Cincinnati Bengals Depth Chart

  • HC: Marvin Lewis
  • OC: Ken Zampese
  • DC: Paul Guenther
  • ST: Darrin Simmons
Updated: 01/14/2017 4:34PM ET
Pos No. Player 1 No Player 2 No Player 3 No Player 4 No Player 5
LWR18Green, AJ 11/186Wright, James 14/716Core, Cody 16/684Kumerow, Jake CF15
RWR11LAFELL, BRANDON U/NE83Boyd, Tyler 16/212Erickson, Alex CF16
LT77WHITWORTH, ANDREW 06/274Fisher, Jake 15/2
LG65Boling, Clint 11/463Westerman, Christian 16/566Hopkins, Trey CF14
C61Bodine, Russell 14/460Johnson, TJ 13/7
RG68Zeitler, Kevin 12/163Westerman, Christian 16/5
RT70Ogbuehi, Cedric 15/173WINSTON, ERIC SF14
TE85Eifert, Tyler 13/181Kroft, Tyler 15/3
TE/HB89Hewitt, Ryan CF1487Uzomah, CJ 15/5
QB14Dalton, Andy 11/25McCarron, AJ 14/53Driskel, Jeff W/SF
RB32Hill, Jeremy 14/225Bernard, Giovani 13/233Burkhead, Rex 13/630PEERMAN, CEDRIC W/Det39Carson, Tra CF16
LDE96Dunlap, Carlos 10/299Hunt, Margus 13/2
NT94PEKO, DOMATA 06/492SIMS, PAT U/Oak75Billings, Andrew 16/4
RDT97Atkins, Geno 10/491Hardison, Marcus 15/469Williams, DeShawn CF15
RDE90Johnson, Michael CC/TB93Clarke, Will 14/395GILBERRY, WALLACE SF12
SLB56DANSBY, KARLOS CC/Cle53Flowers, Marquis 14/6
MLB58MAUALUGA, REY 09/257Rey, Vincent CF1052Roach, Trevor CF15
WLB55Burfict, Vontaze CF1259Vigil, Nick 16/347Dawson, Paul 15/3
LCB27Kirkpatrick, Dre 12/126Shaw, Josh 15/420Russell, KeiVarae W/KC
SS36Williams, Shawn 13/342Fejedelem, Clayton 16/7
FS43Iloka, George 12/531Smith, Derron 15/6
RCB24JONES, ADAM SF1021Dennard, Darqueze 14/122Jackson III, William 16/123BROWN, CHYKIE SF16
Special Teams
PK4Bullock, Randy W/Pit
KO4Bullock, Randy W/Pit
PR24JONES, ADAM SF1012Erickson, Alex CF1683Boyd, Tyler 16/2
KR12Erickson, Alex CF1624JONES, ADAM SF1033Burkhead, Rex 13/6
RES98Thompson, Brandon PUP
FUT76Brown, Ryan Fut/DE71Dean, David Fut/DT29McRae, Tony Fut/CB62Redmond, Alex Fut/OG17Russell, Alonzo Fut/WR


DEPTH CHARTS FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before WILLIAM JACKSON III made the Cincinnati Bengals' depth chart: Houston, 6003 189 4.37. Two years as a fulltime starter. Junior College transfer from Trinity Valley CC. From Houston, TX. Second-team All-AAC and the defensive MVP in the Peach Bowl. Played the field corner in Houston’s defense. Physical with his hands defeating stalk block or using off hand jam in press coverage. Gets good separation versus a block and makes good use of jam to lock receivers out on the sideline. Sheds block well and throws his body at the tackle. Needs to get under control and gather better as he will miss in space. Normally shows a fluid back pedal with good turn and run. Transitions with very little wasted movement. Shows a closing burst on his break and drive. Very difficult to shake as he is good at mirroring cuts. Normally reacts well to double moves but will get pushed off occasionally. Plays off man with good technique, normally maintaining cushion and timing his transition to cut off the route. A little tight in the hips in turn and run and will let a receiver get behind him at times. Needs to consistently turn and run at the right time to compensate. Has the speed to make it work. Will stutter step on occasion reacting but it is slight and his recovery quickness is good. Has the speed to stay with deep routes. Overall good route recognition in zone coverage. At times will get caught staring too much in the backfield and lose leverage on routes in a zone. Sometimes a little too shallow in hard corner coverage but recovery speed is good and he can get under the deeper throw with good ball reaction. Solid ball skills, staying in phase with a receiver and timing ball reaction. Very good at reading the quick game. 2015 stats: 43 T, 5 INT, 23 PBU. BTR:left 4.52, right 4.74. OSR:7/34. First/second round. (A-31 3/4, H-9 1/4, VJ-DNP, SS-DNP).