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Indianapolis Colts Depth Chart
HC: Chuck Pagano | OC: Pep Hamilton | DC: Greg Manusky | ST: Tom McMahon
Updated: 04/18/2014 8:09PM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 87 WAYNE, REGGIE 01/1 13 Hilton, TY 12/3 15 Brazill, LaVon 12/6 17 Whalen, Griff CF12  
RWR 00 Nicks, Hakeem U/NYG 16 Rogers, Da'Rick SF13 86 BRANCH, DEION SF14 11 Lenz, Josh SF13  
LT 74 Castonzo, Anthony 11/1 00 Breckner, Jack SF14      
LG 66 Thomas, Donald U/NE 76 Reitz, Joe W/Mia      
C 62 Holmes, Khaled 13/4 67 Costa, Phil CC/Dal 65 Austin, Thomas SF13    
RG 69 Thornton, Hugh 13/3 00 Louis, Lance SF14      
RT 78 Cherilus, Gosder U/Det 71 Nixon, Xavier P/Was      
TE 83 Allen, Dwayne 12/3 80 Fleener, Coby 12/2 47 Saunders, Weslye RFA 84 Doyle, Jack W/Ten 85 Webb, Martell SF13
QB 12 Luck, Andrew 12/1 8 HASSELBECK, MATT CC/Ten 5 Harnish, Chandler 12/7    
FB 39 Havili, Stanley T/Phi 00 Campbell, Stephen SF14 00 White, Cam SF14    
RB 34 Richardson, Trent T/Cle 33 Ballard, Vick 12/5 44 Bradshaw, Ahmad CC/NYG 36 Herron, Dan P/Cin 25 Rainey, Chris SF13
LDE 90 REDDING, CORY U/Bal 97 Jones, Arthur U/Bal 59 Johnson, Cam T/SF    
NT 96 Chapman, Josh 12/5        
DT 99 Jean-Francois, Ricky U/SF 95 Moala, Fili 09/2 61 PENDLETON, JERIS SF13 94 Hughes, Montori 13/5  
OLB 93 Walden, Erik U/GB 55 Hickman, Justin SF12 58 Studebaker, Andy SF13    
ILB 00 JACKSON, D'QWELL CC/Cle 54 Harvey, Mario SF12 52 Sheppard, Kelvin T/Buf 00 Muamba, Henoc SF14  
ILB 50 Freeman, Jerrell SF12 57 McNary, Josh CF13 56 Lutrus, Scott RFA 49 Baxter, Alan SF13  
OLB 98 MATHIS, ROBERT 03/5 92 Werner, Bjoern 13/1 00 Morgan, Aaron SF14 49 Adongo, Daniel SF13  
LCB 28 Toler, Greg U/Arz 20 Butler, Darius SF12 27 Gordy, Josh RFA    
SS 42 Lynch, Corey SF13 38 Brown, Sergio W/NE      
FS 30 Landry, LaRon U/NYJ 26 Howell, Delano P/Buf 00 Sims, David SF14    
RCB 23 Davis, Vontae T/Mia 40 Price, Sheldon CF13 29 Burley, Marcus SF14    
Special Teams
P 1 McAfee, Pat 09/7        
PK 4 VINATIERI, ADAM U/NE 00 Wiggs, Carson SF14      
LS 45 Overton, Matt SF12        
H 1 McAfee, Pat 09/7        
KO 1 McAfee, Pat 09/7        
PR 17 Whalen, Griff CF12 15 Brazill, LaVon 12/6 13 Hilton, TY 12/3    
KR 17 Whalen, Griff CF12        
Free Agents / Cap Casualties
UFA 51 Angerer, Pat UFA 97 FRANKLIN, AUBRAYO UFA 56 Sidbury, Lawrence UFA    
CC/TV64 Satele, Samson CC        

DEPTH CHARTS FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before HUGH THORNTON made the Indianapolis Colts' depth chart: Illinois, 6032 313 5.11. Four-year starter who is athletic. Has experience at both guard and tackle. Started at left tackle but projects inside at guard. Has long arms and a thick body to absorb a bull rush. Lines up in a preset pass stance and can lock up edge pass rushers. Good use of hands. Seals the edge in the run game. Can get a good fit into a linebacker and drive them down the field with agility and balance. Finishes his blocks. Aggressive and physical. Plays with good balance. Drops his head on pass protection at times. Just needs to fine tune his use of hands and technique in the run game. Former high school two-time wrestling champion in Idaho and a third place finish in the Ohio State tournament. OSR:12/49. Fourth/fifth round. (A-34 1/8, H-10, BP-27, 10-1.74).

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