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San Diego Chargers Depth Chart
HC: Mike McCoy | OC: Ken Whisenhunt | DC: John Pagano | ST: Craig Aukerman
Updated: 01/20/2016 5:05PM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 80 FLOYD, MALCOM CF04 8 Herndon, Javontee CF14      
RWR 13 Allen, Keenan 13/3 15 Inman, Dontrelle SF14 16 Williams, Tyrell CF15    
SWR 11 Johnson, Stevie CC/SF        
LT 77 DUNLAP, KING U/Phi 70 Hairston, Chris U/Buf      
LG 74 Franklin, Orlando U/Den 79 Wiggins, Kenny SF13      
C 65 Watt, Chris 14/3 60 Robinson, Trevor P/Cin 66 Walton, JD SF15    
RG 76 Fluker, DJ 13/1 63 Troutman, Johnnie 12/5 79 Wiggins, Kenny SF13    
RT 72 Barksdale, Joe U/SL 70 Linkenbach, Jeff W/Mia 78 Burwell, Tyreek CF15    
TE 89 Green, Ladarius 12/4 83 Phillips, John SF13 84 McGrath, Sean SF15    
TE 85 GATES, ANTONIO CF03 88 Johnson, David U/Pit 45 Cleveland, Asante W/NE    
RB 28 Gordon, Melvin IR 39 WOODHEAD, DANNY U/NE 34 Brown, Donald U/Ind 43 Oliver, Branden CF14 36 Smith, Dreamius CF15
LDE 91 Reyes, Kendall 12/2 90 Mathews, Ricardo SF14 93 Philon, Darius 15/6    
NT 98 Lissemore, Sean T/Dal 92 Carrethers, Ryan 14/5      
DT 94 Liuget, Corey 11/1 72 Palepoi, Tenny CF14 90 Mathews, Ricardo SF14 71 Square, Damion W/KC  
LOLB 97 Attaochu, Jeremiah 14/2 58 Williams, Tourek 13/6 99 Law, Cordarro SF14    
LILB 50 Te'o, Manti 13/2 53 Conner, Kavell U/Ind 57 MAYS, JOE SF15    
RILB 56 Butler, Donald 10/3 52 Perryman, Denzel 15/2 48 Dzubnar, Nick CF15 40 Ariguzo, Chi Chi CF15  
ROLB 54 Ingram, Melvin 12/1 51 Emanuel, Kyle 15/5 59 Hekking, Brock CF15a    
LCB 24 Flowers, Brandon SF14 23 Williams, Steve 13/5 33 Ducre, Greg SF14 20 Vaughn, Cassius SF15  
SS 37 Addae, Jahleel CF13 30 Daniels, Matt SF15      
FS 32 WEDDLE, ERIC 07/2 25 Stuckey, Darrell 10/4 31 Phillips, Adrian CF14    
RCB 22 Verrett, Jason 14/1 26 Robinson, Patrick U/NO 29 Mager, Craig 15/3 27 Ross, Brandian SF15  
Special Teams
P 5 SCIFRES, MIKE 03/5        
PK 2 Lambo, Josh CF15        
LS 47 WINDT, MIKE SF10        
H 5 SCIFRES, MIKE 03/5        
PR 8 Herndon, Javontee CF14 39 WOODHEAD, DANNY U/NE      
KR 8 Herndon, Javontee CF14 39 WOODHEAD, DANNY U/NE      
KO 2 Lambo, Josh CF15        
FUT 84 Burse, Isaiah Fut/WR 35 Crawford, Richard Fut/CB 49 Gardner, Ben Fut/DE 96 Ndulue, Chuka Fut/DT 87 Semisch, Tim Fut/TE
FUT 4 Sorensen, Brad Fut/QB 3 Allen, Torrence Fut/WR 69 Huey, Michael Fut/OG 00 Redfern, Kasey Fut/PT 00 McCoil, Dexter Fut/FS

DEPTH CHARTS FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before MELVIN INGRAM made the San Diego Chargers' depth chart: South Carolina, 6014 264 4.74. Started 14 games over his career. Collected 19 sacks and 26 tackles for loss over the past two years. Explosive first step quickness. Was responsible for several splash plays in 2011 including three touchdowns scored, one a 68-yard run for a touchdown on a fake punt versus Georgia. He also intercepted two passes. He displayed his versatility in the Gamecocks’ scheme by playing up or down in a 3-point stance while moving around from tackle to end to linebacker. Too small to be a 4-3 end. Can’t see and has short arms. Lacks ballast in the run game. Ingram struggles against big wide-bodied offensive tackles who swallow him up. Jermarcus Hardrick #50 (6043, 323) from Nebraska, walled him off. Undersized pass rushers get worn out through a long NFL season. Big guards and centers give him problems in confined areas on the line of scrimmage. When he gets bounced from the inside he hustles outside in pursuit to get in on the play. Struggles in the one on one battles on the line of scrimmage. In the Clemson game he was ineffective on the edge, but productive on rushes versus the guards when he lined up at defensive tackle. The downside of being versatile is never having the opportunity to master one position. His instincts appear to be off when he is transitioning from one position to another. When he sees the ball he accelerates to it, but when he is asked to cover a wheel pass route he is at a definite disadvantage. Prior to his senior year he struggled with consistency, the ability to take on and shed blocks. A ball club will have a definite plan in mind before they draft him. Has an injury history that includes a broken foot in 2008, broken hand in 2010, and a foot injury in 2011 that he played through. 2011 stats: 48 tackles, 15 TFL, 10 sacks, 2 PBU, 1 FR. Edge speed:left 2.12, right 2.57. OSR:11/25. First round. (A- 30 1/2, H-9 5/8, BP-28, 10-1.65).

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