Minnesota Vikings Depth Chart

  • HC: Kevin O'Connell
  • OC: Wes Phillips
  • DC: Ed Donatell
  • ST: Matt Daniels
Updated: 06/21/2022 9:53PM ET
Pos No. Player 1 No Player 2 No Player 3 No Player 4 No Player 5
LWR18Jefferson, Justin 20/181Johnson, Bisi 19/785Chisena, Dan CF209Jackson, Trishton SF21
RWR19THIELEN, ADAM CF1315Smith-Marsette, Ihmir 21/583Nailor, Jalen 22/689Hennigan, Thomas CF22
SWR17Osborn, K.J. 20/525Wilson, Albert U/Mia13Proehl, Blake CF2187Mitchell, Myron CF21
LT71Darrisaw, Christian 21/174Udoh, Olisaemeka 19/663Lowe, Vederian 22/6
LG72Cleveland, Ezra 20/262Reed, Chris U/Ind68Hinton, Kyle 20/7
C56Bradbury, Garrett 19/165Schlottmann, Austin U/Den60Sokol, Josh CF22
RG73DAVIS, JESSE CC/Mia67Ingram, Ed 22/252Davis, Wyatt 21/3
RT75O'Neill, Brian 18/264Brandel, Blake 20/661Parris, Timon SF21
TE84Smith Jr., Irv 19/282Ellefson, Ben W/Jax86Mundt, Johnny U/LAR40Davidson, Zach 21/534Muse, Nick 22/7
QB8COUSINS, KIRK U/Was14MANNION, SEAN SF2111Mond, Kellen 21/312Stanley, Nate 20/7
RB4Cook, Dalvin 17/22Mattison, Alexander 19/326Nwangwu, Kene 21/432Chandler, Ty 22/538Koback, Bryant CF22
FB30Ham, C.J. CF1636Bargas, Jake CF20
DE96Watts, Armon 19/679Bullard, Jonathan U/Atl90Otomewo, Esezi 22/5
NT94Tomlinson, Dalvin U/NYG76McGill, T.Y. SF2150Smith, T.J. SF2151Stevenson, Tyarise CF22
DT97Phillips, Harrison U/Buf92Lynch, James 20/493Twyman, Jaylen 21/678Taylor, Jullian SF22
OLB55Smith, Za'Darius CC/GB98Wonnum, D.J. 20/495Robinson, Janarius 21/459McCloud, Zach CF22
ILB58HICKS, JORDAN CC/Arz48Lynch, Blake CF2041Surratt, Chazz 21/357Connelly, Ryan W/NYG
ILB54KENDRICKS, ERIC 15/233Asamoah, Brian 22/345Dye, Troy 20/447Kwenkeu, William CF22
OLB99Hunter, Danielle 15/391Jones II, Patrick 21/331Mintze, Andre SF2243Vilain, Luiji CF22
LCB7PETERSON, PATRICK U/Arz21Evans, Akayleb 22/429Boyd, Kris 19/75Smith, Tye U/Ten
SS22SMITH, HARRISON 12/144Metellus, Josh 20/637Brown, Mike CF22
FS6Cine, Lewis 22/124Bynum, Camryn 21/446Dorn, Myles CF20
RCB23Booth Jr., Andrew 22/23Dantzler, Cameron 20/320Hand, Harrison 20/5
NB39Sullivan, Chandon U/GB35Nickerson, Parry R/GB27Hairston, Nate U/Den
Special Teams
PT16BERRY, JORDAN SF2166Wright, Ryan CF22
PK1Joseph, Greg SF21
H16BERRY, JORDAN SF2166Wright, Ryan CF22
KO1Joseph, Greg SF21
PR17Osborn, K.J. 20/515Smith-Marsette, Ihmir 21/5
KR26Nwangwu, Kene 21/4


What Ourlads' Scouting Services said about CHRISTIAN DARRISAW before he made the Minnesota Vikings' Depth Chart: Virginia Tech, 6050 315 5.30. Junior entry, two-year starter, Upper Marlboro, MD. Ended his career first-team All ACC. He checks a lot of boxes when it comes to size, athletic ability, and body control. He is rarely found off balance or losing his base. Shows the hard to find, unique trait of getting on his man and sticking to him like a magnet. That initial hand placement combined with such a stable and twitchy lower half can enable him to mirror defenders that play the speed game. His true strength and power will need to be developed over his first couple of years in the league but if that does catch up with the rest of his skill set, he has as much potential as any offensive lineman in this class. Easy and natural mover on all domains. Can kick himself back and up the edge and beat his man to the junction point. Explodes downhill and beats the linebacker to the cutoff. Adjusts in space with smooth footwork and balance that is always present. Excels at reaching his man and attaching his hands inside as if he had super glue on his gloves. Controls and maintains quality contact no matter where he is and who is across from him. Maintains a wide base with easy knee bend. Excels at being a mirror to the defender. Needs more attitude and power in his game. May struggle with a pure-bull rush. Can be a little too delayed in adjusting to double moves. Will need to prove he can handle complex fronts and stunts. First round. (A-34 1/4, H-9 1/4, BP-NA, 10-NA).