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Drake Thomas | 42

ILB | North Carolina State | Seattle Seahawks
Ht: 5114 / 5' 11" | Wt: 228 | Upd: 01/26/2024


Birth Date: 02/25/2000
Age: 24
Original Team: LV FA
NFL Entry: 23 CFA
NFL Exp: 2
Depth Chart Key: W/LV
Team History: LV SEA

Player History

04/23 LV FA
08/23 LV waived, partially guaranteed contract
08/23 SEA w/claim from LV
11/23 SEA IR 9

Ourlads' Profile:

2023 Guide: What Ourlads’ NFL Scouting Services said about DRAKE THOMAS:

North Carolina State | H: 5112 W: 228 40: 4.75 A: 2918 H: 0938 W: 7214

Four-year starter, Wake Forest, NC. Second-team All-ACC this past season, first-team in 2021. Aligns both inside and apexed based on the call and the formation. An undersized, high motor linebacker who is the vocal leader of the defense and makes most of the checks and adjustments. Quick to get his run/pass read and will react accordingly. Considerable explosiveness downhill to shoot and fill gaps in the box. Creates knockback when he comes in contact with offensive linemen using his explosiveness downhill and his physical toughness, especially versus pullers. Uses foot quickness, agility, and contact balance to sift through traffic and make his way to the ball carrier. Rapid change-of-direction skills due to exceptional hip fluidity. Wins with effort in pursuit. Great body control when breaking down to make a tackle, and will contort his body to adjust his angle. Uses proper form when wrapping up to secure tackles. While leveraging his area in zone coverage, see threats through his peripheral vision and will pick them up and deliver them using solid short-area burst and lateral agility. Locates the ball in the air and gets his hands in the passing lane to force incompletions. Shows the athleticism to mirror running backs and tight ends in man coverage. Makes a significant impact as a blitzer who utilizes his physicality and bend off the edge to pressure the quarterback. His lack of size and functional strength hinder his game in a few areas. Needs to work on his block destruction and his ability to shed blocks versus tight ends and wide receivers climbing to the second level. Needs to take better angles to the sideline. Allows yards-after-contact when tackling as he struggles to neutralize ball carriers on his own. Notably short arms make it difficult to create extension and disengage from blocks.

2022 Stats: 101 T, 19 TFL, 7.5 sacks, 4 PBU, 23 QBH. 7th round/PFA.