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Miami Dolphins Depth Chart
HC: Joe Philbin | OC: Bill Lazor | DC: Kevin Coyle | ST: Darren Rizzi
Updated: 04/22/2014 5:20PM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 82 Hartline, Brian 09/4 10 Gibson, Brandon U/SL 00 Williams, Damian U/Ten 87 Spadola, Ryan SF13  
RWR 11 Wallace, Mike U/Pit 19 Binns, Armon W/Cin 15 Cone, Kevin U/Atl 16 Rios, Michael SF14  
WR 18 Matthews, Rishard 12/7        
LT 71 Albert, Branden U/KC 72 Yeatman, Will RFA      
LG 64 Smith, Shelley U/SL 75 Garner, Nate W/NYJ 66 Arkin, David P/Dal    
C 51 Pouncey, Mike 11/1 65 Brenner, Sam CF13      
RG 70 Thomas, Dallas 13/3 62 Watkins, Danny RFA      
RT 74 Fox, Jason U/Det 76 Weaver, Jason SF13 60 Ola, Michael SF14    
TE 42 Clay, Charles 11/6 80 Sims, Dion 13/4 84 Egnew, Michael 12/3 86 Miller, Kyle W/Ind 40 Ogbuehi, Emmanuel SF13
QB 17 Tannehill, Ryan 12/1 8 Moore, Matt U/Car 7 Devlin, Pat CF11 3 Rodgers, Jordan SF14  
RB 00 Moreno, Knowshon U/Den 26 Miller, Lamar 12/4 33 Thomas, Daniel 11/2 34 Thigpen, Marcus SF12 23 Gillislee, Mike 13/5
RB         32 Marshall, Cameron CF13
LDE 91 WAKE, CAMERON SF09 79 Shelby, Derrick CF12      
LDT 94 STARKS, RANDY U/Ten 98 Odrick, Jared 10/1 62 Aaitui, Isaako SF13    
RDT 90 Mitchell, Earl U/Hou 90 Francis, AJ P/NE      
RDE 50 Vernon, Olivier 12/3 95 Jordan, Dion 13/1      
SLB 55 Misi, Koa 10/2 56 Freeny, Jonathan CF11      
MLB 59 Ellerbe, Dannell U/Bal 93 Trusnik, Jason U/Cle      
WLB 52 Wheeler, Philip U/Oak 53 Jenkins, Jelani 13/4      
LCB 21 GRIMES, BRENT U/Atl 22 Taylor, Jamar 13/2 25 Stanford, RJ W/Car    
SS 20 Jones, Reshad 10/5 44 Kovacs, Jordan CF13 31 Thomas, Michael P/SF    
FS 27 Wilson, Jimmy 11/7 28 Delmas, Louis CC/Det 36 Jones, Don 13/7    
RCB 24 FINNEGAN, CORTLAND CC/SL 29 Davis, Will 13/3 37 Brown, Jalil W/Ind    
Special Teams
P 2 Fields, Brandon 07/7 00 Szymanski, Matt SF14      
PK 9 Sturgis, Caleb 13/5        
LS 92 DENNEY, JOHN CF05        
H 2 Fields, Brandon 07/7        
PR 34 Thigpen, Marcus SF12        
KR 34 Thigpen, Marcus SF12        
Free Agents / Cap Casualties
UFA 45 Spitler, Austin UFA 78 MCKINNIE, BRYANT UFA 81 Keller, Dustin UFA 77 CLABO, TYSON UFA 14 Moore, Marlon UFA

DEPTH CHARTS FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before JAMAR TAYLOR made the Miami Dolphins' depth chart: Boise State, 5106 192 4.39. Three-year starter. Team captain. A good technique player who gets position on the receiver and keeps it. Experienced in both zone and off man coverage. Has the speed to run the route with the receiver. Good short area ball reactions. Reliable with good instincts and mental toughness. Shorter arms than ideal to be effective in press coverage. Will peek into the backfield at times and lose position on a receiver. Good speed and quick feet. Good stop and go quickness. Quick plant and drive. Has a burst to close on the ball. Loose-hipped for smooth turns with a burst and catch up speed. Competes for the ball. Tough minded. A solid tackler. Dependable in the open field. May get work as an inside nickel corner. Durability will be another question mark with a knee injury in 2009 and a stress fracture in his leg in 2011. Eventual starter with some developmental time. 2012 stats: 51 T, 9 PBU, 4 INT, 3 FF. BTR:left 4.57, right 4.43. OSR:5/35. Second/third round. (A-30 3/4, H-9 3/8, VJ-35, SS-4.06).

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