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Cleveland Browns Depth Chart
HC: Mike Pettine | OC: Kyle Shanahan | DC: Jim O'Neil | ST: Chris Tabor
Updated: 09/16/2014 7:15PM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 16 Hawkins, Andrew R/Cin 11 Benjamin, Travis 12/4 17 Byrd, LaRon W/Dal    
RWR 19 AUSTIN, MILES CC/Dal 18 Gabriel, Taylor CF14 15 Moore, Marlon SF14    
LT 73 Thomas, Joe 07/1 69 Painter, Vinston P/Den      
LG 75 Bitonio, Joel 14/2 74 MCQUISTAN, PAUL U/Sea      
C 55 Mack, Alex 09/1        
RG 77 Greco, John T/SL        
RT 72 Schwartz, Mitchell 12/2        
TE 84 Cameron, Jordan 11/4 82 Barnidge, Gary U/Car 81 Dray, Jim U/Arz 89 Robinson, Gerell P/Den  
QB 6 Hoyer, Brian CC/Arz 2 Manziel, Johnny 14/1      
RB 44 Tate, Ben U/Hou 28 West, Terrance 14/3 34 Crowell, Isaiah CF14 41 Winston, Glenn W/SF  
FB 48 Agnew, Ray CF14        
LDE 92 Bryant, Desmond U/Oak 98 Taylor, Phil 11/1 93 Hughes, John 12/3    
NT 71 Rubin, Ahtyba 08/6 67 Kitchen, Ishmaa'ily W/Bal      
RDE 90 Winn, Billy 12/6 95 Bryant, Armonty 13/7      
LOLB 99 Kruger, Paul U/Bal 97 Sheard, Jabaal 11/2 52 Martin, Eric W/NO    
LILB 53 Robertson, Craig CF11 58 Kirksey, Christian 14/3      
RILB 56 DANSBY, KARLOS U/Arz 59 Carder, Tank W/Buf      
ROLB 51 Mingo, Barkevious 13/1        
LCB 23 Haden, Joe 10/1 26 Desir, Pierre 14/4 42 Nelson, Robert CF14    
SS 31 Whitner, Donte U/SF 30 LEONHARD, JIM SF14 24 Bademosi, Johnson CF12    
FS 39 Gipson, Tashaun CF12 33 Poyer, Jordan W/Phi      
RCB 22 Skrine, Buster 11/5 21 Gilbert, Justin 14/1 36 Williams, K'Waun CF14    
Special Teams
P 5 Lanning, Spencer W/Jax        
PK 8 CUNDIFF, BILLY SF13        
LS 57 Yount, Christian SF11        
H 5 Lanning, Spencer W/Jax        
PR 11 Benjamin, Travis 12/4 33 Poyer, Jordan W/Phi 30 LEONHARD, JIM SF14 18 Gabriel, Taylor CF14  
KR 11 Benjamin, Travis 12/4 22 Skrine, Buster 11/5 21 Gilbert, Justin 14/1 18 Gabriel, Taylor CF14  
Practice Squad
PS 62 Seymour, Ryan OG 60 McDaniel, Jacobbi DT 91 Barnett, Calvin DT 96 Pough, Keith OB 00 Bradford, Allen OB
PS 65 Lewis, Patrick OC 9 Shaw, Connor QB 63 Barton, Karim OG 80 Johnson, Charles WR 37 Small, Kiero FB
RES 68 McDonald, Nick NFI 87 Smith, Andre IR 50 Eubanks, Darius IR 17 Krause, Jonathan IR 61 Bowie, Michael IR
SUS 12 Gordon, Josh SUS/1 yr        

 DEPTH CHART FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before JOHNNY MANZIEL made the Cleveland Browns' depth chart: Texas A&M, 5116 207 4.66. Declared sophomore. Two-year starter. There are several cardinal rules and critical factors that go into a quarterback’s evaluation. The quality of competition is high on the list. The SEC gave Manziel a peek through the window of speed and athleticism of the NFL. His pattern of success was second to none with his record-breaking productivity the past two years. His decision making and accuracy was consistent. Can it improve? Absolutely. He is a performer, not a potential guy. Future NFL quarterbacks must have some mobility because they now gain yards as the check down option on a play. He is more of a scrambler than a runner when the play breaks down. He sees the field and understands what he is seeing. Does a good job of throwing the ball through open lanes of the defense. He’s an athlete who loves to play quarterback and his teammates respect his leadership. Quarterbacks under 6-feet tall historically are not the rule, but the exception to the rule. Manziel is not Drew Brees or Russell Wilson, he may be closer to a right-handed Steve Young. These quarterbacks were mature beyond their years coming out of college. Only time will tell if Manziel follows their lead. Has innate running and passing instincts as well as a feel for the pass rush. He completed 73% of his passes from the pocket, best among quarterbacks from BCS automatic qualifier conferences. Only one first round quarterback had a better down the field throwing percentage than Manziels, 48% of passes 25 yards or longer in the past three years – that was Robert Griffin III. Despite his lack of height, he only had 12 of 864 passes batted down. Excels when he’s in a passing rhythm from the pocket. Coaches must accept the fact that extemporaneous plays are part of his game. Has good body control but can complete awkward body position throws. Has a knack to get the ball out on time. Has the touch and feel to throw a ball down the chimney to a receiver. The undeniable facts are that “Johnny Football” is a playmaker, winner, highly competitive, and exciting player. Ball clubs must weigh the risk versus reward in regards to durability. Every time a back takes a hit, it is like being in a car wreck without a seatbelt. The law of physics persists - in crashes, big cars win. Needs work on general fundamentals of quarterback play including sliding when ending a scramble. 2013 stats: 300/429, 4114 passing yds, 69.9%, 37 TD, 13 INT. Did not throw at Combine. OSR:3/18. First round. (A-31 3/8, H-9 7/8, SS-4.03, VJ-31.5).

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