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Jaret Patterson | 34

RB | Buffalo | Los Angeles Chargers
Ht: 5064 / 5' 06" | Wt: 195 | Upd: 03/02/2024


Birth Date: 12/23/1999
Age: 24
Original Team: WAS FA
NFL Entry: 21 CFA
NFL Exp: 2
Depth Chart Key: SF23
Team History: WAS LAC WAS LAC

Player History

05/21 WAS FA
08/22 WAS waived
09/22 WAS P/SQ 0-10
11/22 WAS activated 10
11/22 WAS P/SQ 10-17
12/22 WAS activated 17
01/23 WAS P/SQ 17-18
01/23 WAS activated 18
08/23 WAS waived
09/23 LAC P/SQ 2-16
12/23 WAS P/SQ 17-19
01/24 LAC FA for 24

Ourlads' Profile:

2021 Guide: What Ourlads' NFL Scouting Services said about JARET PATTERSON: Buffalo, 5064 195 4.59. Junior entry, three-year starter, Glendale, MD. Earned escalating postseason honors all three years. He won MAC Freshman of the Year in 2018 (and second-team All MAC), first-team All MAC honors in 2019, and MAC Offensive Player of the Year in 2020 in addition to second-team All America honors, as he scored 19 touchdowns in six games. He will fight an uphill battle because of his size. His frame is maxed out and he simply won’t break a lot of tackles at the next level. That said, he is simply a hard back to get a clean grip on. Has excellent quickness and burst, top-shelf balance, and knows where to find extra space to work with. Will need to show he can catch the ball on the move if he is going to carve a consistent role out for himself at the next level. Thicker than his weight suggests. Has more than enough muscle mass on his frame for the position. An ice skater on grass would be the description of how he looks with the ball in his hands. Easy adjustments with stutter step movement that can go in any direction. Will make a decision, put his foot in the ground, and explode. Plays an assertive and fast game. Doesn’t play afraid, will put his head down into a pile. Shows late bend and agility to avoid contact. Tucks the ball high and tight. Willing blocker. Lacks size and staying power when a defender gets a good grip on him. Gets a little too high when running between the tackles. Rarely caught the ball and struggles to maintain good contact as a blocker. 2020 stats: 1072 yds, 7.6 ypc, 19 TD. Seventh round/ PFA. (A-28 3/4, H-9 1/4, BP-19, SS-4.35).