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New York Jets Depth Chart
HC: Rex Ryan | OC: Marty Mornhinweg | DC: Dennis Thurman | ST: Thomas McGaughey
Updated: 04/17/2014 6:46PM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 84 Hill, Stephen 12/2 86 Nelson, David SF13 00 Ford, Jacoby U/Oak 18 Hazelton, Vidal SF13 87 Jones, Dwight SF13
RWR 87 Decker, Eric U/Den 11 Kerley, Jeremy 11/5 17 Salas, Greg P/Phi 19 Gates, Clyde W/Mia 15 Hakim, Saalim SF13
WR         18 Campbell, Michael SF13
LT 60 FERGUSON, D'BRICKASHAW 06/1 71 Ijalana, Ben W/Ind      
LG 67 Winters, Brian 13/3 65 Campbell, William 13/6      
C 74 MANGOLD, NICK 06/1 72 Schlauderaff, Caleb T/GB 63 Freeman, Dalton CF13 00 Ashworth, Jacolby SF14  
RG 66 COLON, WILLIE CC/Pit        
RT 68 Giacomini, Breno U/Sea 75 Aboushi, Oday 13/5 00 Ford, Patrick SF14    
TE 85 Cumberland, Jeff CF10 88 Reuland, Konrad W/SF 82 Sudfeld, Zach W/NE 44 Pantale, Chris CF13 00 Anderson, Colin SF14
QB 7 Smith, Geno 13/2 00 VICK, MICHAEL U/Phi 5 Simms, Matt CF12    
FB 40 Bohanon, Tommy 13/7        
RB 00 Johnson, Chris CC/Ten 29 Powell, Bilal 11/4 33 Ivory, Chris T/NO 25 Green, Alex W/GB 23 Goodson, Mike U/Oak
        24 Griffin, John SF12
LDE 96 Wilkerson, Muhammad 11/1 78 Douzable, Leger SF13 92 Finau, Tevita SF12    
NT 94 Harrison, Damon CF12 93 Ellis, Kenrick 11/3 99 Barnes, TJ W/Jax    
RDT 91 Richardson, Sheldon 13/1        
OLB 98 Coples, Quinton 12/1 55 Cunningham, Jermaine SF13 57 Fugger, Tim W/Arz    
WLB 56 Davis, Demario 12/3 58 Davis, Troy CF13      
MLB 52 HARRIS, DAVID 07/2 54 Bellore, Nick CF11      
OLB 97 PACE, CALVIN U/Arz 50 McIntyre, Garrett SF11 95 Barnes, Antwan U/SD    
LCB 27 Milliner, Dee 13/1 20 Wilson, Kyle 10/1 34 Dowling, Ras-I CF13 00 Rose, Lowell SF14 00 Patrick, Johnny W/SD
SS 26 LANDRY, DAWAN CC/Jax 32 Bush, Josh 12/6      
FS 39 Allen, Antonio 12/7 37 Jarrett, Jaiquawn SF13 45 Miles, Rontez CF13 00 Hardin, Brandon SF14  
RCB 00 PATTERSON, DIMITRI CC/Mia 30 Walls, Darrin SF12 21 Lankster, Ellis SF11 00 Taylor, Nick SF14 00 Reeves, Jeremy SF14
Special Teams
P 1 Quigley, Ryan SF13        
PK 2 Folk, Nick SF10        
LS 46 Purdum, Tanner SF10        
H 1 Quigley, Ryan SF13        
PR 11 Kerley, Jeremy 11/5        
KR 19 Gates, Clyde W/Mia        
Free Agents / Cap Casualties
UFA 22 Berry, Aaron UFA 36 Hilliard, Lex UFA 16 CRIBBS, JOSHUA UFA 22 REED, ED UFA 53 Mauga, Josh UFA

DEPTH CHARTS FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before BRIAN WINTERS made the New York Jets' depth chart: Kent State, 6034 310 5.10. Four-year starter at left tackle who plays big and intense. Projected to play inside at guard. A dominant player in the Mid- America Conference. Strong hands to control the defender in pass protection and run blocking. Good hip snap coming off the ball. Physical and ornery in his play. Plays with leverage and knee bend. Good balance. Does have a tendency to grab cloth. Lateral quickness to seal an edge defender. Former high school wrestler which helps in his recovery balance. Plays on his feet. Shorter than ideal for a tackle on the next level. Will need more work on pass protection technique due to his team’s heavy run game tendencies. Never missed a start in four years. Grades out as an eventual starter once he develops as a guard, a position he never played in college. Medical exclusion at Combine - left pectoral strain when lifting. Fourth/fifth round. (A-32, H-9 3/4, BP-9, 10-1.78).

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