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Ourlads' Draft Review was mailed out June 28, 2023.
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My Friend and Teammate Jim Brown
Widely recognized as the top running back of all time in the NFL, Jim Brown passed away on May 18, 2023. He is remembered by his good friend and teammate, John Wooten.
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Dave Syvertsen, Senior Draft Analyst
"'Shonk' was not only a great evaluator of player talent but of coaches as well. 'Shonk' recommended Bill Callahan, Sean Payton, and John Harbaugh to Head Coach Ray Rhodes when he was with the Eagles."
--John Wooten
Cleveland Browns' Legend and first chairman of the Fritz Pollard Alliance

"Dan Shonka is the Outlier of Football Scouts"
--Malcolm Gladwell
Best Selling Author
Shonkas stay busy with draft prep
Article from 4/20/2020 posted from the Gazette (Cedar Rapids):
Shonkas stay busy with draft prep (PDF)

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Greg DePalma, GM and National Scout Dan Shonka give pro and college football analysis...
Dan Shonka
Kurt Warner is the type of athlete that scouts dream of uncovering, even if it took him six years to become an overnight sensation. More...

Kurt Warner's Full Scouting Report
Dan Shonka has been involved in player personnel work for over 4 decades. He is one of, if not the only, NFL Draft Analyst and Personnel Evaluator to have played the game, coached the game, recruited high school players on the major college level, and scouted professionally. Shonka scouted for National Football Scouting, the Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Philadelphia Stars of the USFL for a combined 16 years.  Read Dan's Full Bio...
Dan has signed over 20 free agents that have made it on rosters in the NFL.
Pro Scout Confidential
The scouting and coaching professions lost one of its truly great members on August 6, 2015 with the passing of John Jacob Hallum. We all knew him by his nickname “Jake”. Jake was genuinely one of the good guys from head to toe. When you were Jake’s friend, you were always a priority in his life and he was always looking out for you. He supported you and encouraged you when you were feeling down, and uplifted and kept you focused on the positive side of life. Simply put, he was there for you. Jake was a positive life force. I always loved listening to Jake because he imparted worthwhile opinions and valuable wisdom. Jake loved everything about football – the smell of newly cut grass on the practice fields, the early morning practices, the film study, player evaluations, the late night meetings, and most of all the camaraderie with the players and coaches.
Best selling author Malcolm Gladwell includes Ourlads' Dan Shonka's interview in new book "What the Dog Saw".
#1 best selling author Malcolm Gladwell of "OUTLIERS, The Story of Success" calls Ourlads' Dan Shonka the Outlier of football scouts. More...
Read the July 1973 article by William Simbro...
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June 6, 1961 - December 8, 2008. Minnesota Vikings, National Football Scouting
Remembrances by Thomas E. Hepler