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Creed Humphrey | 52

OC | Oklahoma | Kansas City Chiefs
Ht: 6045 / 6' 05" | Wt: 302 | Upd: 03/15/2024


Birth Date: 06/28/1999
Age: 24
Original Team: KC
NFL Entry: 21 02 063
NFL Exp: 4
Depth Chart Key: 21/2
Team History: KC

Player History

05/21 KC D/C signed

Ourlads' Profile:

2021 Guide: What Ourlads' NFL Scouting Services said about CREED HUMPHREY: Oklahoma, 6045 312 5.11. Junior entry, three-year starter, Shawnee, OK. Three-time All Big 12 conference honoree. The two time All America (first-team in 2019) also earned Big 12 Offensive Lineman of the Year two straight seasons. He is as decorated an offensive lineman as anyone in the class. A true general in the middle and will be a huge mental asset to any quarterback he works with at the next level. He is steps ahead of the defense at all times and will be a strong piece of glue holding his fellow linemen together. Physically he brings a big, wide body with strong hands and advanced technique. His consistency as a run blocker is top notch, however he needs to improve his lower body in pass protection. Too often he gets stuck in the mud and will lack the quickness and power needed on the fly. He will be a starter and he fits into multiple schemes, but there is plenty of work to be done in a league where interior pass rushers are becoming more and more effective. Barrel-chested with an athletic lower half. Plus size and power presence. Has good enough athletic ability off the snap to make do in zone blocking schemes. Will reach either B gap in a hurry. Excels with hand placement, accuracy, and strength. Will get and maintain the inside position. Knee bend comes natural to him when he needs to anchor. Won’t give up much ground. Swings his hips into the hole and simply keeps himself between the defender and the ball. A smart and cerebral leader of the line that can recognize a lot pre snap and capable of directing traffic. Keeps his head on a swivel and rarely looks mentally fooled. Needs to be better in pass protection. Inconsistent to keep his feet active post-snap. Ankles look stiff and it will translate into poor pad level at times. Doesn’t strike defenders and it impacts his push up front. Will need to enhance his lower body efficiency and techniques when he is on an island against quicker, more explosive interior rushers. Second/third round. (A-31 3/4, H-9 5/8, BP-29, 10-1.71).