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Trey Smith | 65

OG | Tennessee | Kansas City Chiefs
Ht: 6054 / 6' 05" | Wt: 321 | Upd: 07/11/2024


Birth Date: 06/16/1999
Age: 25
Original Team: KC
NFL Entry: 21 06 226
NFL Exp: 4
Depth Chart Key: 21/6
Team History: KC

Player History

05/21 KC D/C signed

Ourlads' Profile:

2021 Guide: What Ourlads' NFL Scouting Services said about TREY SMITH: Tennessee, 6054 331 5.11. Four-year starter, Jackson, TN. Two-time first-team All SEC honoree at left guard. Second-team All America in 2020. His career began with him seeing starts all over the line, every position other than center. He was on a trajectory of being one of the best guards in the country before being slightly derailed with blood clots in his lungs halfway through the 2018 season. After overcoming that, he was back on the field for the start of 2019 and didn’t miss another game. A seasoned veteran with over 40 career starts. An oversized guard who will occasionally struggle with lateral movement and adjustment speed, but his size and intelligence can somewhat make up for it. Best suited for a gap-power scheme that will allow him to come off the ball downhill and get movement with his powerful hands, heavy frame, and long arms. He is a safe bet to be a starter in the league. Almost always the biggest guy in the room. Has the frame that simply checks all the boxes. Tall and wide with great length and hand size. Looks like a grizzly bear when he comes off the ball as a run blocker. Will overwhelm and swallow up defenders. Can win the battle even if he lacks the ideal positioning. A hard blocker to simply get around because of his radius and upper body strength. Versatility is a plus, having played all over the line. Brings the mentality that can elevate the outlook of a group up front. Keeps the arms long and feet active post-contact. Plays a smart game and comes across mature and mentally developed. Understands angles and spacing both as a pass blocker and when approaching the second level. Doesn’t always show natural knee bend. Ankles get stiff and it will translate to poor positioning. Will get top heavy and lunge with his upper body. Doesn’t consistently react to late, subtle lateral movement. Third/fourth round. (A-33 3/4, H-10, BP-32, 10-1.75).