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Dallas Cowboys Depth Chart
HC: Jason Garrett | OC: Bill Callahan | DC: Rod Marinelli | ST: Rich Bisaccia
Updated: 08/26/2014 8:00PM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 88 Bryant, Dez 10/1 11 Beasley, Cole CF12 15 Street, Devin 14/5 85 Newsome, Jamar SF13  
RWR 83 Williams, Terrance 13/3 17 Harris, Dwayne 11/6 80 Byrd, LaRon SF14 16 Benford, Tim CF12 81 Briscoe, Dezmon SF14
LT 77 Smith, Tyron 11/1 75 Weems, Darrion P/Den 61 Wetzel, John SF13    
LG 73 Bernadeau, Mackenzy U/Car 65 Leary, Ronald CF 12 74 NWANERI, UCHE SF14    
C 72 Frederick, Travis 13/1 67 Patrick, Ronald CF14      
RG 70 Martin, Zack 14/1 61 Wetzel, John SF13 63 Goodin, Stephen SF14    
RT 68 FREE, DOUG 07/4 78 Parnell, Jermey P/NO 62 Aladenoye, Josh CF14    
TE 82 WITTEN, JASON 03/3 84 Hanna, James 12/6      
TE 89 Escobar, Gavin 13/2 45 Watson, Asa CF14      
QB 9 ROMO, TONY CF03 3 WEEDEN, BRANDON SF14 10 Vaughan, Dustin CF14    
RB 29 Murray, DeMarco 11/3 25 Dunbar, Lance CF12 21 Randle, Joseph 13/5 34 Williams, Ryan SF14 35 Adams, DJ CF14
FB 44 Clutts, Tyler SF13        
LDE 99 Selvie, George SF13 98 Crawford, Tyrone 12/3 91 Boatright, Kenneth SF14 70 Bush, Dartwan CF14  
LDT 69 Melton, Henry U/Chi 60 Coleman, Davon CF14 79 Minter, Zach CF14    
RDT 96 Hayden, Nick SF13 97 McClain, Terrell R/Hou 66 Bishop, Ken 14/7 95 Rayford, Caesar T/Ind  
RDE 92 MINCEY, JEREMY U/Den 90 Lawrence, Demarcus 14/2      
SLB 51 Wilber, Kyle 12/4 53 Lawrence, Cameron CF13      
MLB 52 Durant, Justin U/Det 55 McClain, Rolando T/BAL 45 Sapp, Dontavis CF14 58 Lemon, Orie P/Arz  
WLB 54 Carter, Bruce 11/2 59 Hitchens, Anthony 14/4 40 Smith, Will 14/7 43 Smith, Keith CF14  
LCB 39 Carr, Brandon U/KC 26 Moore, Sterling P/NE 30 Mitchell, Terrance 14/7    
SS 27 Wilcox, JJ 13/3 38 Heath, Jeff CF13 36 Dixon, Ahmad 14/7 33 Smith, Ryan CF14  
FS 42 Church, Barry CF10 23 Hamilton, Jakar CF13      
RCB 32 Scandrick, Orlando SUS/4 24 Claiborne, Morris 12/1 20 Webb, BW 13/4 35 Patmon, Tyler CF14  
Special Teams
P 6 Jones, Chris CF11        
PK 5 Bailey, Dan CF11        
LS 91 LADOUCEUR, LP SF05        
H 6 Jones, Chris CF11 9 ROMO, TONY CF03      
PR 17 Harris, Dwayne 11/6 11 Beasley, Cole CF12 20 Webb, BW 13/4    
KR 17 Harris, Dwayne 11/6 27 Wilcox, JJ 13/3 11 Beasley, Cole CF12    
RES 76 Okoye, Amobi NFI 50 Lee, Sean IR 74 Whaley, Chris NFI 63 Clarke, Brian IR 93 SPENCER, ANTHONY PUP
RES 31 Phillips, Dashaun IR 71 Gardner, Ben IR      

DEPTH CHARTS FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before TERRANCE WILLIAMS made the Dallas Cowboys' depth chart: Baylor, 6020 208 4.51. Three-year starter who is a fifth year senior. Has played in 51 games in his career. Played in a spread zone based offense that distributes the ball to a variety of receivers and backs. Concentration and courage to catch over the middle. Soft hands. Holds the ball on contact. Good sized receiver who will compete for the ball in the air. Two of his biggest catches in 2011 were vertical ‘9’ routes catching the ball for touchdowns versus Texas and Oklahoma. He can beat press man coverage off the line with his quick feet. Good contact balance to keep his feet after hit and get yards after catch. Uses a stiff arm to ward off low tacklers. Good cutting ability in space. He has also made the layout diving catches. An NFL caliber productive athlete who built on his strong junior year averaging over 18 yards per catch. A three level receiver who can go vertical and make the tough over shoulder catch. Can separate with strength and a quick burst. An outside pass catcher who is athletic after catch. Ability to break tackles and split defenders. Eventual starter with developmental time. Caught 202 passes in his career. 2012 stats: 97-1832, 18.9 ypr, 12 TD. OSR:25/37. Second/third round. (A-31 1/4, H-8 3/4, VJ-32.5, SS-4.32).

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