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Matt Waletzko | 79

OT | North Dakota | Dallas Cowboys
Ht: 6067 / 6' 07" | Wt: 305 | Upd: 02/03/2023


Birth Date: 12/15/1999
Age: 23
Original Team: DAL
NFL Entry: 22 05 155
NFL Exp: 2
Depth Chart Key: 22/5
Team History: DAL

Player History

06/22 DAL D/C signed
10/22 DAL IR 7

Ourlads' Profile:

2022 Guide: What Ourlads’ NFL Scouting Services said about MATT WALETZKO:

North Dakota, 6067 312 5.03. Four-year starter, Cold Spring, MN. Earned All-MVFC in 2020 and 2021 and was a second-team All-America in 2021. He will be viewed on long term upside after multiple years of development on the field and in the training room. His natural brute strength and length give a wide floor to work with, but the heaviness in his feet and wiry legs will need a lot of work. The mentality and upper body explosion can do damage and there is a strong sense of awareness around him. He can be a draft and stash project with the upside of being a backup swing tackle. Has the rare blend of tools that promote the idea of upside. Long and wide frame capable of hosting more bulk and mass. Already brings a high level of power to the table and still plays like he does not fully understand what he is doing. Maximizes his reach with proper base alignment and a sense of urgency with his initial punch. Explosive upper body with impact that can stifle a defender. Can bend at the knees naturally. Brings an alpha-male mentality to the table. A go-getter. Lumbers in and out of positions when he needs to adjust to a quick defender. Plays with poor posture and it sets him up to fall off balance, minimizing his length advantages. Does not appear to have enough athletic ability for reliable outside pass protection. Hands do not always hit their point.

OSR:2/51. Sixth/seventh round. (A-35 1/8, H-10 1/4, BP-28, 10-1.68).