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Michael Jackson | 30

CB | Miami | Seattle Seahawks
Ht: 6005 / 6' 01" | Wt: 210 | Upd: 01/26/2024


Birth Date: 01/10/1997
Age: 27
Original Team: DAL
NFL Entry: 19 05 158
NFL Exp: 4
Depth Chart Key: SF21
Team History: DAL DET NE SEA

Player History

05/19 DAL D/C signed
08/19 DAL waived
09/19 DAL P/SQ 1-8
10/19 DET from DAL P/SQ 9
08/20 NE trade from DET
09/20 NE waived
09/20 NE P/SQ 4-17
01/21 NE activated 17
08/21 NE waived
09/21 SEA P/SQ 0-14
12/21 SEA Covid-19
12/21 SEA P/SQ 16
01/22 SEA activated 16
01/22 SEA P/SQ 17
01/22 SEA activated 17
01/22 SEA FA for 22

Ourlads' Profile:

2019 Guide: What Ourlads' NFL Scouting Services said about MICHAEL JACKSON: Miami, 6005 210 4.45. Two year starter from Birmingham, AL. He has the frame and length NFL teams covet and demonstrated outstanding cover skill over the last two seasons. Has experience in a variety of coverage including press man, zone, off man, quarters and hard corner Cover 2. Will press or play off in all coverage. Uses a stiff off-hand jam in press man along with reacting to routes with body position. Plays with good toughness and can disrupt a receiver’s release. Effective in off coverage with press and bail. Has fluid movements in most transitions. Plays off coverage with a quick smooth pedal that maintains cushion and leverage. Quick break on the ball. Plays Cover 2 with good reactions to reroute and can ride a receiver into the sideline. Can sink under the deep throw and make a play on the ball. Quick break on flat routes. Solid zone awareness with multiple routes. Closes voids in zones. In deep outside and man cover can stay in phase on deep vertical routes and can find the ball at the high point. Makes a lot of plays on the ball. Good hands for the interception. Tough in run support. Takes on a stalk block and sheds to the ball. In press and bail will give up too much room and allow an underneath throw. Has missed some tackles and taken some bad paths to the ball. In the right scheme he can be a starter. Teams that play Cover 2 will like his toughness. He could project to nickel or safety. 2018 stats: 42 T, 3.5 TFL, 2.5 sacks, 6 PBU, 1 QBH. BTR:left 5.24, right 5.19. OSR:9/33. Fourth/fifth round. (A-32 1/2, H-9 3/4, VJ-40.5, SS-4.14).