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Ourlads' Scout Hall of Fame

Ourlads' Scouting Services wants to recognize and honor NFL Draft personnel scouts by entering them in the Scouts' Hall of Fame. Over their careers these men played the game, coached, and recruited. They were responsible for all the schools in their area. They evaluated, interviewed, tested, and cross-checked NFL prospects for the draft. They participated in draft meetings in the fall and in the spring. They were talent evaluators, not just information gatherers. They carried Kodak analyst projectors before tapes became popular. Their appearance and demeanor was a direct reflection on their team and they were professional in every way. These men knew it was a privilege to be invited on campus and respected that opportunity. All members had/have at least fifteen years in the league - most over twenty years.

Their names were submitted by a committee to Ourlads' General Manager, Dan Shonka. Shonka scouted with several of the honorees. Additions and profiles will be ongoing.

Names in blue have a link to a write up.

James "Shack"Harris Baltimore, Jacksonville, Detroit
Dwight Adams Buffalo, San Diego
Ermal Allen Dallas
Trent Baalke NY Jets, Washington, San Francisco
Duke Babb Director National Football Scouting
Bill Baker Jr. New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City Chiefs
Bill Baker Sr. CEPO Scouting, Philadelphia Eagles, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City Chiefs
Chuck Banker Philadelphia, Washington, Houston
Gene Bates Washington, National Scouting
Bobby Beathard Washington, San Diego, Miami
John Becker Indianapolis, St. Louis
Alex Bell Blesto
Ray Biggs National Scouting,Houston & Tennessee
Bo Bolinger Arizona & Tennessee
George Boone Arizona & Indianapolis
Tom Braatz Miami, Green Bay, Atlanta
Gil Brandt Dallas, administrator
C.O. Brocato Houston & Tennessee
Roosevelt Brown NY Giants
Todd Brunner San Francisco, Philadelphia
Larry Bryan Houston, Washington
Harry Buffington Director of National Football Scouting, NY Giants
Jack Bushofsky Indianapolis & Carolina
Joe Bushofsky Carolina, Detroit, Miami, Blesto
Jack Butler Director of Blesto Scouting
John Butler Buffalo, San Diego
Conrad Cardano Minnesota
Mike Cartwright Miami, Blesto
Robert (Bo Bo) Cegelski Green Bay & New England
Tom Ciskowski Dallas
John "Red" Cochran Green Bay
Angelo Coia Oakland
Kevin Colbert Pittsburgh, Detroit, Blesto
Chuck Connor Miami, Atlanta, Blesto
Hamp Cook New Orleans & Philadelphia
Chuck Cook Kansas City, USFL, Buffalo
Glenn Cumby Houston & Tennessee, National Scouting
Bill Danenhauer Blesto & National
Dick Daniels Washington, Philadelphia, San Diego, St. Louis
Milt Davis Detroit
Don Deisch Minnesota, Seattle, & Houston
Andy Dengler Jacksonville, National Football Scouting
Bobby DePaul Washington, Cincinnati, Philadelphia & Chicago
Clarence (Dirk) Dierking Detroit
Joe DiMarzo Tampa Bay & National Football Scouting
Tom Dimitroff, Jr Atlanta, New England
Tom Dimitroff, Sr. Cleveland
Scott DiStefano Denver
Tom Donahoe Pittsburgh, Buffalo & Philadelphia
Elbert (Golden Wheels) Dubenion Atlanta, Miami, & Buffalo
Mike Faulkiner San Francisco, New Orleans, Washington
John Fitzpatrick Minnesota, National Scouting
Brad Forsyth Blesto, Buffalo
Dave Gettleman NY Giants, Blesto, Buffalo
