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Brandon Hill | 36

S | Pittsburgh | Houston Texans
Ht: 5095 / 5' 10" | Wt: 195 | Upd: 03/02/2024


Birth Date: 09/06/2000
Age: 23
Original Team: HOU
NFL Entry: 23 07 248
NFL Exp: 1
Depth Chart Key: 23/7
Team History: HOU

Player History

05/23 HOU D/C signed
08/23 HOU waived
08/23 HOU P/SQ 0-1
09/23 HOU PS/INJ 1
10/23 HOU P/SQ 5-11
11/23 HOU activated 11
11/23 HOU P/SQ 11-14
12/23 HOU activated 14
12/23 HOU P/SQ 14-21
01/24 HOU FA for 24

Ourlads' Profile:

2023 Guide: What Ourlads’ NFL Scouting Services said about BRANDON HILL:

Pittsburgh | H: 5013 W: 193 40: 4.43 A: 3034 H: 0912 W: 7418

Two year starter, Apoka, FL. Honorable mention All-ACC in 2022. Aggressive safety with less than ideal size but excellent straight line speed for the position. Hill has been primarily a split field boundary safety most often in quarters coverage. Uses a flat foot read along with a straight backpedal based on coverage and formation. In run support flashes quickness downhill coming out of a flat foot read. Has speed to make plays at the line and explodes into tackles in the alley. Normally wraps and drives. Has excellent range in pursuit. Has the speed to match tight ends on vertical routes and has a recovery burst if separated. Tends to have tunnel vision and can be slow reacting to a vertical route from an inside receiver splitting the coverage. Has trouble seeing the quarterback and receivers. Tends to stare at the quarterback and be a step slow reacting. From a flat foot read can let receivers get up on his toes and is caught chasing on a route break. Can be slow to diagnose run/pass and is prone to false steps reacting. Angles coming downhill can be rounded off causing him to be late to the play. He can be over aggressive and over or under run tackles as a result. Doesn’t always wrap on big hits causing missed tackles. Has been an outstanding special team player in kick coverage and could find a role there and as a backup. There is room for development with his speed.

2022 Stats: 67 T, .5 TFL, 2 PBU, 1 FR (1 TD), OSR:8/20. 7th round/PFA.