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Kenny McIntosh | 25

RB | Georgia | Seattle Seahawks
Ht: 5117 / 6' 00" | Wt: 204 | Upd: 01/26/2024


Birth Date: 03/03/2000
Age: 24
Original Team: SEA
NFL Entry: 23 07 237
NFL Exp: 1
Depth Chart Key: 23/7
Team History: SEA

Player History

05/23 SEA D/C signed
09/23 SEA IR 1
10/23 SEA Designated for Return 8
11/23 SEA activated 10

Ourlads' Profile:

2023 Guide: What Ourlads’ NFL Scouting Services said about KENNY MCINTOSH:

Georgia | H: 5117 W: 210 40: 4.62 A: 3012 H: 0900 W: 7638

One-year starter, Fort Lauderdale, FL. Was a rotational back for three seasons but when he saw his usage essentially double in his final year, he showed how much of an impact he could have across multiple spectrums of an offense. The powerfully built inside runner pounds his way through initial contact. The tightness in hips may create some limitations when running laterally but get him going downhill and he will get the job done. Is also a highly skilled pass catcher who did not drop a single pass over 90 career targets. Lastly, this is a guy who can factor as a defender on special teams. He is an ideal number three back. Thick thighs and a big rear that produce plus power and burst. Will be a dependable short yardage and goal line back that relishes the challenge. Highly competitive player who provides energy and attitude for the offense. Can get to passes away from his body. Twists and turns his body to see the ball in. Will not let it hit the turf if the pass is even somewhat on target. A try-hard blocker. Shows some tightness in his hips as an outside runner and ball security habits get too loose when he gets away from traffic. Carried the ball over 12 times just five times over his entire career. Will provide multiple assets to an offense as both a power inside runner and pass catcher and has the mentality to factor on special teams, perfect roles for a number three or four back.

2022 Stats: 829 yds, 5.5 ypc, 10 TD, 43 rec, 504 yds, 11.7 ypr, 2 TD. OSR:12/16. 5th/6th round.