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Oakland Raiders Depth Chart
HC: Jack Del Rio | OC: Bill Musgrave | DC: Ken Norton Jr | ST: Brad Seely
Updated: 10/04/2015 6:00PM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 15 Crabtree, Michael U/SF 10 Roberts, Seth CF14      
RWR 89 Cooper, Amari 15/1 80 Streater, Rod CF12 18 Holmes, Andre W/NE    
LG 66 Jackson, Gabe 14/3 68 Feliciano, Jon 15/4      
C 61 Hudson, Rodney U/KC 70 Bergstrom, Tony 12/3      
RG 76 Webb, J'Marcus SF15 68 Feliciano, Jon 15/4      
RT 77 Howard, Austin U/NYJ 73 McCants, Matt SF13      
TE 86 Smith, Lee U/Buf 81 Rivera, Mychal 13/6 88 Walford, Clive 15/3 82 Holmes, Gabe TE  
QB 4 Carr, Derek 14/2 14 McGloin, Matt CF13      
FB 45 REECE, MARCEL SF08 49 Olawale, Jamize P/Dal      
RB 28 Murray, Latavius 13/6 22 Jones, Taiwan 11/4 26 Helu, Roy U/Was    
RDE 91 TUCK, JUSTIN U/NYG 97 Edwards Jr., Mario 15/2 98 Wilson, CJ U/GB    
NT 78 Ellis, Justin 14/4 92 McGee, Stacy 13/6      
LDT 90 Williams, Dan U/Arz 96 Autry, Denico CF14      
LDE 52 Mack, Khalil 14/1 99 Smith, Aldon SF15 95 Mayowa, Benson W/Sea    
SLB 57 Armstrong, Ray Ray W/SL 56 ALEXANDER, LORENZO SF15      
MLB 50 Lofton, Curtis CC/NO 51 Heeney, Ben 15/5      
WLB 53 Smith, Malcolm U/Sea 58 Ball, Neiron 15/5      
LCB 25 Hayden, DJ 13/1 31 Thorpe, Neiko SF14 21 McDonald, Dexter 15/7    
FS 32 Lambert, Keenan W/Sea        
SS 42 Asante, Larry SF14 27 Mays, Taylor SF15 24 WOODSON, CHARLES 98/01    
RCB 38 Carrie, Travis 14/7 39 McGill, Keith 14/4 00 Amerson, David W/Was    
Special Teams
P 7 King, Marquette CF12        
LS 59 CONDO, JON SF06 86 Smith, Lee U/Buf      
H 7 King, Marquette CF12        
PR 38 Carrie, Travis 14/7        
KR 22 Jones, Taiwan 11/4        
Practice Squad
PS 40 Neal, Rajion RB 74 Bell, Mitchell OG 5 Gilbert, Garrett QB 75 Harris, Shelby DE 82 Holmes, Gabe TE
PS 30 Edwards, SaQwan CB 99 Orr, Leon DT 16 Carter, DeAndre WR 94 Valles, Max OB 37 McDonald, Tevin FS
RES 84 Debose, Andre IR 71 Watson, Menelik IR 20 Allen, Nate IR    

DEPTH CHARTS FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before GABE JACKSON made the Oakland Raiders' depth chart: Mississippi State, 6032 336 5.51. Four-year starter at left guard. Is a nasty and physical long armed power player with a wide body. Pushing 340 pounds, he majors in run blocking. Average quickness for a man his size. Has been blessed with an inordinate amount of tools to play on the next level such as flexibility, size, and knee bend. Can anchor against power players. Flashes a boxer’s punch in pass protection. Can improve his change of direction quickness by dropping some excess weight. Must improve his angles to cut off pursuit on the second level. Senior Bowl notes: massive wide thick body frame with functional foot mobility and athletic agility. Shows some body stiffness that hinders him with his change of direction movements. Struggled all week as a one-on-one pass protector because he lacks body and hip flexibility. Fringe hand placement. Has okay playing strength if he gets his hands on defenders with the first punch. Has natural anchor abilities. OSR:26/40. Third/ fourth round. (A-33 3/4, H-10, BP-30, 10-1.84).

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