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Carter Warren | 67

OT | Pittsburgh | New York Jets
Ht: 6054 / 6' 05" | Wt: 323 | Upd: 05/13/2024


Birth Date: 01/19/1999
Age: 25
Original Team: NYJ
NFL Entry: 23 04 120
NFL Exp: 2
Depth Chart Key: 23/4
Team History: NYJ

Player History

05/23 NYJ D/C signed
08/23 NYJ IR 0
10/23 NYJ Designated for Return 5
10/23 NYJ activated 6

Ourlads' Profile:

2023 Guide: What Ourlads’ NFL Scouting Services said about CARTER WARREN:

Pittsburgh | H: 6053 W: 323 40: 5.25 A: 3538 H: 0918 W: 8412

Four-year starter, Paterson, NJ. Second team All-ACC in 2021. Missed all but the first four games of the 2022 season with an injury that required surgery. Will spend most of the pre-draft process rehabbing rather than competing on the field or working out at the Combine. Fits the prototype for the position. Tall and long with broad shoulders, thick hips, and thin ankles. He carries his weight well and besides the need to get stronger, he is physically ready for the league. He is a blank canvas that offensive line coaches will be excited to work with. The team captain started 39 games in college but still has multiple technique-based inconsistencies that are standing between him and his high ceiling. Has proven he can move his feet fast enough; he can win the lockout game; and he can play square. If the edges to his skill set get smoothed out, this is a starting caliber lineman. Densely built frame with all the length and width a pro tackle needs. Heavy and light in the right places. Tremendous lockout game when he is lined up correctly. Snaps his feet and keeps that at rapid fire as he works up the edge in pass protection. Knees start off bent and he stays square. Strong latch when he is accurate with hands. Does not play explosive. Will not redirect or impact defenders with the initial strike. Feet and hands do not play in cohesion. Inconsistent balance and pad level led to wide hands and penalties. Needs to improve anchor. Struggles to recover when initially beat. Checks most of the boxes but simply needs more consistency and man-strength before he can be put into the fire.

4th/5th round.