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Zach Wilson | 4

QB | BYU | Denver Broncos
Ht: 6021 / 6' 02" | Wt: 214 | Upd: 07/11/2024


Birth Date: 08/03/1999
Age: 24
Original Team: NYJ
NFL Entry: 21 01 002
NFL Exp: 3
Depth Chart Key: T/NYJ
Team History: NYJ DEN

Player History

07/21 NYJ D/C signed
01/23 NYJ IR 18
04/24 DEN trade from NYJ

Ourlads' Profile:

2021 Guide: What Ourlads' NFL Scouting Services said about ZACH WILSON: BYU, 6021 214 4.75. Junior entry, three-year starter, Draper, UT. Showed flashes in both 2018 and 2019, but truly broke onto the national scene in 2020 as he led BYU to an 11-1 record. Wilson is a new age quarterback who is becoming increasingly popular. Lacks traditional drop back and throwing mechanics, but has the ability to make off-schedule throws with different arm angles appear natural and easy. He is accurate and rarely turned the ball over. With that said, he was 2-4 against top 25 teams and this year’s schedule against non-power five programs lacked featured NFL talent. He is going to be a boom or bust, one that really only had one very strong season in a year where Covid- 19 impacted a lot of it. Best suited for a year of backup duty before being given the keys to the bus. High level arm talent on all levels. Has a quick, smooth, but violent release that shoots the ball out in a hurry. Tough as nails, will not be deterred by hits. Excellent deep ball placement. Maintains accuracy on the move. Can go through reads on time, won’t delay but also won’t rush. Has a solid internal clock in the pocket. Can see pressure coming from his blind side, understands how to diagnose blitz-intentions pre-snap and will seamlessly adjust. Brave and courageous when it comes to decision making. Truly trusts his arm talent. Can adjust trajectory from any arm angle no matter where his base is. One of the few quarterbacks who maintains accuracy at all times. Plays in a spread formation where the plays are signaled in. Rarely takes a snap under center. Poised with pinpoint accuracy and a sudden release from the pocket. Sidesteps rush. A good athlete who can run for positive yards when needed. Will stay in the pocket until the last second trying to extend the play. Has made several clutch passes over his career but has not always looked textbook doing so. Will throw the ball across his body and off one foot. Can hit the backside curl between the receiver’s numbers. Sees the field even when he’s under duress. Hangs in the pocket and moves up as needed. Instinctively moves away from the rush and extends the play. Arm is good enough to make plays in the red zone when the window of opportunity is small. Can gun the ball into spots with a flick of a wrist. Tough kid who will make a flat foot throw with a defender in his face and complete the pass. Eyes always down the field. If you Google off-platform throws, you see Patrick Mahomes and next to him is Zach Wilson. The BYU passer uses his tight ends as security blankets. He hits them in the flat, seams, and check downs. Generally makes good decisions when and when not to throw the ball away. Reportedly passed all the Combine physical rechecks on his shoulders, but it still is a concern for long term durability. The gunslinger had surgery in 2019 to repair a torn left shoulder labrum. He also had surgery in his right throwing shoulder in high school. In addition he missed four games in 2019 with thumb surgery and four games in 2018. Footwork gets lazy at times. Needs to consistently hammer away at proper lower body mechanics. Fringe discipline across the board when it comes to technique and ball handling. Too much splash play approach in his game. Needs to take what the defense gives him. 2020 stats: 247/ 336, 3692 yds, 73.5%, 33 TD, 3 INT, 254 yd rushing, 10 TD, 196.43 QB rating. First round. (A-30 5/8, H-9 1/2, SS-NA, VJ-NA).