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Carolina Panthers Depth Chart
HC: Ron Rivera | OC: Mike Shula | DC: Sean McDermott | ST: Richard Rodgers
Updated: 08/27/2014 8:02PM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 82 COTCHERY, JERRICHO U/Pit 81 AVANT, JASON CC/Phi 16 Brown, Corey CF14 83 Lucas, Marcus CF14  
RWR 13 Benjamin, Kelvin 14/1 2 Bersin, Brenton CF12 12 King, Tavarres W/Den 12 King, Tavarres W/Den  
LT 77 Bell, Byron CF11 65 Williams, Garry CF09 63 Foucault, David CF14    
LG 66 Silatolu, Amini 12/2 62 Dennis, Derek SF14 68 Norwell, Andrew CF14    
C 67 Kalil, Ryan 07/2 69 Velasco, Fernando SF14 64 Folkerts, Brian SF13    
RG 70 Turner, Trai 14/3 75 Scott, Chris SF13      
RT 78 Chandler, Nate CF12 72 Hughes, Kevin SF14 79 McDonald, Andrew SF13    
TE 88 Olsen, Greg T/Chi 84 Dickson, Ed U/Bal 86 Williams, Brandon CF13 47 Brockel, Richie SF11 85 McNeill, Mike R/SL
QB 1 Newton, Cam 11/1 3 ANDERSON, DEREK CC/Arz 14 Webb, Joe U/Min    
FB 35 Tolbert, Mike U/SD 39 Zordich, Michael CF13      
RB 34 WILLIAMS, DEANGELO 06/1 28 Stewart, Jonathan 08/1 36 Reaves, Darrin CF14 43 Whittaker, Fozzy SF14  
LDE 95 Johnson, Charles 07/3 90 Alexander, Frank 12/4 96 Horton, Wes CF13    
LDT 91 COLE, COLIN SF13 99 Short, Kawann 13/2 74 Walker, Casey CF13 72 Regis, Micanor SF14  
NT 98 Lotulelei, Star 13/1 92 EDWARDS, DWAN SF12 73 Nevis, Drake W/Jax    
RDE 76 Hardy, Greg FP 97 Addison, Mario P/Was 94 Ealy, Kony 14/2    
SLB 93 BLACKBURN, CHASE U/NYG 56 Klein, AJ 13/5 57 Glanton, Adarius CF14    
MLB 59 Kuechly, Luke 12/1 53 Jacobs, Ben SF13 52 Smith, DJ SF14    
WLB 58 DAVIS, THOMAS 05/1 54 Williams, Jason W/Phi 55 Allen, Denicos CF14    
LCB 20 Cason, Antoine U/Arz 30 Godfrey, Charles 08/3 22 Thomas, Josh 11/5 37 Byndom, Carrington CF14  
SS 41 HARPER, ROMAN CC/NO 38 Lester, Robert CF13 32 Russell, Anderson SF12    
FS 21 Decoud, Thomas CC/Atl 42 Jones, Colin T/SF 26 Nelson, Tom SF14 33 Boston, Tre 14/4  
RCB 23 White, Melvin CF13 29 Benwikere, Bene' 14/5 24 Norman, Josh 12/5 31 Dockery, James SF12  
Special Teams
P 8 Nortman, Brad 12/6        
PK 9 Gano, Graham SF12        
LS 44 Jansen, JJ T/GB        
H 8 Nortman, Brad 12/6        
KO 9 Gano, Graham SF12        
PR 16 Brown, Corey CF14 20 Cason, Antoine U/Arz 29 Benwikere, Bene' 14/5    
KR 43 Whittaker, Fozzy SF14        
RES 71 Kugbila, Edmund IR 32 Presley, DeAndre PUP 5 Blanchard, Matt IR 60 Matthews, Kevin IR 80 Jefferson, DC IR

DEPTH CHARTS FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before KELVIN BENJAMIN made the Carolina Panthers' depth chart:  Florida State, 6050 240 4.62. Underclass entry. One-year starter. Was one of seven wide receivers who caught at least 20 passes as a red-shirt freshman. A big physical target who is not easy to tackle. Smooth for a big man. A long strider that picks up speed as he goes down the field. Basically a one-year starter who caught 30 passes as a red-shirt freshman in 2012. He played in a five-receiver rotation. Not a nifty-footed receiver, but a powerful one. Can make the tough overhead catch by tracking the ball. Adjusts well to a poorly thrown pass. Can make the great catch or miss a routine ball. Long arms (34 7/8”) and a wing span of 83 inches, plus catcher mitt-sized hands which look like tennis rackets at times. Good effort as a downfield run blocker. He caught the game winning catch versus Auburn for the national championship after being a non-factor for most of the game. He caught nine passes versus rival Florida for 212 yards, but dropped 5 other balls. Presently grades out as a backup type who may be an eventual starter in certain schemes. Will need pro physical development. Inconsistent hand catcher and pass route runner. Does not catch the ball cleanly. Built more like a tight end. May grow out of wide receiver position. 2013 stats: 54-1011, 18.7 ypr, 15 TD. OSR:43/ 46. Third/fourth round. (A-34 7/8, H-10 1/4, VJ-32.5, SS-4.39).

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