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Detroit Lions Depth Chart

  • HC: Jim Caldwell
  • OC: Jim Bob Cooter
  • DC: Teryl Austin
  • ST: Joe Marciano
Updated: 09/14/2017 5:23PM ET
Pos No. Player 1 No Player 2 No Player 3 No Player 4 No Player 5
LWR15Tate, Golden U/Sea19Golladay, Kenny 17/3
RWR11Jones, Marvin U/Cin13Jones, TJ 14/610Abbrederis, Jared SF17
LT73Robinson, Greg T/LAR72Mihalik, Brian W/Pit
LG60Glasgow, Graham 16/366Dahl, Joe 16/5
C64Swanson, Travis 14/3
RG76LANG, TJ U/GB67Kerin, Zac W/Min
RT71Wagner, Ricky U/Bal77Cleary, Emmett SF17
TE85Ebron, Eric 14/187FELLS, DARREN U/Arz80Roberts, Michael 17/4
QB9Stafford, Matthew 09/114Rudock, Jake 16/6
RB21Abdullah, Ameer 15/234Zenner, Zach CF15
RB25Riddick, Theo 13/636Washington, Dwayne 16/738Green, Tion CF17
LDE90Washington, Cornelius U/Chi78Valoaga, Jeremiah CF17
LDT91Robinson, A'Shawn 16/297Spence, Akeem U/TB
RDT92NGATA, HALOTI T/Bal98Ledbetter, Jeremiah 17/6
RDE94Ansah, Ziggy 13/169Zettel, Anthony 16/679Barrett, Alex CF17
OLB59Whitehead, Tahir 12/544Reeves-Maybin, Jalen 17/4
MLB40Davis, Jarrad 17/143Bellore, Nick U/SF
OLB58Worrilow, Paul U/Atl54Longa, Steve SF16
LCB23Slay, Darius 13/231Hayden, DJ U/Oak39Agnew, Jamal 17/5
SS32Wilson, Tavon U/NE35Killebrew, Miles 16/4
FS27QUIN, GLOVER U/Hou45Washington, Charles CF1626CAREY, DON SF11
RCB24Lawson, Nevin 14/430Tabor, Jalen 17/228Diggs, Quandre 15/6
Special Teams
P18Locke, Jeff SF17
H18Locke, Jeff SF17
KO5PRATER, MATT SF1418Locke, Jeff SF17
PR15Tate, Golden U/Sea13Jones, TJ 14/639Agnew, Jamal 17/510Abbrederis, Jared SF17
KR36Washington, Dwayne 16/713Jones, TJ 14/639Agnew, Jamal 17/510Abbrederis, Jared SF17
Practice Squad
PS50Armbrister, Thurston OB38Barnes, Adairius CB16Billingsley, Jace WR12Thomas Jr., Noel WR75Koloamatangi, Leo OC
PS57Okine, Earl DE41Milligan, Rolan SS84Valles, Hakeem TE65Norton, Storm OT00Ringo, Christian DT
RES53Chubb, Brandon IR46Lawrence, Des IR61Hyder, Kerry IR39James, Mike IR51Copeland, Brandon IR
RES93Hill, Jordan IR68Decker, Taylor PUP6Martin, Sam NFI83Ford, Dontez PS/INJ2Redfern, Kasey IR
RES70Robinson, Corey IR
SUS97Bryant, Armonty SUS/499Thornton, Khyri SUS/6


DEPTH CHARTS FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before MATTHEW STAFFORD made the Detroit Lions' depth chart: Georgia, 6022, 225, 4.84. Junior entry. Three-year starter. Right handed. Plays in a pro style offense that is built around the play action game. Takes snap from under center and in shotgun. Streaky passer that is physically gifted. Runs both the huddle and no huddle offense. Excellent arm strength. Inconsistencies seem to appear when he is not in a rhythm. Will force the ball, throw into coverage, and make bad decisions. Part of his problem was a young and inconsistent offensive line. Has a fast delivery with a strong wrist and a quick snap. Always ready to throw. Carries ball up. No wasted motion. A tight spiral with speed. Can recock and throw. Overall accuracy is good, both short and long. Keeps receivers on their routes. He also puts the ball where the receivers can make  plays. Throws a catchable ball. Gifted arm. Can throw deep and sideline pass to opposite hash. Can throw the ball down the middle of the field. Zips the ball into tight spots. Can throw the deep comeback route. Can make plays on the move, reset the body with balance, and then make a quick and accurate throw. Appears to be unselfish and a good leader. Quick release. When in shotgun he gets to throwing point, backpedaling or crossover steps. Can make throws whether he is balanced or not. Rarely under throws a pass. Body is under control and ready to pass. Plays up on his toes. Can hit a moving target at full speed. Can flick the ball for completions on the run. Can throw the deep corner route and keeps the ball away from the corner and safety. Will throw the ball up for grabs at times. Can read coverages including pre-snap read. Quick to see and react to blitz. Knows where his hot receivers are at. Understands protection. Will hang in pocket under a heavy rush. Can take a hit. Not nifty footed, but quick enough. Can make clutch throws and plays.  Doesn’t panic. Courage and poise in pocket. Can manage a game with instincts and control. More consistency in the shotgun. Throws darts in slant patterns. Deadly throwing seam routes into three deep coverage. Better reads from shotgun. Throws the slant like he invented it. Can gun the ball to receivers backing away from the line of scrimmage. Will move a defender with his eyes or use the pump fake. Can throw from different levels, 3/4 or sidearm as needed, and is accurate. Keeps his eyes scanning down the field. Can throw the ball on a tight rope and squeeze it into traffic. If he was in a spread pass oriented offense he would have set records that would have been unbreakable. Drops and penalties contributed to his mediocre completion percentage. Big hands and long levers. OSR:8/21. First round. (A-33 1/4, H-10, VJ-30.5, SS-4.47).