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Zay Flowers | 4

WR | Boston College | Baltimore Ravens
Ht: 5092 / 5' 09" | Wt: 182 | Upd: 09/11/2023


Birth Date: 09/11/2000
Age: 23
Original Team: BAL
NFL Entry: 23 01 022
NFL Exp: R
Depth Chart Key: 23/1
Team History: BAL

Player History

06/23 BAL D/C signed

Ourlads' Profile:

2023 Guide: What Ourlads’ NFL Scouting Services said about ZAY FLOWERS:

Boston College | H: 5091 W: 170 40: 4.32 A: 2914 H: 0914 W: 7214

Four-year starter, Fort Lauderdale, FL. Three time All-ACC and a third team All-America in 2022. He rewrote the program’s record book, leaving school as the all-time leader in receptions, yards, and touchdowns. Plays in fast forward mode when comparing him to everyone else on the field. His movement traits are elite in all directions, all situations. He creates separation both with and without the ball with a sense of sudden explosion. The ability to sharply change direction without any loss of speed and full balance is rare. A creative offensive mind will be able to use him on dump and runs, vertical routes, and underneath crossers at the snap of a finger. The lack of size and power against contact will need to be schemed around a bit, but that should not be a major hurdle between him and his playmaking ability. Ultra-fast stop and go quickness. Plays at different gears and always seems to have a few more miles per hour in his arsenal to use when needed. Can align anywhere on the field. Knows the slot and outside equally well. Strong hands that pluck the ball away from his body with strength. Bends, twists, and turns at the last moment with graceful twitch and control. Can slide in and out of traffic with precise timing and speed. Elite route runner on all levels of the route tree. Diminutive frame will need to be schemed around. Does not play through press coverage well enough to avoid contested situations. Has had more than his fair share of concentration drops downfield. Coordination not always present on balls over his shoulder. An ideal fit for specific offenses that understand how to use the skill set he brings to the table and will create explosive plays from any and all angles.

2022 Stats: 78-1077, 13.8 ypr, 12 TD. OSR:16/46. 1st/2nd round.