Baltimore Ravens Depth Chart

  • HC: John Harbaugh
  • OC: Marty Mornhinweg
  • DC: Dean Pees
  • ST: Jerry Rosburg
Updated: 08/18/2017 9:41PM ET
Pos No. Player 1 No Player 2 No Player 3 No Player 4 No Player 5
LWR11Perriman, Breshad 15/112Campanaro, Michael 14/713Matthews, Chris SF1583Board, CJ CF1788Adeboyejo, Quincy CF17
RWR17WALLACE, MIKE CC/Min18Maclin, Jeremy SF1710Moore, Chris 16/48Whalen, Griff SF1714Reynolds, Keenan 16/6
RWR6White, Tim CF17
LT79Stanley, Ronnie 16/177Wesley, De'Ondre CF1570Joseph, Roubbens CF17
LG74Hurst, James CF1471Eluemunor, Jermaine 17/563Pughsley, Jarrod SF1672Lewis, Alex 16/4
C66Jensen, Ryan 13/600ZUTTAH, JEREMY T/TB68Skura, Matt CF1662Nelson, Derrick CF17
RG73YANDA, MARSHAL 07/361Broxton, Jarell CF1665Siragusa, Nico 17/4
RT78HOWARD, AUSTIN SF1767Nembot, Stephane CF1676Shakir, Maurquice CF17
TE86Boyle, Nick 15/582WATSON, BENJAMIN U/NO87Williams, Maxx 15/216Mayle, Vince W/Dal84Donnell, Larry SF17
TE81Malleck, Ryan SF17
QB5FLACCO, JOE 08/115Mallett, Ryan SF157Lewis, Thaddeus SF171Woodrum, Josh SF17
RB28West, Terrance SF1539WOODHEAD, DANNY U/LAC37Allen, Javorius 15/437Allen, Javorius 15/438Rainey, Bobby CF12
RB30Dixon, Kenneth SUS/433Mizzell, Taquan CF17
FB34Taliaferro, Lorenzo 14/444Ortiz, Ricky CF17
DT98Williams, Brandon 13/369Henry, Willie 16/493Wormley, Chris 17/3
NT97Pierce, Michael CF1694Davis, Carl 15/391Ricard, Patrick CF17
DE96Urban, Brent 14/492Kaufusi, Bronson 16/3
OLB55SUGGS, TERRELL 03/190Smith, Za'Darius 15/456Williams, Tim 17/395Allen, Randy CF17
MLB57Mosley, CJ 14/150MCCLELLAN, ALBERT CF1045Beyer, Brennen CF1559Louis, Lamar CF16
ILB51Correa, Kamalei 16/248Onwuasor, Patrick CF1653Bradley, Bam CF1758Payne, Donald CF17
SLB99Judon, Matt 16/554Bowser, Tyus 17/247Lokombo, Boseko SF17
LCB24CARR, BRANDON U/Dal29Humphrey, Marlon 17/135Boykin, Brandon SF1743Hill, Jaylen CF1740Porter, Reginald CF17
LCB25Young, Tavon PUP
SS23Jefferson, Tony U/Arz41LEVINE, ANTHONY SF1242Foster, Otha SF17
FS32WEDDLE, ERIC U/SD21WEBB, LARDARIUS 09/336Clark, Chuck 17/6
RCB22Smith, Jimmy 11/127Price, Sheldon SF1531Daniel, Robertson SF1649Wade, Trevin SF1726Canady, Maurice 16/6
Special Teams
P4KOCH, SAM 06/63Allen, Kenny CF17
PK9Tucker, Justin CF123Allen, Kenny CF17
H4KOCH, SAM 06/63Allen, Kenny CF17
PR12Campanaro, Michael 14/721WEBB, LARDARIUS 09/314Reynolds, Keenan 16/6
KR10Moore, Chris 16/412Campanaro, Michael 14/714Reynolds, Keenan 16/6
KO9Tucker, Justin CF12
SUS30Dixon, Kenneth SUS/484Waller, Darren SUS/1 yr
RES80Gillmore, Crockett IR60Kublanow, Brandon IR


DEPTH CHARTS FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before RONNIE STANLEY made the Baltimore Ravens' depth chart: Notre Dame, 6056 312 5.18. Junior entry. Three-year starter from Las Vegas, NV. Has ideal size for the left tackle position. Hosts a frame with enough room for additional bulk. Has strong and long arms and huge hands he uses well to control defenders. Demonstrates an initial punch that stuns pass rushers. If he can get his hands inside the framework of a pass rusher, the match-up is almost always over for the defender. Shows the ability to roll his hips after engagement and will drive his target to the ground. Consistently follows through as a run blocker. There is no question that his foot quickness allows him to be a left tackle on Sundays. Moves his feet to ward off a pass rusher and is not lazy or grabby. Plays with a natural knee bend and can handle a defender’s spin move with foot quickness and balance. Sudden to redirect. Is patient letting the pass rusher come to him. Uses good footwork to gain depth. Productive over his career at left tackle. Mobile and rangy when pulling. Adjusts well on the run. Sustains his blocks and finishes with functional play strength. Solid lower body flexibility. On cut off blocks he has very good lateral agility and quickness to prevent and secure defenders away from the play or versus a slant move. Sets the edge in the run game. Hard to knock off his feet. Has the ability to drop his weight and anchor versus power. He ratchets up his intensity on every play. Elevated his game to another level in 2015. Specifically his ability to quick set and change direction and mirror a two-move pass rusher. Is particularly impressive blocking and dealing with defenders who play with a low center of gravity. The ultra aware tackle has dealt with a variety of big powerful defenders. Throughout the year you could observe him keeping his hands more inside the frame but did get high with his arm extension at times. In every game, he was solid with his angles on the second level locking up pursuit. Each week his game-to-game performance improved. Hard to knock off his feet but it can be done if he loses his knee bend. Possesses the size, strength, balance, punch, and the ability to drop his weight and anchor versus power. In the Virginia game Stanley was patient and aware of twist stunts and stayed square and smooth in his footwork. Hustles downfield to get in front of the play like he did on a fake field goal that went for a touchdown. Always lines up at left guard on PATs and field goals. Creates running lanes by positioning his hips to the inside and walling off the defender. He moves well through traffic. Works to finish his blocks and gives a good downfield effort. He stays active throughout the play. Can handle power and strength from a college player, but will need to build on his core strength. Does a good job of reading and blocking on the run versus screen. Another thing that is impressive is his ability to hold a block with all the deep passes to Will Fuller. Wake Forest was a good game to observe his blocking path and course. Good footwork and mirror in pass protection. Did a good job of getting across the field to make a block. The Irish wanted to run the ball with their superior talent and Stanley came off the ball quickly, straight ahead as well as laterally. Versus Boston College Stanley started out the game by stoning an arm over move by the defensive end and he picked up his game from there. Still needs to work on playing low with consistent knee bend, overall core strength, and hand work inside the frame. Has all the ideal physical tools and more than enough ability to play left tackle in the NFL. Does a very good job of restricting the width of the pocket to keep defenders out. OSR:20/47. A top 10 pick. (A-35 5/8, H-10 5/8, BP-24, 10-1.83).