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Cleveland Browns Depth Chart
HC: Mike Pettine | OC: Kyle Shanahan | DC: Jim O'Neil | ST: Chris Tabor
Updated: 04/14/2014 6:19PM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 18 Little, Greg 11/2 16 Hawkins, Andrew R/Cin 88 Cooper, Josh CF12 11 Johnson, Charles P/GB 89 Vernon, Conner SF13
RWR 12 Gordon, Josh 12S/2 13 BURLESON, NATE CC/Det 80 Benjamin, Travis 12/4 86 Gurley, Tori SF13  
LT 73 Thomas, Joe 07/1 78 Fragel, Reid P/Cin 70 Faulk, Chris CF13    
LG 77 Greco, John T/SL 65 Gilkey, Garrett 13/7 74 MCQUISTAN, PAUL U/Sea    
C 55 Mack, Alex 09/1        
RG 62 Pinkston, Jason 11/5 61 Warren, Jeremiah SF13      
RT 72 Schwartz, Mitchell 12/2 64 Wallace, Martin CF13      
TE 84 Cameron, Jordan 11/4 81 Dray, Jim U/Arz 82 Barnidge, Gary U/Car 47 Gray, MarQueis W/SF 87 Smith, Andre W/Dal
TE         83 Milton, Keavon W/NO
QB 6 Hoyer, Brian CC/Arz 7 Tanney, Alex P/Dal      
RB 44 Tate, Ben U/Hou 28 Lewis, Dion T/Phi 27 Baker, Edwin P/Hou 35 Whittaker, Fozzy W/SD 49 Cook, Jamaine CF13
FB 25 Ogbonnaya, Chris P/Hou 42 Pressley, Chris SF14      
LDE 71 Rubin, Ahtyba 08/6 90 Winn, Billy 12/6 95 Bryant, Armonty 13/7 79 Henderson, Cam SF13  
NT 98 Taylor, Phil 11/1 67 Kitchen, Ishmaa'ily W/Bal      
RDE 92 Bryant, Desmond U/Oak 93 Hughes, John 12/3 91 Sanford, Brian SF13    
LOLB 99 Kruger, Paul U/Bal 54 Groves, Quentin U/Arz 58 Magee, Brandon W/Dal 52 Martin, Eric W/NO  
LILB 53 Robertson, Craig CF11 50 Eubanks, Darius SF13      
RILB 56 DANSBY, KARLOS U/Arz 59 Carder, Tank W/Buf      
ROLB 97 Sheard, Jabaal 11/2 51 Mingo, Barkevious 13/1 94 Staples, Justin CF13    
LCB 23 Haden, Joe 10/1 29 McFadden, Leon 13/3 41 Heath, TJ SF13    
SS 31 Whitner, Donte U/SF 33 Poyer, Jordan W/Phi 37 Aubrey, Josh CF13 30 Slaughter, Jamoris 13/6  
FS 39 Gipson, Tashaun CF12 24 Bademosi, Johnson CF12      
RCB 22 Skrine, Buster 11/5 34 TRUFANT, ISAIAH U/NYJ 38 Posey, Julian SF13 36 Hughes, Brandon SF14 40 Adams, Royce SF14
Special Teams
P 5 Lanning, Spencer W/Jax        
PK 8 CUNDIFF, BILLY SF13 2 Bogotay, Brandon CF13      
LS 57 Yount, Christian SF11 90 Winn, Billy 12/6 82 Barnidge, Gary U/Car    
H 5 Lanning, Spencer W/Jax        
PR 80 Benjamin, Travis 12/4 33 Poyer, Jordan W/Phi      
KR 35 Whittaker, Fozzy W/SD 18 Little, Greg 11/2      
Free Agents / Cap Casualties
CC/TV15 Bess, Davone CC        

 DEPTH CHART FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before LEON MCFADDEN made the Cleveland Browns' depth chart: San Diego State, 5096 193 4.53. Three-and-a-half year starter. Forty-five career starts. A sticky man-to-man corner who is smart and quick enough to jump a route at times. Consistent over his career. Closes quickly on the ball in the air. Smooth transition out of pedal to all route angles. Tough minded and accepts the challenge from wide receivers. Shorter than ideal for the position, but his 40-time and the ability to jump makes up for his height. Recruited as a wide receiver but was moved to corner as a freshman. Was a first team all-conference pick three years in a row. Can play in press coverage. Competitive. Injured his groin so he sat out the Senior Bowl game but did well in one-on-one drills, consistently mirroring receivers’ routes. A solid backup who will contribute on special teams while he develops. 2012 stats: 61 T, 12 PBU, 3 INT, 1 FF. BTR:left 4.51, right 4.44. OSR:27/35. Fourth/fifth round. (A-32 3/8, H-9, VJ-34.5, SS-4.27).

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