Frank Gilliam Minnesota
Harry Gilmer St. Louis & Arizona
Mark Gorscak Pittsburgh
Jackie Graves Indianapolis & Philadelphia
Rod Graves Chicago & Arizona
Cornell Green Dallas & Denver
Don Gregory Kansas City, San Diego, National Scouting, Carolina
Dick Haley Pittsburgh, NY Jets & Miami
Jake Hallum Philadelphia, New England, Cleveland, National Football Scouting
Jerry D. Hardaway Arizona, Carolina
Warren Harper Seattle
Mark Hatley Green Bay, Chicago, & Kansas City
Ralph Hawkins Indianapolis,Carolina, Houston & Arizona
Shaun Herock Green Bay
Ron Hill Denver, Jacksonville, Atlanta
Mike Holovak Boston Patriots & Houston
Ron Hughes Pittsburgh, Detroit, Blesto
Jon Jelacic Atlanta
Reed Johnson Atlanta, Denver, Dallas
Paul Jones Winnipeg & Edmonton
Don Joyce Blesto
Walter Juliff Dallas, Blesto
George Karras Oakland
Jesse Kaye NY Jets, Green Bay
Bruce Kebric Oakland
Ralph Kohl Blesto & Minnesota
Phil Kreidler Pittsburgh
Bill Kuharich New Orleans Saints, Kansas City Chiefs
Ron Labadie Miami
Jason Licht TampaBay, Arizona, NewEngland, Philadelphia and National Football Scouting
Vic Lindskog Quadra Combine
Jim Lippencott Cincinnati
Oscar Lofton San Francisco, National Scouting
Dick Mansperger Dallas, Seattle
Ron Marciniak Baltimore, Dallas
Tom Marino New Orleans, St. Louis
Mickey Marvin Oakland
John Math Green Bay
Mike McCarthy New England, Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, USFL & San Diego
Kent McCloughan Oakland
Kirk Mee Washington Redskins
Les Miller Miami Dolphins, Kansas City Chiefs, St. Louis Rams, Cleveland Browns
Greg Miller Denver & National Football Scouting
Tim Mingy Jacksonville
Tom Minor Cleveland
Greg Mohns Kansas City Chiefs
Fido Murphy Chicago
Jim Nagy Washington,New England, Kansas City, Seattle
Phil Neri Tennessee, Cleveland, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Seattle, Blesto
Jerry Neri Detroit
Ray Newman New Orleans, Edmonton
Ozzie Newsome Baltimore & Cleveland
Bill Nunn Pittsburgh
Jim Owens Detroit
Jim Parmer Chicago
Joel Patten St. Louis, Houston, Washington
John Peterson Carolina, Seattle
Carmen Piccone New Orleans
Ernie Plank San Francisco & Cleveland
Bill Polian Buffalo, Carolina & Indianapolis
Mike Pollom Cleveland & New England
Norm Pollom Buffalo, Rams
Dave Razzano Arizona, St. Louis, San Francisco
Tony Razzano San Francisco
Jerry Reichow Minnesota
Bobby Riggle Atlanta
Pete Russell St. Louis, Houston, Carolina
George Saimes Washington, Houston, Blesto
Phil Savage Baltimore & Cleveland
Bob Schmitz Pittsburgh & NY Jets
George (Chink) Sengel Buffalo
Harley Sewell LA Rams & St. Louis Rams
Jerry Shay NY Giants
Jeff Shiver Chicago
Dan Shonka National Football Scouting, Philadelphia, Washington & Kansas City
Gary Smith N.Y. Jets, Chicago Bears & Blesto
A.J. Smith Buffalo, San Diego
Gene Smith Jacksonville
Rick Spielman Minnesota, Detroit, Miami, Chicago, Blesto
Dick Steinberg NY Jets, New England
Bill Striegel Atlanta
Marv Sunderland NY Jets & NY Giants
Bill Tobin Chicago, Indianapolis, Cincinnati
Duke Tobin Cincinnati
John Trump Detroit
Ruston Webster Tampa Bay, Seattle, Tennessee
Lloyd Wells Kansas City
Stan West St. Louis Cardinals
Bob Whitman San Francisco, New Orleans
Ron Wolfe Green Bay, Oakland, NY Jets, Tampa Bay
John Wooten Philadelphia, Dallas, Baltimore
Walt Yowarsky Dallas
Mike Yowarsky Seattle, Atlanta, Tampa Bay