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Andrew Vorhees | 72

OG | USC | Baltimore Ravens
Ht: 6061 / 6' 06" | Wt: 310 | Upd: 09/11/2023


Birth Date: 01/21/1999
Age: 24
Original Team: BAL
NFL Entry: 23 07 229
NFL Exp: R
Depth Chart Key: NFI
Player Status: Non Football Injury
Team History: BAL

Player History

05/23 BAL D/C signed
07/23 BAL NFI
08/23 BAL reserve/NFI

Ourlads' Profile:

2023 Guide: What Ourlads’ NFL Scouting Services said about ANDREW VORHEES:

Southern Cal | H: 6060 W: 328 40: 5.35 A: 3218 H: 1000 W: 7734

Five-year starter, Kingsburg, CA. Two-time first team All-Pac 12 and two-time All America, including first team honors in 2022. Vorhees is as experienced as it gets. Has played well over 3,000 career snaps mostly split between both guard spots but has seen some action at right and left tackle as well. Technically sound with smooth lower body bend and fluidity. Can be trusted to play with proper mental decisions and physical form. There is a strict ceiling to his potential, however, as he does not play with enough sudden reaction or sheer power. He struggles to recover and does not create enough power to get a big push off the ball. Should be drafted by a zone-heavy scheme and will be good enough in pass protection to start early in his career. A tall, but short-limbed frame in proportion with a strong pair of hands. Latches on tight and will re-adjust quickly to maintain inside positioning. Bends at the knees easily. Will stay square and attached. Gets himself on the right side of defenders via productive, efficient first steps and an accurate punch. Lacks the steady anchor against powerful, sizable defenders. Does not have the natural, ever-present twitch to respond late to blitzes and stunts. Needs to constantly be on point mentally. Not a good recovery blocker. Sustainability is inconsistent. Initial pop will not get much movement in gap blocking schemes. Will be a reliable, know-what-you’re-getting starter, albeit with a limited ceiling and may be scheme-dependent.

3rd/4th round.