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New England Patriots Depth Chart
HC: Bill Belichick | OC: Josh McDaniels | DC: Matt Patricia | ST: Joe Judge
Updated: 11/19/2015 6:19PM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 80 AMENDOLA, DANNY U/SL 17 Dobson, Aaron 13/2 18 SLATER, MATTHEW 08/5    
RWR 19 LaFell, Brandon U/Car 82 Martin, Keshawn T/Hou 14 Harper, Chris CF15 11 Edelman, Julian 09/7  
LT 61 Cannon, Marcus 11/5 71 Fleming, Cameron 14/4      
LG 69 Mason, Shaquille 15/4 67 Kline, Josh CF13      
C 66 Stork, Bryan 14/4 60 Andrews, David CF15      
RG 67 Kline, Josh CF13 63 Jackson, Tre` 15/4      
RT 76 VOLLMER, SEBASTIAN 09/2 71 Fleming, Cameron 14/4      
TE 87 Gronkowski, Rob 10/2 88 CHANDLER, SCOTT SF15 85 Williams, Michael T/Det    
QB 12 BRADY, TOM 00/6 10 Garoppolo, Jimmy 14/2      
RB 29 Blount, LeGarrette SF14 28 White, James 14/4      
RB 38 Bolden, Brandon CF12        
LDE 50 NINKOVICH, ROB SF09 72 Hicks, Akiem T/NO 92 Grissom, Geneo 15/3    
DT 97 BRANCH, ALAN SF14 99 Easley, Dominique 14/1      
DT 96 Siliga, Sealver SF13 90 Brown, Malcom 15/1      
RDE 95 Jones, Chandler 12/1 93 Sheard, Jabaal U/Cle 98 Flowers, Trey 15/4    
SLB 91 Collins, Jamie 13/2 58 Bostic, Jon T/Chi      
MLB 51 Mayo, Jerod 08/1 55 Freeny, Jonathan U/Mia 53 Martin, Eric SF14    
WLB 54 Hightower, Dont'a 12/1 58 Bostic, Jon T/Chi      
LCB 21 Butler, Malcolm CF14 24 Melvin, Rashaan W/Bal      
SS 23 Chung, Patrick SF14 30 Harmon, Duron 13/3 37 Richards, Jordan 15/2    
FS 32 McCourty, Devin 10/1 27 Wilson, Tavon 12/2 43 Ebner, Nate 12/6 36 King, Brandon CF15  
DB 30 Harmon, Duron 13/3        
RCB 26 Ryan, Logan 13/3 22 Coleman, Justin P/Sea      
Special Teams
P 6 Allen, Ryan CF13        
LS 49 Cardona, Joe 15/5        
H 6 Allen, Ryan CF13        
PR 11 Edelman, Julian 09/7 80 AMENDOLA, DANNY U/SL      
KR 80 AMENDOLA, DANNY U/SL 33 Lewis, Dion IR 82 Martin, Keshawn T/Hou    
Practice Squad
PS 00 Fauria, Joseph TE 64 Barker, Chris OG 44 Cleveland, Asante TE 00 Milton, Keavon TE 58 Fleming, Darius OB
PS 00 Thomas, Robert NT 00 Wilson, Torrian OG 00 Greenwood, Chris CB 47 Iosefa, Joey RB  
RES 86 Derby, AJ IR 46 Develin, James IR 52 Fletcher, Dane PUP 28 Roberts, Darryl IR 36 Gaffney, Tyler IR
RES 13 Gibson, Brandon IR 84 Tyms, Brian IR 94 Jones, Chris PUP 25 BROWN, TARELL IR 62 Wendell, Ryan IR
RES 77 Solder, Nate IR 59 Johnson, Rufus NFI 33 Lewis, Dion IR    

DEPTH CHARTS FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before JIMMY GAROPPOLO made the New England Patriots' depth chart: Eastern Illinois, 6022 226 4.97. Four-year starter. A student of the game who is intelligent and disciplined with the football. Demonstrated his ability to handle adjustments and new situations by his performances in the all-star games and Combine. Uses good judgment reading pre snap defenses and when the play unfolds. Smart enough to know when he has a play or needs to go down on blown protections. Makes quick decisions. Passed for 5050 yards and 53 touchdowns in 2013. Completed 66% of his passes and only threw 9 interceptions in 568 attempts. Captured the Walter Payton Award and was the consensus FCS All-America quarterback. A drop back passer with a fireball quick release. Plays with a good base and feet in an up-tempo offensive scheme. Accurate enough to hit a streaking receiver in stride. Majors in quick wide receiver screens, slants, hitches, and seam posts. Consistently gets the ball out on time. Solid in the pocket. Can move out of trouble but is not a scrambler. Good vertical arm strength. His arm is as strong as Johnny Manziel’s or Blake Bortles’. Will need to take snaps under center and learn a pro style offense. Footwork in the pocket improved from the East-West Game to the Senior Bowl to the Combine. 2013 stats: 375/568, 5050 passing yds, 66.0%, 53 TD, 9 INT. Ball velocity 56 mph. OSR:10/18. Second/ third round. (A-31, H-9 1/4, SS-4.26, VJ-30.5).

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