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Ben Cleveland | 66

OG | Georgia | Baltimore Ravens
Ht: 6063 / 6' 06" | Wt: 370 | Upd: 09/20/2023


Birth Date: 08/25/1998
Age: 25
Original Team: BAL
NFL Entry: 21 03 094
NFL Exp: 3
Depth Chart Key: 21/3
Team History: BAL

Player History

07/21 BAL D/C signed
10/21 BAL IR 5
11/21 BAL IR/DFR 9
11/21 BAL activated 10
07/22 BAL NFI
08/22 BAL activated

Ourlads' Profile:

2021 Guide: What Ourlads' NFL Scouting Services said about BEN CLEVELAND: Georgia, 6063 354 5.05. Four-year starter, Toccoa, GA. Was in and out of the lineup because of injuries and inconsistent level of performance. First-team All SEC in 2020. Will almost always be the biggest guy in the room. He is tall and long with a strongman’s body type. His immense muscle mass is lean enough to keep away useless weight. His hand strength and upper body drive is enough to send seasoned NFL veterans violently backwards. Can factor right away in an offense that goes for downhill push more than lateral movement. There are, however, significant issues with his ability to react with twitch and quickness. He is really stiff below the waist. The knee bend looks overly labored, and his movement in space is poor. He may be big and strong, but his game is awfully limited. Immense weight room strength and power. Can overwhelm defenders with an initial hand strike and ability to swallow them like Pac Man. A boulder in traffic that doesn’t give an inch against the bull rush. Gets good movement off the ball in the running game. Violent and easy, natural, ever-present power. May be too big with too much muscle mass and not enough flexibility. Has a hard time bending his knees and maintaining quality flexion throughout an entire play. Too much over-extending, causing significant balance issues. Pass protection for sustained periods will be a struggle. Won’t be able to pull laterally and get out in front. Fourth/fifth round. (A-33, H-9 3/4, BP-30, 10-1.77).