Los Angeles Chargers Depth Chart

  • HC: Anthony Lynn
  • OC: Ken Whisenhunt
  • DC: Gus Bradley
  • ST: George Stewart
Updated: 03/16/2018 9:47PM ET
Pos No. Player 1 No Player 2 No Player 3 No Player 4 No Player 5
LWR13Allen, Keenan 13/381Williams, Mike 17/111Davis, Geremy SF1688Patton, Andre CF17
RWR16Williams, Tyrell CF1512Benjamin, Travis U/Cle89Burse, Isaiah SF1582Scott, Artavis CF17
LT76OKUNG, RUSSELL U/Den69Tevi, Sam 17/667Boyko, Brett SF16
LG68SLAUSON, MATT SF1666Feeney, Dan 17/378Schofield, Michael W/Den64Toner, Cole SF17
C73Pulley, Spencer CF1666Feeney, Dan 17/3
RG77Lamp, Forrest 17/263Clark, Donavon 16/7
RT72BARKSDALE, JOE U/SL75Hairston, Chris U/Buf74Ola, Michael SF15
TE86Henry, Hunter 16/200Green, Virgil U/Den84MCGRATH, SEAN SF1545Cleveland, Asante W/NE85GATES, ANTONIO CF03
TE83Bowman, Braedon SF1780Culkin, Sean CF1787CUMBERLAND, JEFF CC/NYJ
RB28Gordon, Melvin 15/144Williams, Andre W/NYG30Ekeler, Austin CF1732Oliver, Branden CF1435Hansbrough, Russell SF17
RB27Farrow, Kenneth CF16
FB34Watt, Derek 16/6
LDE99Bosa, Joey 16/195Palepoi, Tenny CF1498Rochell, Isaac 17/790Richardson, Whitney CF17
NT92MEBANE, BRANDON U/Sea71Square, Damion W/KC
DT94Liuget, Corey 11/196Eulls, Kaleb SF1693Philon, Darius 15/6
DE/OB54Ingram, Melvin 12/140McCain, Chris SF16
OLB52Perryman, Denzel 15/257Brown, Jatavis 16/546Landrum, Chris CF16
MLB50Pullard, Hayes W/Jax56Toomer, Korey P/Oak48Dzubnar, Nick CF15
OLB51Emanuel, Kyle 15/550Moore, Charmeachealle CF1749Onwualu, James CF17
LCB26Hayward, Casey U/GB20King, Desmond 17/529Mager, Craig 15/3
SS37Addae, Jahleel CF1325Jenkins, Rayshawn 17/445Hendy, AJ SF17
FS33Boston, Tre SF1731Phillips, Adrian CF14
RCB22Verrett, Jason 14/124Williams, Trevor CF1643Davis, Michael CF1727Richards, Jeff W/Car
Special Teams
P8Kaser, Drew 16/6
PK9NOVAK, NICK SF176Rose, Nick W/Was00Aguayo, Roberto SF18
LS47WINDT, MIKE SF1000Kukwa, Anthony SF18
H8Kaser, Drew 16/6
PR12Benjamin, Travis U/Cle20King, Desmond 17/530Ekeler, Austin CF17
KR30Ekeler, Austin CF1720King, Desmond 17/532Oliver, Branden CF14
KO6Rose, Nick W/Was


DEPTH CHARTS FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before MIKE WILLIAMS made the Los Angeles Chargers' depth chart: Clemson, 6035 218 4.56. Two-year starter from Vance, SC. Good size frame and hands. Shows off superior athleticism when the ball is in the air in jump ball scenarios. Attacks the football with a strong set of hands, snatching the ball from over defenders’ heads. Will turn, square his shoulders, and rebound the football out of the air turning 50/50 balls into 80/ 20 receptions in his favor. Long arms. Very smooth with ball in his hands and has home run after catch capability. Possesses quick feet at the line of the scrimmage and works defensive backs’ hips to get the release he wants. Very sound route runner in terms of getting his chest down to gear down through the break. Displays good patience in route running skills on double moves. Will consistently lay out for the difficult catch. Has good upper strength and is solid blocking in the run game. Lacks elite top end speed. Concerns about his neck injury. Doesn’t have great route savvy or fakes yet. Can’t create great separation against speedy corners. Doesn’t have a great acceleration out of his route breaks. Gets widened to the sideline by corners too often. You would like to see him handle corners throughout the course of the route more instead of vice versa. Will have to learn to use hands with more aggression. Route nuances and understanding how to manipulate defenders will need work. Has focus drops at times. An explosive big-bodied receiver. Returning to play after being red-shirted last year due to a neck fracture he suffered while running into the goal post during a touchdown catch in Clemson’s first game. This outside receiver just finished a National Championship winning season that was littered with acrobatic 50/ 50 catches. He has room to grow in his ability and technique giving him a high upside of potential. Has all the necessary ability to be very successful and dominating. 2016 stats: 98-1361, 13.9 ypr, 11 TD. Medical exclusion at Combine. First round. (A-33 3/8, H-9 3/8, VJ-32.5, SS-DNP).