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New York Jets Depth Chart
HC: Todd Bowles | OC: Chan Gailey | DC: Kacy Rodgers | ST: Brant Boyer
Updated: 02/05/2016 7:17PM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 15 MARSHALL, BRANDON T/Chi 84 Smith, Devin 15/2 81 Enunwa, Quincy 14/6 11 Kerley, Jeremy 11/5  
RWR 87 Decker, Eric U/Den 10 Thompkins, Kenbrell SF15 17 Owusu, Chris SF14    
LT 60 FERGUSON, D'BRICKASHAW 06/1 71 Ijalana, Ben W/Ind      
LG 77 Carpenter, James U/Sea 66 COLON, WILLIE CC/Pit      
C 74 MANGOLD, NICK 06/1 76 Johnson, Wesley SF14      
RG 67 Winters, Brian 13/3 70 Dozier, Dakota 14/4      
RT 68 GIACOMINI, BRENO U/Sea 79 Qvale, Brent CF14      
TE 85 Cumberland, Jeff CF10 47 DAVIS, KELLEN U/Det 88 Amaro, Jace 14/2 44 Sudfeld, Zach W/NE  
QB 14 FITZPATRICK, RYAN T/Hou 7 Smith, Geno 13/2 9 Petty, Bryce 15/4    
FB 40 Bohanon, Tommy 13/7        
RB 33 Ivory, Chris T/NO 29 Powell, Bilal 11/4 22 Ridley, Stevan U/NE 38 Stacy, Zac T/SL  
LDE 96 Wilkerson, Muhammad 11/1 78 Douzable, Leger SF13 72 BOWEN, STEPHEN CC/Was 53 Catapano, Mike W/KC  
NT 94 Harrison, Damon CF12        
RDT 62 Williams, Leonard 15/1 95 Martin, Josh P/Ind      
ROLB 91 Richardson, Sheldon 13/1 55 Mauldin, Lorenzo 15/3      
RILB 56 Davis, Demario 12/3 54 Lattimore, Jamari U/GB 49 Jones, Taiwan CF15    
LILB 52 HARRIS, DAVID 07/2 58 Henderson, Erin SF15      
LOLB 97 PACE, CALVIN U/Arz 57 Reilly, Trevor 14/7      
LCB 20 Williams, Marcus CF14 23 McDougle, Dexter 14/3 24 REVIS, DARRELLE U/NE    
SS 25 Pryor, Calvin 14/1 37 Jarrett, Jaiquawn SF13 34 Bailey, Dion W/Sea    
FS 21 Gilchrist, Marcus U/NYJ 39 Allen, Antonio 12/7 45 Miles, Rontez CF13 42 Martin, Ronald W/Sea  
RCB 31 CROMARTIE, ANTONIO U/Arz 41 Skrine, Buster U/Cle 30 Walls, Darrin SF12 27 Milliner, Dee 13/1  
N-B 41 Skrine, Buster U/Cle        
Special Teams
P 4 Quigley, Ryan SF13        
PK 2 FOLK, NICK 07/6 8 Bullock, Randy SF15      
LS 46 PURDUM, TANNER SF10        
H 4 Quigley, Ryan SF13        
PR 11 Kerley, Jeremy 11/5 87 Decker, Eric U/Den      
KR 31 CROMARTIE, ANTONIO U/Arz 10 Thompkins, Kenbrell SF15      
KO 8 Bullock, Randy SF15        
FUT 00 Anderson, Joe Fut/WR 50 Barnes, Deion Fut/OB 82 Bostick, Brandon Fut/TE 64 Harrison, Jarvis Fut/OG 43 Howsare, Julian Fut/DE
FUT 86 Saxton, Wes Fut/TE 32 Short, Kevin Fut/CB 93 Simon, Deon Fut/DT 51 Stanford, Julian Fut/OB 00 James, Kendall Fut/CB
FUT 00 Okoye, Lawrence Fut/DT 00 Davis, Jesse Fut/OT 00 Robinson, Adrien Fut/TE 00 Watts, Craig Fut/OG 00 Worthy, Chandler Fut/WR
FUT 00 Hickey, Sean Fut/OT 00 Williams, Dominique Fut/RB 00 Davis, Titus Fut/WR 00 Archer, Dri Fut/RB 00 Brindza, Kyle Fut/PK

DEPTH CHARTS FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before GENO SMITH made the New York Jets' depth chart: West Virginia, 6023 218 4.56. Three-year starter. Geno Smith is the commander of the new and improved “Air-raid” offense that was developed by Mike Leach and fine-tuned to the preferred specifics of Dana Holgorsen. The running game and play action passes are the basics for the newer version. The offense that the right-handed Smith runs is a combination of run plays, screens, and quick passes all in the same play. If the future of the NFL is a more up-tempo, no huddle offensive scheme, Smith will have a leg up on the competition. He is a master distributor of the football. Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey are a pair of NFL prospects who create plays after the catch. Smith has the ability to pass vertically as well as the quick pitch and catch short and intermediate options. He possesses a compact delivery that is fluid and sudden. The ball is kept high. He doesn’t drop his elbow down, but throws a tight spiral with velocity. His accuracy is pinpoint and consistent. Smith has a strong work ethic but when he gets out of the bed in the morning, God blessed him with a laser like accuracy. From the time he was in high school his overall accuracy short, medium, and long has been spot on. He hits his receivers on routes with few adjustments. He has the arm strength to zip it through very small windows in the defense. He can hit the target on the move with anticipation, timing, and feel for the routes. Special trajectory on his deep balls where he turns it over and puts the ball where he wants it. He drops it down the well. The Pistol play action holds the linebackers long enough for him to throw in front of the safeties or quickly to the perimeter. Better than advertised movement skills with the feet to avoid or escape the rush. Ability to make plays both right and left on the move. Can escape quickly and reset his body with balance to make a sudden, accurate throw. A team captain and leader. Smart, reliable, and respected by his teammates. A student of the game. Intelligent and sharp. A competitor with good character. Leads vocally and by example. Never satisfied. Disciplined with the ball. Stands tall reading coverages then delivers the ball. Hangs in the pocket reading coverages down the field. Pressure isn’t a factor. Doesn’t flush quickly. Makes smart decisions. Clutch ability to perform in critical situations. Moves the team with the game on the line. Generally in the shotgun. Will need to work on the center-quarterback exchange, plus the footwork to the throwing point. Has the ability to manage the team from start to finish. Plays with instincts and control. Geno Smith can win the game in the pocket with vision, footwork, balance, decision making, and uncanny accuracy. 2012 stats: 369/518, 4205 passing yds, 71.2%, 42 TD, 6 INT. Ball velocity 55 mph. OSR:4/15. First round. (A-32 1/2, H-9 1/4, SS-DNP, VJ-33.5).

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