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Trevor Lawrence | 16

QB | Clemson | Jacksonville Jaguars
Ht: 6055 / 6' 06" | Wt: 220 | Upd: 08/09/2023


Birth Date: 10/06/1999
Age: 24
Original Team: JAX
NFL Entry: 21 01 001
NFL Exp: 3
Depth Chart Key: 21/1
Team History: JAX

Player History

07/21 JAX D/C signed

Ourlads' Profile:

2021 Guide: What Ourlads' NFL Scouting Services said about TREVOR LAWRENCE: Clemson, 6055 213 4.75. Junior entry, three-year starter, Cartersville, GA. Earned postseason ACC honors all three seasons. Finished second-team All ACC and won the conference rookie of the year award in 2018 before finishing first-team All ACC in both 2019 and 2020. This past season was named third-team All America and a Heisman finalist. The former number one high school recruit certainly delivered, winning a National Championship as a true freshman and making it back to the big game in 2019. He has been destined for the number one pick in the draft for years. Checks all the boxes when it comes to both on and off field requirements of a franchise quarterback. His arm talent and precision are top tier, he is an outstanding athlete, and he is a sound decision maker. His confident aura will elevate those around him from day one. One of the few who will enter the league with legitimate All-Pro expectations. Plus athlete who can run away from defenders in space, maneuver his way through a crowded pocket, and make off-schedule throws in an instant. Big time poise in high pressure situations. Footwork remains consistently smooth. Can whip the ball at the snap of a finger with tremendous torque. Will change the speed and height of his throws whenever necessary. A winner in every sense of the word, has lost just four games since the start of his high school career. Needs to put some more meat on his frame. Will force receivers to adjust their weight and direction on throws short to intermediate too often. Needs to make better business decisions when running with the ball. He has fumbled 10 times and lost seven in his career including three of five last fall. Has thrown 17 career interceptions. His passing the ball as a junior reminds us of Peyton Manning as a second year player with the Colts, but a better athlete. Peyton was not running those run/pass option play calls. Lawrence has uncanny ball placement and is fearless where he throws the pass. He throws his receivers open and puts the ball where only they can pluck it. Can win the game in the pocket. Sees the field with his angular build and torches secondaries with his downfield accuracy. Very accurate short and medium – the meat of the NFL passing game. He can throw on the move with a variety of deliveries. Has good feel and touch on fade routes and deep post patterns to his breaking receivers. Travis Etienne makes the play action game go. Lawrence fakes to his slashing running back and helps create downfield separation. Almost everything out of the shotgun is a fake to Etienne before Lawrence lays the ball into a waiting pass catcher’s hands. In the red zone it is snap, and a hot potato release to the wide receivers. No hesitation. He generally puts the ball in a catchable place. Has a consistent live arm and velocity. Not a laser or tight spiral, but a catchable ball. When rolling to his left, mechanically he is very good squaring his shoulders and throwing an accurate pass. Can make off-platform throws when needed. The presumed first pick in the draft can drop the biscuit in the basket. When his receivers speed by and square up in front of a defensive back, Lawrence drops the ball down the well where the defensive back has no chance to make a play. Snaps the ball to the perimeter with a flick of the wrist. Moves and slides well in the pocket. Has good feel. Sticks the dagger-post routes to his receiver in stride and nails the 20-yard comeback routes between the numbers. In 2019 in a playoff game versus Ohio State, Lawrence went 67 yards for a touchdown and looked smooth running with his long strides. It doesn’t take very long for him to pick up a touchdown or first down after he decides to run the ball on a run/pass option. As a first year starter, Lawrence has the talent to contribute early after his pattern of success at Clemson. 2020 stats: 231/334, 3153 yds, 69.2%, 24 TD, 5 INT, 203 yds rushing, 8 TD, 169.18 QB rating. First round. (A-31 1/2, H-10, SS-NA, VJ-NA).