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Kansas City Chiefs Depth Chart
HC: Andy Reid | OC: Doug Pederson | DC: Bob Sutton | ST: Dave Toub
Updated: 04/23/2015 5:40PM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 13 Thomas, De'Anthony 14/4 85 Hammond, Frankie CF13 88 Hemingway, Junior 12/7 16 Rogers, Da'Rick SF15 00 Louks, Corbin SF15
RWR 00 Maclin, Jeremy U/Phi 81 AVANT, JASON SF14 12 Wilson, Albert CF14 14 Binns, Armon SF14 83 Williams, Fred CF13
LT 72 Fisher, Eric 13/1 62 Feigt, Curtis SF14      
LG 00 GRUBBS, BEN T/NO 76 Duvernay-Tardif, Laurent 14/6 65 Henry, Ricky W/NO    
C 64 Kush, Eric 13/6        
RG 71 Allen, Jeff 12/2 00 Fanaika, Paul U/Arz 73 Fulton, Zach 14/6 60 Pughsley, Jarrod SF14  
RT 79 Stephenson, Donald 12/3 78 Sherrod, Derek SF14      
TE 87 Kelce, Travis 13/3 84 Harris, Demetrius CF13 89 Gordon, Richard SF14 81 Barden, Brandon SF14 84 Schiltz, Adam W/Ten
QB 11 SMITH, ALEX T/SF 10 Daniel, Chase U/NO 2 Pryor, Terrelle SF15 7 Murray, Aaron 14/5 9 Bray, Tyler CF13
FB 42 Sherman, Anthony T/Arz 44 Ware, Spencer SF14      
RB 25 Charles, Jamaal 08/3 34 Davis, Knile 13/3 32 Gray, Cyrus 12/6 13 Thomas, De'Anthony 14/4 35 West, Charcandrick CF14
LDE 96 Howard, Jaye W/Sea 98 Williams, Nicholas P/Pit 90 Martin, Vaughn SF15 66 Worthy, Jerel SF14  
NT 92 Poe, Dontari 12/1 93 Fangupo, Loni SF14      
RDE 70 DEVITO, MIKE U/NYJ 97 Bailey, Allen 11/3 77 Catapano, Mike 13/7    
LOLB 50 Houston, Justin FP 55 Ford, Dee 14/1 51 Zombo, Frank SF13    
LILB 56 JOHNSON, DERRICK 05/1 42 Dickson, JoJo SF14      
RILB 52 Johnson, James-Michael W/Cle 90 Mauga, Josh SF14      
ROLB 91 HALI, TAMBA 06/1 95 Martin, Josh CF13 54 Moses, Dezman W/GB    
LCB 23 Gaines, Phillip 14/3 30 Fleming, Jamell P/Bal 31 Cooper, Marcus W/SF    
SS 38 Parker, Ron W/Sea 00 Branch, Tyvon CC/Oak      
FS 39 Abdullah, Husain SF13 24 McCray, Kelcie T/TB 49 Sorensen, Daniel CF14    
RCB 21 Smith, Sean U/Mia 26 Commings, Sanders 13/5 00 Hester, Aaron SF15 40 Olatoye, Deji SF14  
Special Teams
P 2 COLQUITT, DUSTIN 05/3 5 Santos, Cairo CF14      
PK 5 Santos, Cairo CF14 2 COLQUITT, DUSTIN 05/3      
LS 49 Hus, Jorgen SF14 00 Winchester, James SF15      
H 2 COLQUITT, DUSTIN 05/3 10 Daniel, Chase U/NO      
KO 5 Santos, Cairo CF14 2 COLQUITT, DUSTIN 05/3      
PR 13 Thomas, De'Anthony 14/4 85 Hammond, Frankie CF13 12 Wilson, Albert CF14    
KR 34 Davis, Knile 13/3 85 Hammond, Frankie CF13 12 Wilson, Albert CF14    
RES 29 Berry, Eric NFI        
Free Agents / Cap Casualties
UFA 30 McKnight, Joe UFA 68 HARRIS, RYAN UFA 20 Owens, Chris UFA 75 MCGLYNN, MIKE UFA  
CC 17 AVERY, DONNIE CC 15 Jenkins, AJ CC      

DEPTH CHARTS FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before DONALD STEPHENSON made the Kansas City Chiefs' depth chart: Oklahoma, 6054 312 4.94. Two-year starter at left tackle with excellent athletic ability for the position. Passes the look test physically and athletically for the position. Our number one rated offensive lineman athletically for the 2012 Combine. Good quickness on snap. Gets quick control in run blocks. Good quick set up for pass. Has quick feet to pedal or shuffle. Good initial arm push. Maintains balance when sliding with man. Has all the physical tools, just needs to upgrade his technique. Doesn’t get shaken by a defensive end or defensive tackle. Sticks man with good head position. Stays off the ground. Must sustain longer. Could be more explosive at contact. Light feet. Locks up speed rushers off the edge. Powerful on down blocks. Good job to lock on and finish linebacker on the second level. Plays big and square with a good base as a pass protector. Can pick up edge stunts and games. Stephenson upgrades a current need backup player that is talented enough to play regularly. OSR:1/48. Fifth/sixth round. (A-34 7/8, H-9 7/8, BP-19, 10-1.69).

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