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New York Giants Depth Chart
HC: Tom Coughlin | OC: Ben McAdoo | DC: Perry Fewell | ST: Tom Quinn
Updated: 09/01/2014 9:45PM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 82 Randle, Rueben 12/2 13 Beckham Jr., Odell 14/1      
RWR 80 Cruz, Victor CF10 12 Jernigan, Jerrel 11/3 83 Parker, Preston SF14 88 Washington, Corey W/Arz  
LT 65 Beatty, Will 09/2 71 Brown, Charles U/NO 73 Brewer, James 11/4    
LG 74 Schwartz, Geoff U/KC 61 REYNOLDS, DALLAS SF13      
C 55 Walton, JD U/Was 70 Richburg, Weston 14/2      
RG 75 Mosley, Brandon 12/4 77 Jerry, John U/Mia      
RT 67 Pugh, Justin 13/1        
TE 84 Donnell, Larry CF12 85 FELLS, DANIEL SF14 81 Robinson, Adrien 12/4    
QB 10 MANNING, ELI T/SD 9 Nassib, Ryan 13/4      
FB 45 Hynoski, Henry CF11        
RB 23 Jennings, Rashad U/Oak 33 Hillis, Peyton SF13 44 Williams, Andre 14/4    
LDE 94 KIWANUKA, MATHIAS 06/1 91 Ayers, Robert U/Den 72 Wynn, Kerry CF14    
LDT 99 JENKINS, CULLEN CC/Phi 95 Hankins, Johnathan 13/2 96 Bromley, Jay 14/3    
RDT 93 PATTERSON, MIKE CC/Phi 78 Kuhn, Markus 12/7      
RDE 90 Pierre-Paul, Jason 10/1 98 Moore, Damontre 13/3      
SLB 53 McClain, Jameel CC/Bal 59 Kennard, Devon 14/5      
MLB 52 Beason, Jon T/Car 53 McClain, Jameel CC/Bal 58 Herzlich, Mark CF11    
WLB 57 Williams, Jacquian 11/6 54 Paysinger, Spencer CF11      
LCB 21 Rodgers-Cromartie, Dominique U/Den 38 McBride, Trumaine SF13 31 Bowman, Zack U/Chi    
SS 26 ROLLE, ANTREL CC/Arz 34 Berhe, Nat 14/5      
FS 27 Brown, Stevie SF12 35 Demps, Quintin U/KC      
RCB 20 Amukamara, Prince 11/1 24 Thurmond, Walter U/Sea      
Special Teams
PK 3 BROWN, JOSH U/Cin        
LS 51 DEOSSIE, ZAK 07/4        
PR 82 Randle, Rueben 12/2 12 Jernigan, Jerrel 11/3 83 Parker, Preston SF14    
KR 35 Demps, Quintin U/KC 83 Parker, Preston SF14 12 Jernigan, Jerrel 11/3    
Practice Squad
PS 68 Becton, Nick OT 29 Cox, Michael RB 48 Fenner, Chandler CB 47 Fox, Dan IB 36 Jackson, Bennett CB
PS 66 Stanton, Jordan DE 19 Talley, Julian WR 64 Asper, Mark OT    
RES 86 Manningham, Mario IR 70 Kropog, Troy IR 27 Howard, Travis IR 22 Wilson, David IR 18 Harris, Marcus IR
RES 30 Taylor, Cooper IR 46 Anderson, Justin IR 15 Holliday, Trindon IR 79 Gaines, Rogers IR  
SUS 62 Herman, Eric SUS/4 28 Hosley, Jayron SUS/4      

DEPTH CHARTS FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before ODELL BECKHAM JR made the New York Giants' depth chart: LSU, 5112 198 4.38. Junior entry. Three-year starter. He’s not only a feature receiver, but a game changing fearless kick returner as well. Averaged a salty 19.5 yards per catch on his 59 receptions and tallied 8 touchdowns. Aggressive going after the ball. Will lay out for an off-target pass. A good route runner who has a physical edge to his game. Runs sharp and crisp routes. Can shake a defender in the open field after a catch. Will run and catch a short pattern into the teeth of a defense. Good ball skills down the field competing for the ball. A first round talent who is tough and strong. A physical receiver who has the speed to take the top off a secondary. Has the ability to get open underneath with quickness. Dangerous with the ball in his hands. A competitive and impact player who has the strength and explosion of a running back. Has improved as a receiver and route runner over his career. Big time elite speed running a 4.38/40 at the Combine. Has big hands and long arms. Receivers are not paid for their blocking skills, but Beckham has the strength to crack back, stalk, and position a defender. 2013 stats: 57-1117, 19.6 ypr, 8 TD. OSR:3/46. First/second round. (A-32 3/4, H-10, VJ-38.5, SS-3.94).

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