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Jacksonville Jaguars Depth Chart
HC: Gus Bradley | OC: Greg Olson | DC: Bob Babich | ST: Mike Mallory
Updated: 01/27/2015 9:49PM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 84 Shorts, Cecil 11/4 11 Lee, Marqise 14/2 3 Streeter, Tommy SF14 83 Copeland, Damian CF14  
RWR 15 Robinson, Allen 14/2 88 Hurns, Allen CF14 18 Sanders, Ace 13/4 17 Doss, Tandon R/Bal  
LT 76 Joeckel, Luke 13/1 74 Young, Sam W/Buf      
LG 68 Beadles, Zane U/Den 66 McClendon, Jacques W/Atl      
C 70 Bowanko, Luke 14/6        
RG 65 Linder, Brandon 14/3 69 Shatley, Tyler CF14      
RT 67 Pasztor, Austin SF12 72 Wells, Josh CF14      
TE 89 LEWIS, MARCEDES 06/1 49 Jacobs, Nic P/NO      
TE 86 Harbor, Clay W/Phi 48 Onobun, Fendi SF14      
QB 5 Bortles, Blake 14/1 7 Henne, Chad U/Mia 6 Morris, Stephen CF14    
FB 45 Ta'ufo'ou, Will SF12 33 Ewing, Bradie W/Atl      
RB 21 Gerhart, Toby U/Min 16 Robinson, Denard 13/5 30 Todman, Jordan P/Min 34 Johnson, Storm 14/7  
LDE 79 BRYANT, RED CC/Sea 93 Alualu, Tyson 10/1      
DT 95 Jones, Abry CF13 97 Miller, Roy U/TB      
DT 99 Marks, Sen'Derrick U/Ten 92 Hood, Ziggy U/Pit      
RDE 91 CLEMONS, CHRIS CC/Sea 90 Branch, Andre 12/2 59 Davis, Ryan CF12 98 Smith, Chris 14/5  
OB 55 Hayes, Geno U/Chi 56 Reynolds, LaRoy CF13 58 Fortt, Khairi P/Cin    
MLB 51 POSLUSZNY, PAUL U/Buf 52 Thomas, JT W/Chi 54 George, Jeremiah P/NYJ    
OB 50 Smith, Telvin 14/5 53 Lotulelei, John W/Sea 57 Edds, AJ SF14    
LCB 35 McCray, Demetrius 13/7 24 BLACKMON, WILL SF13 29 Colvin, Aaron 14/4 31 Harris, Jeremy 13/7  
SS 37 Cyprien, Jonathan 13/2 20 Loston, Craig CF14 42 Daniels, Matt SF14    
FS 26 Evans, Josh 13/6 36 MARTIN, SHERROD SF14      
RCB 27 Gratz, Dwayne 13/3 23 Ball, Alan U/Hou 38 Campbell, Tommie SF14 24 Williams, Teddy W/Chi 40 Reynolds, Rashaad CF14
Special Teams
P 19 Anger, Bryan 12/3        
PK 10 SCOBEE, JOSH 04/5        
LS 46 Tinker, Carson CF13        
H 19 Anger, Bryan 12/3        
PR 18 Sanders, Ace 13/4        
KR 30 Todman, Jordan P/Min        
SUS 14 Blackmon, Justin SUS/INDE        
FUT 73 Booth, Cody Fut/OT 87 Jensen, Marcel Fut/TE 25 Thompson, Peyton Fut/CB 80 Washington, Tony Fut/WR 00 Deering, Jeremy Fut/FS
FUT 00 Benn, Arrelious Fut/WR 00 Dimke, Derek Fut/PK 00 Igbinosun, Ikponmwosa Fut/DE 00 JONES, GREG Fut/FB 00 Redfern, Kasey Fut/PT

DEPTH CHARTS FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before ALLEN ROBINSON made the Jacksonville Jaguars' depth chart: Penn State, 6025 220 4.57. Junior entry. Two-year starter. Has been the Big-10’s most dynamic receiver over the past two years. Robinson had to work for his catches this past fall because of a freshman quarterback. Rarely was the ball put where he could catch it in stride. But the good news is he demonstrated his ability to adjust to the ball. Plays split end where he has an advantage with his height, speed, and quickness package. Weaves through traffic after his catch. Adjusts well to a ball thrown behind him. Quick off the ball and in and out of cuts. A hand catcher who will cradle and body catch the ball at times. A possession type receiver with good size and speed. Separates from defenders with his route running ability. Has a sudden spin move after catch. Has very good leaping ability with a 39-inch vertical jump. Snatches several balls at the high point. Concentrates on the ball when in a crowd. A big target with run after catch ability and body control. Has a large catching radius and is not afraid to go over the middle. Will need to learn all the receiver nuances to succeed on the next level. 2013 stats: 97-1432, 14.8 ypr, 6 TD. OSR:18/ 46. Third/fourth round. (A-32, H-9 1/2, VJ-39, SS-4.00).

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