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2014 Ourlads Guide at Atlanta Falcons Draft Table
2014 Ourlads Guide on Browns table during fan draft announcement
2014 Ourlads Guide open on Texans draft table
Dan Shonka Ourlads’ GM and National Scout Dan Shonka
Dan Shonka has been involved in player personnel work for over 4 decades. He is one of, if not the only, NFL Draft Analyst and Personnel Evaluator to have played the game, coached the game, recruited high school players on the major college level, and scouted professionally. Shonka scouted for National Football Scouting, the Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Philadelphia Stars of the USFL for a combined 16 years.  Read Dan's Full Bio...
Dan has signed over 20 free agents that have made it on rosters in the NFL.  Pro Scout Confidential
Ourlads' NFL Team & Draft Blog
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2013 Ourlads' Guide on 6-Time Super Bowl Champion Steeler's Draft Table
2012 OURLADS' GUIDE on the World Champion New York Giants Draft Table
OURLADS' GUIDE at the 2011 NFL Draft
Author Malcolm Gladwell interviews Ourlads' Dan Shonka
Best selling author Malcolm Gladwell includes Ourlads' Dan Shonka's interview in new book "What the Dog Saw".
The Outlier of Football Scouts
#1 best selling author Malcolm Gladwell of "OUTLIERS, The Story of Success" calls Ourlads' Dan Shonka the Outlier of football scouts. More...
Ourlads GM & Scout founded a pro football team at age 19
Read the July 1973 article by William Simbro...
(Click on the actual image that appears to view larger)  View Article Here
OURLADS' GUIDE at the 2009 NFL Draft
Jim Johnson Jim Johnson 1941 - 2009
Is It Really In the Water?
Pedigree and Positional Coaches - Reliable Sources for NFL Talent  |  By Joe Landers
Best Offensive Line Development
Ohio State, Iowa, and Where They Fit  |  By Joe Landers
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Relevance of the Combine
Forecasting NFL Success With Physical Attribute Tests  |  By Joe Landers
Download (PDF) Right Click the link & choose "Save Target As"
Sudden Impact
Positions Where Rookies Contribute Immediately  |  By Joe Landers
The Importance of Day One
NFL Two-Deeps Tell Us Where to Find Talent  |  By Joe Landers
John Fitzpatrick John Fitzpatrick
June 6, 1961 - December 8, 2008
Minnesota Vikings, National Football Scouting More...
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