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Kansas City Chiefs Depth Chart
HC: Andy Reid | OC: Doug Pederson | DC: Bob Sutton | ST: Dave Toub
Updated: 04/21/2014 8:01PM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 82 Bowe, Dwayne 07/1 88 Hemingway, Junior 12/7 19 Williams, Kyle W/SF 85 Hammond, Frankie CF13 16 Jackson, Jerrell SF13
RWR 17 Avery, Donnie U/Ind 15 Jenkins, AJ T/SF 12 Ross, Rashad SF13 00 Dressler, Weston SF14 83 Williams, Fred CF13
LT 72 Fisher, Eric 13/1 00 Dill, RJ SF14      
LG 71 Allen, Jeff 12/2 75 Johnson, Rishaw SF13 65 Henry, Ricky RFA    
C 61 Hudson, Rodney 11/2 64 Kush, Eric 13/6      
RG 00 Linkenbach, Jeff U/Ind 69 Watkins, Rokevious SF13 66 Burden, Chandler SF13    
RT 79 Stephenson, Donald 12/3 59 Kelly, Colin CF13      
TE 80 FASANO, ANTHONY U/Mia 87 Kelce, Travis 13/3 84 McGrath, Sean W/Sea 81 Gordon, Richard SF13 47 Harris, Demetrius CF13
QB 11 Smith, Alex T/SF 10 Daniel, Chase U/NO 9 Bray, Tyler CF13    
FB 42 Sherman, Anthony T/Arz 40 Kettani, Eric SF13      
RB 25 Charles, Jamaal 08/3 34 Davis, Knile 13/3 32 Gray, Cyrus 12/6 00 McKnight, Joe SF14  
LDE 97 Bailey, Allen 11/3 00 Walker, Vance U/Oak 77 Catapano, Mike 13/7 00 Hamilton, Dominique SF14 00 Alecxih, Chas SF14
NT 92 Poe, Dontari 12/1 96 Howard, Jaye W/Sea 00 Grissom, Cory SF14    
RDE 70 DeVito, Mike U/NYJ 00 Broussard, Risean CF13      
LOLB 50 Houston, Justin 11/3 51 Zombo, Frank SF13 95 Martin, Josh CF13 00 Highsmith, Alonzo SF14  
LILB 57 Johnson, Nico 13/4 00 Mays, Joe U/Hou 00 Campbell, Jordan SF14    
RILB 56 JOHNSON, DERRICK 05/1 52 Johnson, James-Michael W/Cle      
ROLB 91 HALI, TAMBA 06/1 54 Moses, Dezman W/GB 60 Wilson, Ridge CF13    
LCB 24 Flowers, Brandon 08/2 00 Owens, Chris U/Mia 31 Cooper, Marcus W/SF 30 Kearney, Vernon SF13 00 Rutland, Kevin SF14
SS 29 Berry, Eric 10/1        
FS 39 Abdullah, Husain SF13 41 Bronson, Malcolm CF13 00 McMillian, Jerron SF14    
RCB 27 Smith, Sean U/Mia 26 Commings, Sanders 13/5 38 Parker, Ron W/Sea 00 Van Dyke, DeMarcus SF14  
Special Teams
P 2 COLQUITT, DUSTIN 05/3 6 Succop, Ryan 09/7      
PK 6 Succop, Ryan 09/7 2 COLQUITT, DUSTIN 05/3      
LS 43 GAFFORD, THOMAS SF08        
H 2 COLQUITT, DUSTIN 05/3 10 Daniel, Chase U/NO      
KO 6 Succop, Ryan 09/7 2 COLQUITT, DUSTIN 05/3      
KR 34 Davis, Knile 13/3        
Free Agents / Cap Casualties

DEPTH CHARTS FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before NICO JOHNSON made the Kansas City Chiefs' depth chart: Alabama, 6015 248 4.80. Started 20 games over four year career. Experienced in the 3-4 defensive scheme. A downhill run stuffing linebacker. Projects as a strongside inside linebacker. Started five games in 2012. A two-down linebacker. Experienced on special teams’ coverage. Needs to work on his ability to play in space and improve as a pass coverage linebacker. Senior Bowl notes: Shows quick initial reactions at times but was inconsistent with read. Hesitation as he read run/pass. Uses his hands well taking on blocks and can be physical shedding. Has some strength and power redirecting off a block. Was not instinctive in reactions. Poor fits-getting caught out of position and on the wrong side of blocks. Showed some change of direction but was consistently out of position. At times made the wrong read on run/pass taking him out of the play. Did not hustle consistently to get back in the play. Struggles in space. Grades out as an upgrade to a current need backup. Produces with limitations. 2012 stats: 55 T, 2 TFL, 0 sacks, 1 PBU, 0 INT. Medical exclusion at Combine - sports hernia. Fourth/fifth round. (A-32 7/8, H-9 1/4, BP-DNP, SS-4.44).

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