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Bryce Young | 9

QB | Alabama | Carolina Panthers
Ht: 5101 / 5' 10" | Wt: 204 | Upd: 05/31/2024


Birth Date: 07/25/2001
Age: 22
Original Team: CAR
NFL Entry: 23 01 001
NFL Exp: 2
Depth Chart Key: 23/1
Team History: CAR

Player History

07/23 CAR D/C signed

Ourlads' Profile:

2023 Guide: What Ourlads’ NFL Scouting Services said about BRYCE YOUNG:

Alabama | H: 5115 W: 194 40: 4.52 A: 3012 H: 0934 W: 7312

Junior entry, two-year starter, Pasadena, CA. Heisman Trophy winner in 2021, SEC Offensive Player of the Year, and All-America. Two-time first team All-SEC. An elite innovator with a special ability to create on his own. He knows when to stay within the scheme, makes the right decision to adjust at the right time, and plays his best football in the most difficult moments. The initial hesitation that stems from his diminutive frame is credible. There are almost no long-time quarterbacks who have sustained success in the league at his size. His two years of tape, however, show countless flashes of high-level playmaking, leadership, and productive play. Young is simply the player you want with his hands on the ball in tight games. His versatility is hard to defend, and his maturity is way beyond his years. Plays with a slow pulse in all situations. Will keep things in check and prevent them from spiraling out of control. Plays with a short memory, eyes remain forward. A train conductor with natural presence and leadership among men. Keeps his feet quiet and light, always ready to abruptly evade pressure in any direction. Slippery to pass rushers. Plays the role of a magician in traffic with great escapability. Can shake would-be tacklers and would be hard to get a hold of if it were flag football. Puts great tempo on the ball. Just enough touch to make it an easy ball to catch but just enough zip to get it there on time like a Tom Glavine-fastball. Increases his skill set in high-pressure moments. Snappy release. A quick pull of trigger and the ball is out in an instant, rarely telegraphing to defenders. Great decision maker who can make all the throws and process information in a hurry. Lack of size and power presence show up when defenders get solid contact on him. Will show lapses in concentration under repeated pass rush, forcing too much into tight windows. Too much backyard football near the red zone. Needs more consistent ball security habits. Shoulder injury versus Arkansas creates a real example of what can happen to a frame like this against the power and size of pro defenders. Has proven over and over that his brain, unique skill set, and leadership traits can overcome the issues that could come from a lack of sheer size in more ways than one and is fully capable of being the face of a franchise under center.

2022 Stats: 245/380, 3328 yds, 64.5%, 32 TD, 5 INT, 185 yds rushing, 4 TD, 163.2 QB rating. 1st round, top 5.