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Jacksonville Jaguars Depth Chart
HC: Gus Bradley | OC: Greg Olson | DC: Bob Babich | ST: Mike Mallory
Updated: 11/23/2015 11:43PM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 15 Robinson, Allen 14/2 81 Walters, Bryan U/Sea 13 Greene, Rashad 15/5    
RWR 88 Hurns, Allen CF14 11 Lee, Marqise 14/2 87 Sterling, Neal 15/7    
LT 76 Joeckel, Luke 13/1 74 Young, Sam W/Buf      
LG 68 Beadles, Zane U/Den 70 Bowanko, Luke 14/6      
C 61 Wisniewski, Stefen U/Oak 69 Shatley, Tyler CF14 70 Bowanko, Luke 14/6    
RG 60 Cann, AJ 15/3 69 Shatley, Tyler CF14 70 Bowanko, Luke 14/6    
RT 78 Parnell, Jermey U/Dal 74 Young, Sam W/Buf      
TE 89 LEWIS, MARCEDES 06/1 85 Jacobs, Nic P/NO      
TE 80 Thomas, Julius U/Den 86 Harbor, Clay W/Phi 85 Jacobs, Nic P/NO    
QB 5 Bortles, Blake 14/1 7 HENNE, CHAD U/Mia      
RB 24 Yeldon, TJ 15/2 16 Robinson, Denard 13/5 21 Gerhart, Toby U/Min 30 Pierce, Bernard W/Bal 23 Banyard, Joe CF12
LDE 90 Branch, Andre 12/2 91 CLEMONS, CHRIS CC/Sea 98 Smith, Chris 14/5 59 Davis, Ryan CF12  
DT 93 Alualu, Tyson 10/1 96 Bennett, Mike 15/6      
DT 97 Miller, Roy U/TB 95 Jones, Abry CF13      
RDE 75 Odrick, Jared U/Mia 93 Alualu, Tyson 10/1      
OLB 50 Smith, Telvin 14/5 58 Tripp, Jordan SF15      
MLB 51 POSLUSZNY, PAUL U/Buf 57 Armbrister, Thurston CF15      
OLB 55 Skuta, Dan U/SF 00 Pullard, Hayes P/Cle      
LCB 31 House, Davon U/GB 27 Gratz, Dwayne 13/3 25 Thompson, Peyton SF14    
SS 37 Cyprien, Jonathan 13/2 26 Evans, Josh 13/6      
FS 38 Brown, Sergio U/Ind 20 Loston, Craig CF14      
RCB 29 Colvin, Aaron 14/4 35 McCray, Demetrius 13/7 41 Marshall, Nick CF15    
Special Teams
P 19 Anger, Bryan 12/3        
PK 2 Myers, Jason SF15        
LS 46 Tinker, Carson CF13        
H 19 Anger, Bryan 12/3        
PR 41 Marshall, Nick CF15 81 Walters, Bryan U/Sea      
KR 81 Walters, Bryan U/Sea 16 Robinson, Denard 13/5 41 Marshall, Nick CF15    
Practice Squad
PS 62 Ash, Richard NT 48 Koyack, Ben TE 4 Bailey, Rasheed WR 64 Reed, Chris OT 9 Tuel, Jeff QB
PS 40 Reynolds, Rashaad CB 18 Lawrence, Rashad WR 84 Evans, Shaquelle WR 73 Edwards, Kadeem OG 00 Smith, Quanterus DE
SUS 14 Blackmon, Justin SUS/INDE        
RES 83 Copeland, Damian IR 17 Benn, Arrelious IR 56 Fowler Jr., Dante IR 72 Wells, Josh IR 33 Grant, Corey IR
RES 44 Thomas, Todd PS/INJ 84 Washington, Tony IR 65 Linder, Brandon IR 99 Marks, Sen'Derrick IR 36 Sample, James IR

DEPTH CHARTS FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before MARQISE LEE made the Jacksonville Jaguars' depth chart: Southern Cal, 5116 192 4.47. Junior entry. Three-year starter. Was nicked up in 2013 but flashed glimpses of his previous two highlight reel years at Southern Cal. Sudden quickness out of his breaks. Competitive at the ball. Has elite speed to run by corners on deep vertical routes. Explosive kickoff return specialist averaging 28.5 yards per return. He owns or shares 22 USC records. Plays quick and fast. No holdup in press coverage. Closes the cushion quickly in “off” coverage. Quick feet on release or downfield eluding tacklers. Lee has the ability to get open on his own in man-toman or zone coverage. Has a natural running motion transitioning from receiver to runner after he snatches the ball. Secures the ball and slips a tackle. Instinctive running ability. Runs a lot of inside breaking or crossing routes. Runs patterns off motion with an ease of movement. Good ball skills. A natural catcher. Extends to catch the ball away from his frame. Consistent hands to make the clutch catch. Gives a good effort to block. Scrappy. Goes out of his way to wall off in the open field. He does not give up on a route if the quarterback is under pressure, but rather works across the field to get open. An intelligent receiver who can line up in several different alignments. Finished up his Trojan career with seven catches good for 118 yards and two scores versus Fresno State in the Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl. Will make some concentration drops at times or double catch the ball. Has an injury history. Slender build that could use more muscle mass. 2013 stats: 57-791, 13.9 ypr, 4 TD. Career stats: 248-3655, 14.7 ypr, 29 TD. OSR:12/ 46. First/second round. (A-31 3/4, H-9 1/2, VJ-38, SS-4.01).

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