 24 Freeman, Devonta 14/4    
LDE 71 Biermann, Kroy 08/5 50 UMENYIORA, OSI U/NYG 90 Maponga, Stansly 13/5    
DT 99 Jackson, Tyson U/KC 77 Hageman, Ra'Shede 14/2 98 Matthews, Cliff 11/7    
NT 96 SOLIAI, PAUL U/Mia 91 Peters, Corey 10/3      
RDE 95 BABINEAUX, JONATHAN 05/2 94 Massaquoi, Jonathan 12/5 93 Goodman, Malliciah 13/4 54 Starr, Tyler 14/7  
LB 55 Worrilow, Paul CF13 52 Stupar, Nathan W/Jax 97 ANDERSON, JAMES SF14    
LB 53 Shembo, Prince 14/4 59 Bartu, Joplo CF13      
LCB 28 Arenas, Javier U/Arz 37 Allen, Ricardo 14/5      
SS 25 Moore, William 09/2 36 Ishmael, Kemal 13/7 30 Godfrey, Charles SF14    
FS 20 Lowery, Dwight SF14 41 Southward, Dezmen 14/3      
CB 21 Trufant, Desmond 13/1 28 Arenas, Javier U/Arz      
RCB 27 McClain, Robert SF12 26 Wilson, Josh U/Was 28 Arenas, Javier U/Arz    
Special Teams
P 5 Bosher, Matt 11/6        
PK 3 BRYANT, MATT SF09        
LS 47 Harris, Josh CF12        
H 5 Bosher, Matt 11/6        
KO 5 Bosher, Matt 11/6        
PR 17 HESTER, DEVIN U/Chi 14 Weems, Eric SF14      
KR 17 HESTER, DEVIN U/Chi 14 Weems, Eric SF14      
Practice Squad
PS 18 Martino, Freddie WR 29 Baker, Sean FS 67 Replogle, Adam OG 74 Fragel, Reid OT 89 Reedy, Bernard WR
PS 92 Havili-Heimuli, Ricky DT 45 Smith, Jacques OB 34 Smith, Jerome RB 85 Miller, Kyle TE 43 Mabin, Jordan CB
RES 56 Weatherspoon, Sean IR 35 Smith, Antone IR 22 Motta, Zeke PUP 72 Baker, Sam IR 51 Spruill, Marquis IR
RES 79 Johnson, Mike IR 61 Hawley, Joe IR 76 Holmes, Lamar IR 66 Konz, Peter IR 23 Alford, Robert IR

DEPTH CHARTS FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before RA'SHEDE HAGEMAN made the Atlanta Falcons' depth chart: Minnesota, 6057 310 4.97. Two-year starter and appeared in an additional 20 games. Has more passes broken up (9) than most defensive backs. The angular tackle does a good job of getting his hands up in the throwing lane. When he bends his knees and plays low he has the power to knock a guard on their tail. Had an interception after dropping back into coverage. He may be relegated to nose tackle inside push duty because he plays so high. Many of his best plays come when he is on the move angling or on a twist stunt. Flashes ability to be a next level contributor. Long arms to bench press blockers. Very agile and nimble for a guy his size. Passionate player who plays with anger. More crafty using his athleticism rather than strength. A bit of a late bloomer who has shown flashes on tape of sheer dominance at the point of attack. When his pad level is right and he fires out of his stance he creates a new line of scrimmage whenever he wants. He plays high and can get blocked out of the hole in the running game. A one-move player with no counter moves. Inconsistent angles pursuing to the perimeter. Endurance is a question as he was on a rotation for the Gophers. 2013 stats; 38 T, 13 TFL, 2 sacks. Edge speed:left 1.94, right 1.91. OSR:12/43. Second/third round. (A-34 1/4, H-10 1/4, BP-32, 10-1.80).

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