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Denver Broncos Depth Chart
HC: Gary Kubiak | OC: Rick Dennison | DC: Wade Phillips | ST: Joe DeCamillis
Updated: 03/02/2015 6:36PM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 12 Caldwell, Andre U/Cin 11 Norwood, Jordan SF14 16 Fowler, Bennie CF14 19 Williams, Kyle SF14 13 Taylor, Kerry SF15
RWR 10 Sanders, Emmanuel U/Pit 14 Latimer, Cody 14/2 19 Burse, Isaiah CF14 13 Palmer, Nathan SF13 00 Kelley, Jeremy SF14
WR 88 Thomas, Demaryius FP        
LT 78 Clady, Ryan 08/1        
LG 69 Halapio, Jon SF14        
C 66 RAMIREZ, MANNY SF11 61 Paradis, Matt 14/6      
RG 65 Vasquez, Louis U/SD        
RT 75 Clark, Chris W/Min 71 Cornick, Paul SF12 79 Schofield, Michael 14/3    
TE 86 Jones, Dominique SF14        
QB 18 MANNING, PEYTON CC/Ind 17 Osweiler, Brock 12/2 2 Dysert, Zac 13/7    
RB 28 Ball, Montee 13/2 22 Anderson, CJ CF13 23 Hillman, Ronnie 12/3 40 Thompson, Juwan CF14 27 Stewart, Jeremy SF14
RB         35 Bibbs, Kapri CF14
LDE 95 Wolfe, Derek 12/2 97 Jackson, Malik 12/5 90 Youboty, John CF13 99 Rivers, Gerald SF14  
LDT 92 Williams, Sylvester 13/1        
NT 76 Austin, Marvin SF14        
RDE 94 WARE, DEMARCUS CC/Dal 93 Smith, Quanterus 13/5 50 Barrett, Shaquil CF14 91 Anunike, Kenny CF14  
SLB 58 Miller, Von 11/1 55 McCray, Lerentee CF13 49 Vaughn, Chase SF14    
MLB 53 Johnson, Steven CF12 57 Barrow, Lamin 14/5 51 Davis, Todd W/NO    
WLB 59 Trevathan, Danny 12/6 54 Marshall, Brandon SF13 52 Nelson, Corey 14/7 00 Mason, Danny SF15  
LCB 21 Talib, Aqib U/NE 29 Roby, Bradley 14/1 32 Carter, Tony SF11 31 Marsh, Curtis SF14  
SS 43 Ward, TJ U/Cle 20 Bush, Josh SF14      
FS 30 Bruton, David 09/4 48 Madison, Ross SF15      
RCB 25 Harris, Chris CF11 36 Webster, Kayvon 13/3 31 Bolden, Omar 12/4 00 Brandon, Tevrin SF15  
Special Teams
P 4 Colquitt, Britton CF09        
PK 1 Barth, Connor SF14 8 McManus, Brandon T/NYG      
LS 46 Brewer, Aaron CF12        
H 4 Colquitt, Britton CF09        
PR 10 Sanders, Emmanuel U/Pit        
KR 12 Caldwell, Andre U/Cin 31 Bolden, Omar 12/4      
Free Agents / Cap Casualties
UFA 38 Carter, Quinton UFA 74 Franklin, Orlando UFA 63 Garland, Ben UFA 85 Green, Virgil UFA 56 Irving, Nate UFA
UFA 98 Knighton, Terrance UFA 64 MONTGOMERY, WILL UFA 26 Moore, Rahim UFA 84 Tamme, Jacob UFA 83 WELKER, WES UFA
UFA 80 Thomas, Julius UFA 96 Unrein, Mitch UFA      

  DEPTH CHART FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before MICHAEL SCHOFIELD made the Denver Broncos' depth chart: Michigan, 6064 301 5.02. Three-year starter. Has steadily made his move up draft boards with his consistent play. Plays with good bend, base, and arm extension in pass protection. Patient letting the defender come to him. Mirrors and walls off upfield rusher with foot quickness and power. Consistent on his inside hand placement. Can anchor and turn a power player or bull rush. Technically sound. Steers the defender and drives him where he wants to go. Good agility to seal the second level. Works to finish his blocks. Did not lift at Combine due to a hand bruise. At Michigan pro day he had a 9 foot broad jump which was 15 inches more than his Combine jump. Senior Bowl notes: started at right tackle for Michigan but worked at right guard during the Senior Bowl week. Possesses good height with ample room to add additional muscle weight. Can get to inline block targets with explosive power. Can bend but took bend out of knees on both run and pass opportunities at times. Good agility to slide feet and mirror straight on pass rushers. May have a dual role on the next level as a tackle and a guard. OSR:10/ 40. Third/fourth round. (A-34, H-9 5/8, BP-DNP, 10-1.73).

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