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Oakland Raiders Depth Chart
HC: Jack Del Rio | OC: Bill Musgrave | DC: | ST: Brad Seely
Updated: 01/21/2015 1:22PM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 89 JONES, JAMES U/GB 17 Moore, Denarius 11/5 19 Brown, Vincent SF14    
RWR 80 Streater, Rod CF12 18 Holmes, Andre W/NE 12 Butler, Brice 13/7 85 Thompkins, Kenbrell W/NE  
LT 72 PENN, DONALD CC/TB 73 McCants, Matt SF13      
LG 66 Jackson, Gabe 14/3        
C 61 Wisniewski, Stefen 11/2 67 BOOTHE, KEVIN U/NYG      
RG 77 Howard, Austin U/NYJ 70 Bergstrom, Tony 12/3      
RT 69 BARNES, KHALIF U/Jax 71 Watson, Menelik 13/2      
TE 86 Ausberry, David 11/7 81 Rivera, Mychal 13/6 87 Leonhardt, Brian CF13 88 Kasa, Nick 13/6 83 Simonson, Scott CF14
QB 4 Carr, Derek 14/2 8 SCHAUB, MATT T/Hou 14 McGloin, Matt CF13    
FB 45 Reece, Marcel SF08 49 Olawale, Jamize P/Dal      
RB 20 McFadden, Darren 08/1 21 Jones-Drew, Maurice U/JAX 28 Murray, Latavius 13/6 34 Atkinson, George CF14 30 Sheets, Kory SF14
RDE 58 WOODLEY, LAMARR CC/Pit 98 Wilson, CJ U/GB 95 Mayowa, Benson W/Sea 75 Harris, Shelby 14/7  
NT 78 Ellis, Justin 14/4 90 Sims, Pat U/Cin      
LDT 94 SMITH, ANTONIO U/Hou 92 McGee, Stacy 13/6 93 Lumpkin, Ricky SF13    
LDE 91 TUCK, JUSTIN U/NYG 96 Autry, Denico CF14      
SLB 52 Mack, Khalil 14/1        
MLB 56 Burris, Miles 12/4 53 Roach, Nick U/Chi      
WLB 55 Moore, Sio 13/3 57 Armstrong, Ray Ray W/SL 54 Filimoeatu, Bojay CF14 51 Hadley, Spencer CF14  
LCB 27 ROGERS, CARLOS CC/SF 25 Hayden, DJ 13/1 39 McGill, Keith 14/4 22 Jones, Taiwan 11/4 37 Casey, Chance P/SF
SS 33 Branch, Tyvon 08/4 41 Dowling, Jonathan 14/7 29 Ross, Brandian W/Mia 36 Dowling, Ras-I SF14 42 Asante, Larry SF14
FS 24 WOODSON, CHARLES CC/GB 26 Young, Usama CC/Cle      
RCB 23 BROWN, TARELL U/SF 38 Carrie, Travis 14/7 35 Chekwa, Chimdi 11/4 31 Thorpe, Neiko SF14  
Special Teams
P 7 King, Marquette CF12        
LS 59 CONDO, JON SF06 61 Wisniewski, Stefen 11/2      
H 8 SCHAUB, MATT T/Hou 7 King, Marquette CF12      
PR 38 Carrie, Travis 14/7 17 Moore, Denarius 11/5      
KR 38 Carrie, Travis 14/7 28 Murray, Latavius 13/6      
FUT 38 Cobb, Terrance Fut/RB 00 Gallon, Jeremy Fut/WR 45 Jackson, Justin Fut/OB 40 Kearney, Vernon Fut/CB 65 Kistler Jr., Danny Fut/OT
FUT 63 Mady, Lamar Fut/OG 85 Roberts, Seth Fut/WR 00 Schwenke, Kona Fut/DT 43 Watson, Jansen Fut/CB  

DEPTH CHARTS FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before DEREK CARR made the Oakland Raiders' depth chart: Fresno State, 6023 214 4.69. Three-year starter. He led the country last fall with 5083 yards passing, completing 68.9% of his passes for 50 touchdowns and only 8 interceptions. A classic drop back passer with good accuracy and a quick release. Played in a spread scheme that had a variety of screens and horizontal routes. Rarely passed vertically. Fundamentally sound stepping into his passes. Good touch on fade routes. Has the arm strength to make all the required NFL passes. Knows where his outlet blitz beater receivers are located. Keeps his eyes down the field reading coverage. Not a scrambler or zone read quarterback. Younger brother of former number one pick and NFL journeyman, David Carr. Has a tendency to force the ball or make an off target pass when under pressure. Appeared to get rattled in the pocket versus SMU in the 2012 Sheraton Hawaii Bowl and versus USC in the Las Vegas Bowl. Pass rush pressure is a factor in his pocket foot mechanics. Struggles to make the first rusher miss. Lacks consistent escapability. Will step back instead of into passes at times. Has not seen great competition. 2013 stats: 454/659, 5083 passing yds, 68.9%, 50 TD, 8 INT. Did not throw at Combine. OSR:5/18. Second/third round. (A-31 1/2, H-9 1/8, SS-4.20, VJ-34.5).

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