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San Diego Chargers Depth Chart
HC: Mike McCoy | OC: Frank Reich | DC: John Pagano | ST: Kevin Spencer
Updated: 08/01/2015 2:37PM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 80 FLOYD, MALCOM CF04 12 JONES, JACOBY CC/Bal 15 Inman, Dontrelle SF14 8 Herndon, Javontee CF14 7 Wilson, Demetrius CF15
RWR 13 Allen, Keenan 13/3 18 Pettis, Austin SF15 3 Allen, Torrence CF14 84 Davis, Titus CF15 6 Williams, Tyrell CF15
SWR 11 Johnson, Stevie CC/SF        
LT 77 Dunlap, King U/Phi 70 Hairston, Chris U/Buf 78 Burwell, Tyreek CF15    
LG 74 Franklin, Orlando U/Den 64 Watts, Craig CF14 69 Huey, Michael SF15    
C 65 Watt, Chris 14/3 60 Robinson, Trevor P/Cin      
RG 79 Wiggins, Kenny SF13 63 Troutman, Johnnie 12/5 75 Sirles, Jeremiah CF14 62 Beckwith, Ben CF15  
RT 76 Fluker, DJ 13/1 72 Barksdale, Joe U/SL 73 Hickman, Forrestal CF15    
TE 85 GATES, ANTONIO SUS/4 89 Green, Ladarius 12/4 88 Johnson, David U/Pit 83 Phillips, John SF13 81 Paulson, David SF14
TE     87 Parker, Brian CF15 46 Frohnapfel, Eric CF15 86 Miller, Kyle W/Atl
QB 17 RIVERS, PHILIP T/NYG 10 CLEMENS, KELLEN U/SL 4 Sorensen, Brad SF14 16 Rettig, Chase SF15  
RB 28 Gordon, Melvin 15/1 43 Oliver, Branden CF14 39 WOODHEAD, DANNY U/NE 34 Brown, Donald U/Ind 30 Edwards, Jahwan CF15
RB         36 Smith, Dreamius CF15
LDE 91 Reyes, Kendall 12/2 90 Mathews, Ricardo SF14 49 Underwood, Colton SF14 67 Botticelli, Cameron CF15  
NT 98 Lissemore, Sean T/Dal 96 Unrein, Mitch U/Den 92 Carrethers, Ryan 14/5    
DT 94 Liuget, Corey 11/1 72 Palepoi, Tenny CF14 71 Square, Damion W/KC    
LOLB 58 Williams, Tourek 13/6 99 Law, Cordarro SF14 93 Philon, Darius 15/6 44 Mueller, Ryan CF15  
LILB 50 Te'o, Manti 13/2 52 Perryman, Denzel 15/2 49 Grant, Curtis CF15    
RILB 56 Butler, Donald 10/3 53 Conner, Kavell U/Ind 40 Ariguzo, Chi Chi CF15 48 Dzubnar, Nick CF15  
ROLB 54 Ingram, Melvin 12/1 97 Attaochu, Jeremiah 14/2 51 Emanuel, Kyle 15/5 59 Hekking, Brock CF15  
LCB 26 Flowers, Brandon SF14 29 Mager, Craig 15/3 20 Davis, Chris CF14 35 Crawford, Richard SF14 45 Rose, Lowell SF15
SS 37 Addae, Jahleel CF13 27 Wilson, Jimmy U/Mia 27 Phillips, Adrian CF14 41 Hill, Gordon CF15  
FS 32 WEDDLE, ERIC 07/2 25 Stuckey, Darrell 10/4 42 Lowdermilk, John CF15    
RCB 26 Robinson, Patrick U/NO 23 Williams, Steve 13/5 33 Ducre, Greg SF14 38 Asprilla, Manny CF15  
N-B 22 Verrett, Jason 14/1        
Special Teams
P 5 SCIFRES, MIKE 03/5        
PK 9 NOVAK, NICK SF10 2 Lambo, Josh CF15      
LS 47 WINDT, MIKE SF10 83 Phillips, John SF13      
H 5 SCIFRES, MIKE 03/5 32 WEDDLE, ERIC 07/2      
PR 13 Allen, Keenan 13/3        
KR 20 Davis, Chris CF14 43 Oliver, Branden CF14      
KO 9 NOVAK, NICK SF10        

DEPTH CHARTS FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before JEREMIAH ATTAOCHU made the San Diego Chargers' depth chart: Georgia Tech, 6032 252 4.65. Three-year starter and played in all games as a freshman. Holds the all-time Georgia Tech sack record with 31.5. Very powerful. Aggressive taking on blocks. Tough player who plays the edge well. At his best as a take on guy who sheds blocks. He is an explosive power player who has tools to play at the next level. Will need some refining as a linebacker, but should find a home as an outside linebacker. Does not always do a good job coordinating hips and hands. Needs to bend his knees and shoot his hands taking on a block. Does not consistently get good depth in drops and struggles with zone awareness. Has been very productive over the past three years. Has played in a couple of different schemes. Experience as a 3-4 outside linebacker and a 4- 3 defensive end. His future will need to reside at linebacker because he doesn’t have the bulk to play with his hand in the dirt. A good athlete that plays aggressive and smart. He bends well, explodes off the point of attack, and pursues well. 2013 stats: 45 T, 16 TFL, 12.5 sacks, 1 FF. Medical exclusion at Combine, partially torn hamstring. Second/third round. (A-33, H-9 7/8, BP-DNP, SS-DNP).

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