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Indianapolis Colts Depth Chart
HC: Chuck Pagano | OC: Rob Chudzinski | DC: Ted Monachino | ST: Tom McMahon
Updated: 02/09/2016 5:26PM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 81 JOHNSON, ANDRE CC/Hou 10 Moncrief, Donte 14/3 5 Bray, Quan CF15    
RWR 13 Hilton, TY 12/3 15 Dorsett, Phillip 15/1      
LT 74 Castonzo, Anthony 11/1 76 Reitz, Joe W/Mia      
LG 69 Thornton, Hugh 13/3        
C 62 Holmes, Khaled 13/4 72 Harrison, Jonotthan CF14      
RG 60 LOUIS, LANCE SF14        
RT 75 Mewhort, Jack 14/2 71 Good, Denzelle 15/7      
TE 83 Allen, Dwayne 12/3 84 Doyle, Jack W/Ten      
TE 80 Fleener, Coby 12/2 86 Swoope, Erik CF14      
QB 12 Luck, Andrew 12/1 8 HASSELBECK, MATT CC/Ten 6 WHITEHURST, CHARLIE W/Ten 5 Freeman, Josh SF15 7 Morris, Stephen P/Phi
RB 23 GORE, FRANK U/SF 36 Herron, Dan W/Buf 44 Bradshaw, Ahmad SF13 40 Williams, Trey P/Mia 38 Varga, Tyler CF15
LDE 90 LANGFORD, KENDALL CC/SL 96 Anderson, Henry 15/3 95 Okine, Earl SF15    
NT 54 Parry, David 15/5 94 Kerr, Zach CF14      
DT 97 Jones, Arthur U/Bal 99 Winn, Billy T/Cle 67 McGill, TY W/Sea 64 Quarles, Kelcy P/NE  
OLB 93 WALDEN, ERIK U/GB 92 Werner, Bjoern 13/1 58 STUDEBAKER, ANDY SF13    
ILB 52 JACKSON, D'QWELL CC/Cle 51 Moore, Sio T/Oak 44 Sylvestre, Junior CF15    
ILB 50 Freeman, Jerrell SF12 55 Irving, Nate U/Den 49 Herrera, Amarlo 15/6    
OLB 58 COLE, TRENT SF15 91 Newsome, Jonathan 14/5 98 MATHIS, ROBERT 05/3 57 McNary, Josh CF13  
LCB 28 TOLER, GREG U/Arz 30 Smith, D'Joun 15/3 25 Brown, Jalil SF13 1 Mitchel, Tevin W/Was  
SS 29 ADAMS, MIKE U/Den 32 ANDERSON, COLT U/Phi 35 Davis, Akeem W/Sea    
FS 33 LOWERY, DWIGHT U/Atl 42 Geathers, Clayton 15/4 27 Guy, Winston SF14    
RCB 21 Davis, Vontae T/Mia 20 Butler, Darius SF12 36 Glover-Wright, Devonta SF15 46 Mitchell, Josh CF15  
Special Teams
P 1 McAfee, Pat 09/7        
LS 45 OVERTON, MATT SF12        
H 1 McAfee, Pat 09/7        
KO 1 McAfee, Pat 09/7        
PR 5 Bray, Quan CF15 15 Dorsett, Phillip 15/1      
KR 5 Bray, Quan CF15        
FUT 73 Burton, Pierce Fut/OT 63 Heenan, Ben Fut/OG 53 Jackson, Edwin Fut/IB 65 O'Brien, Kitt Fut/OG 25 Southward, Dezmen Fut/SS
FUT 14 Stangby, Joshua Fut/WR 00 Obiora, Eze Fut/LB 00 Lumpkin, Ricky Fut/NT    

DEPTH CHARTS FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before ANDREW LUCK made the Indianapolis Colts' depth chart: Stanford, 6040 234 4.67. Junior entry. Three-year starter. A big right-handed passer who can win the game in the pocket but is mobile and athletic enough to avoid and escape a rush. Processes information quickly. Understands pass protection. Luck is a top quality individual on and off the field. He is a leader who can step up and take charge of his teammates. On the field he is given much responsibility at the line of scrimmage for strategic checks and adjustments. Excellent football aptitude. He has a keen sense of recognizing match-ups that he can take advantage of while moving the team down the field. Stanford utilizes an assortment of personnel groupings which is a good sign that Luck can handle a complex offensive scheme. He was weaned on an NFL offense and playbook. His offense was a power zone running game from a variety of formations. He plays both under center and in the shotgun formation. His role in the offense was to balance the running game with a variety of play action drop back and movement type passes. His delivery and release is quick with no wasted motion. Always ready to throw. Makes quick and decisive decisions with the ball. Consistently accurate short and long keeping receivers on their routes. Possesses the arm strength to throw deep, sideline combinations, and crossing routes. Can stick the ball into tight spots. Good drop back speed to a throwing point, good balance, active feet, and body control to be ready to pass. Sees the whole field. Keeps his eyes focused down the field. Good pocket presence. Can throw the ball from different angles. Steps up into the pocket. Understands the timing in the pocket. Guns the ball to his target area. Good ball placement. Strong enough to shake pass rushers. Spreads the wealth. Throws to wide receivers, tight ends, and backs. Good ball handler who protects the ball. A competitor who thrives on pressure and competition. Rare touch to throw the ball over a defense. Good timing, anticipation, and feel for the throw. In short, Luck is consistent, confident, reliable, respects the game, reacts positively to adversity, and loves to play quarterback. Has been durable over his career. Outstanding production. Did not throw at the Combine. 2011 stats: 288/404, 3517 passing yds, 71.3%, 37 TDs, 10 INTs. OSR:3/15. First pick in the draft. (A-32 5/8, H-10, SS-4.28, VJ-36).

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