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Baltimore Ravens Depth Chart
HC: John Harbaugh | OC: Marc Trestman | DC: Dean Pees | ST: Jerry Rosburg
Updated: 08/04/2015 8:29AM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 18 Perriman, Breshad 15/1 15 Campanaro, Michael 14/7 17 Butler, Jeremy CF14 12 Waller, Darren 15/6 16 Carter, DeAndre CF15
LWR         00 Steelman, Trent CF15
RWR 89 SMITH,SR, STEVE CC/Car 14 Brown, Marlon CF13 11 Aiken, Kamar SF13 13 Robinson, Aldrick SF14 83 Brown, Daniel CF15
RWR         00 Nelson, Tom SF15
LT 60 Monroe, Eugene T/Jax 74 Hurst, James CF14 63 Clausell, Blaine CF15 77 Wesley, De'Ondre CF15  
LG 72 Osemele, Kelechi 12/2 76 Reid, Jah 11/03 70 Myers, Robert 15/5    
C 53 Zuttah, Jeremy T/TB 77 Jensen, Ryan 13/6 79 Easton, Nick CF15    
RG 73 YANDA, MARSHAL 07/3 64 Urschel, John 14/5 69 Brown, Leon CF15 62 Johnson, Kaleb CF15  
RT 71 Wagner, Ricky 13/5 78 Jones, Marcel SF14 61 Baldwin, Darryl CF15    
TE 87 Williams, Maxx 15/2 80 Gillmore, Crockett 14/3 82 Boyle, Nick 15/5 88 Reuland, Konrad SF14 85 Reisner, Allen SF14
QB 5 FLACCO, JOE 08/1 8 SCHAUB, MATT CC/Oak 9 Renner, Bryn SF15    
FB 44 Juszczyk, Kyle 13/4 40 Small, Kiero SF14      
RB 29 Forsett, Justin CC/Jax 34 Taliaferro, Lorenzo 14/4 43 Toussaint, Fitzgerald CF14 30 Magee, Terrence CF15  
DT 97 Jernigan, Timmy 14/2 67 Guy, Lawrence W/SD 79 Walker, Casey PUP    
NT 98 Williams, Brandon 13/3 94 Davis, Carl 15/3 68 Bilukidi, Christo W/Cin    
DE 99 CANTY, CHRIS CC/NYG 93 Tyson, DeAngelo 12/7 95 Lewis-Moore, Kapron 13/6 96 Urban, Brent 14/4 56 Means, Steven SF14
DE         77 Thompson, Zach SF14
OLB 55 SUGGS, TERRELL 03/1 90 Smith, Za'Darius 15/4      
ILB 57 Mosley, CJ 14/1 59 Brown, Arthur 13/2 49 Bose, Andrew CF15    
ILB 51 SMITH, DARYL SF13 50 McClellan, Albert CF10 54 Orr, Zach CF14    
SLB 91 Upshaw, Courtney 12/2 58 DUMERVIL, ELVIS CC/Den 45 Beyer, Brennen CF15    
LCB 25 Jackson, Asa 12/5 25 Greenwood, Chris P/Min      
SS 31 Hill, Will SF14 28 Trawick, Brynden CF13 31 Brooks, Terrence PUP    
FS 23 Lewis, Kendrick U/Hou 26 Pointer, Quinton SF14 36 Perry, Nick CF15    
RCB 22 Smith, Jimmy 11/1 40 Vaughn, Cassius U/Det 38 Melvin, Rashaan P/Mia 41 Levine, Anthony SF12 39 Jacobs, Tramain CF14
N-B 24 Arrington, Kyle SF15        
Special Teams
P 4 KOCH, SAM 06/6        
PK 9 Tucker, Justin CF12 3 Manton, Justin CF15      
LS 46 Cox, Morgan CF10 48 Scales, Patrick SF14      
H 4 KOCH, SAM 06/6        
PR 15 Campanaro, Michael 14/7 21 Webb, Lardarius NFI      
KR 15 Campanaro, Michael 14/7 21 Webb, Lardarius NFI      
RES 42 Wilson, Julian IR 25 Walker, Tray NFI 37 Allen, Javorius NFI 81 Worthy, Cam IR 21 Webb, Lardarius NFI
RES 26 Elam, Matt IR        

DEPTH CHARTS FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before JOHN URSCHEL made the Baltimore Ravens' depth chart: Penn State, 6030 313 5.30. Two-year starter at right guard. College football’s Campbell Premier Student-Athlete trophy winner. Played some left guard on goal-line packages. Played in every game as a sophomore. A physical and aggressive work-to-finish type competitor. Takes good angles to combo block the second level in the run game and gains position to seal linebackers. Locks on and gets push in the run game. Zone blocking guard who gains a good head and hand position and drives the defender in the direction of his angle. Moves his feet on contact. Maintains leverage and position in pass protection. Good blitz pickup awareness. A two-time all Big-10 1st team all-conference player and a two-time Capital One/CoSida Academic All-America. Completed undergraduate and master’s degree in mathematics with a 4.0 GPA in four years. Taught undergraduate mathematics classes in the spring of 2013. Urschel did a study for ESPN’s analytics in the March 3, 2014 issue. The Penn State All-American learned that two Combine tests proved statistically significant to find “a lineman in the rough”. One test was the 40-yard dash. The other was the 20-yard shuttle. Long story short - run a 20-yard shuttle under 4.62 seconds as an offensive lineman to increase your chances of getting drafted. Urschel’s advice to fellow under-the- radar prospects - improve your coverage of linear and lateral area. Urshcel’s 20 shuttle Combine time was 4.47 seconds. OSR:17/ 40. Fifth/sixth round. (A-33, H-10 3/8, BP-30, 10-1.84).

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