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Detroit Lions Depth Chart
HC: Jim Caldwell | OC: Joe Lombardi | DC: Teryl Austin | ST: John Bonamego
Updated: 04/22/2014 5:19PM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 81 Tate, Golden U/Sea 18 Durham, Kris SF12 12 Ross, Jeremy SF13 11 Ogletree, Kevin SF13 83 Edwards, Patrick CF12
RWR 81 Johnson, Calvin 07/1 84 Broyles, Ryan 12/2 10 Fuller, Corey 13/6 1 Wilson, Cody CF13  
LT 71 Reiff, Riley 12/1 78 Hilliard, Corey P/Cle      
LG 67 SIMS, ROB T/Sea 74 Austin, Rodney CF12      
C 51 RAIOLA, DOMINIC 01/2 62 Keyton, Darren CF13      
RG 75 Warford, Larry 13/3        
RT 66 Waddle, LaAdrian CF13 00 Shugarts, JB SF14      
TE 87 Pettigrew, Brandon 09/1 89 Williams, Michael 13/7 82 Dickerson, Dorin SF13    
TE 80 Fauria, Joseph CF13 82 Veldman, Matt SF13      
QB 9 Stafford, Matthew 09/1 17 Moore, Kellen CF12 00 ORLOVSKY, DAN U/TB    
RB 21 Bush, Reggie U/Mia 35 Bell, Joique P/NO 41 Riddick, Theo 13/6 25 Leshoure, Mikel 11/2 40 Miller, Steven CF13
RB         16 Isles, Carlin SF13
FB 00 Collins, Jed R/NO 34 Owens, Montell CC/Jax      
LDE 91 Jones, Jason U/Sea 92 Taylor, Devin 13/4 54 Tapp, Darryl U/Was 00 Johnson, George SF14  
LDT 98 Fairley, Nick 11/1 99 MOSLEY, CJ CC/Jax 00 Martin, Vaughn SF14    
RDT 90 Suh, Ndamukong 10/1 96 Fluellen, Andre SF13 63 Saddler-McQueen, Jimmy SF12 00 Irvin, Corvey SF14  
RDE 94 Ansah, Ziggy 13/1 69 Proctor, Xavier CF13 00 Brown, Kourtnei W/Buf    
OLB 58 Palmer, Ashlee W/Buf 59 Whitehead, Tahir 12/5      
MLB 55 Tulloch, Stephen U/Ten 49 Stanford, Julian SF13 50 Lewis, Travis 12/7 57 Hepburn, Brandon 13/7  
OLB 54 Levy, DeAndre 09/3 53 Greenwood, Cory W/KC 00 Morgan, Jon CF13    
LCB 23 Houston, Chris T/Atl 28 Bentley, Bill 12/3 47 Owusu-Ansah, Akwasi SF13 00 Vaughn, Cassius U/Ind 00 Hester, Aaron SF14
SS 00 IHEDIGBO, JAMES U/Bal 32 Carey, Don SF11 24 Gomes, DeJon W/Was 00 Abdul-Quddus, Isa W/NO  
FS 27 Quin, Glover U/Hou        
RCB 31 MATHIS, RASHEAN SF13 30 Slay, Darius 13/2 36 Green, Jonte 12/6 33 Greenwood, Chris SF13 40 Ness, Nate SF14
Special Teams
P 6 Martin, Sam 13/5        
PK 00 Potter, John SF14 00 Tavecchio, Giorgio SF14      
LS 48 MUHLBACH, DON SF04        
H 6 Martin, Sam 13/5        
KO 6 Martin, Sam 13/5        
PR 12 Ross, Jeremy SF13        
KR 12 Ross, Jeremy SF13        
Free Agents / Cap Casualties
CC/TV64 Harris, Leroy CC        

DEPTH CHARTS FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before LARRY WARFORD made the Detroit Lions' depth chart: Kentucky, 6032 333 5.58. Three-year starter who played stronger as a junior, but did refine some of his game in 2012. Flashes an explosive punch at times as a pass protector. Good first step quickness. An ideal talent for a power scheme blocking front. A wide body that can wheel a defensive tackle out of the hole at times. Gets good depth and approach on his target when pulling. Light feet for a big man when he pass protects. Finish ability. Will have some occasional technique breakdowns like dropping his head in pass protection or narrowing his base in the run game. Question balance at times. Most of his problems occur when he loses his knee bend and gets top heavy. Grades out as an eventual starter if he controls his weight and develops pro technique. If not, he will be a career backup. OSR:42/ 49. Second/third round. (A-33 3/8, H-9 5/8, BP-28, 10-1.89).

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