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Ourlads' MOCK DRAFT 4.0

Updated: 04/23/2020 4:56AM ET

Ourlads' Scouts Mock Draft 4.0 4/23/20

Joe Burrow
HT: 6034v |  WT: 221v |  40: 4.80
National Champion Joe Burrow was hotter than a burning stump in 2019 and is the Heisman Trophy winner. He has completed an eye-popping 76.3% of his passes, torched secondaries for 5671 yards, 60 touchdowns, and only six interceptions. He averaged 10.8 yards per passing attempt. His QBR is 201.96 The Ohio State transfer drives the ball through seams and challenges the smallest defensive windows in coverage. Good pocket awareness averaging 368 yards rushing averaging 3.2 yards per carry and added another 5 TDs on to his 60 passing touchdowns. Accurate and confident in his play. Works the pocket and will throw a strike with a blitzer in his face. Excellent field vision and anticipation. Burrow is a game changer with focus and execution skills.Hand 9"
Chase Young*
DE , Ohio State
HT: 6047v |  WT: 264v |  40: 4.65
A heat seeking missile that is caffeinated. He plays like his hair is on fire when rushing the passer. Young stood out last year after the Nick Bosa injury and hasn’t let up his first step explosive take-off. Plays with precise timing and anticipation. Excellent use of hands combining speed, quickness, strength, and the ability to adjust on the move. Has a burst to the quarterback after slipping the block on the line of scrimmage. Gives the tackle a full toolbox of vertical push, speed, leverage, power rush, arm over, and rip moves. Has good counter moves and gets his hands up to bat down balls. Young doesn’t always go for the quarterback’s torso. He goes for the ball to get a strip fumble (see Indiana game 2019). He takes full advantage of his length and long arms. Excellent lateral quickness. Plays quarterback on option and can break out and tackle ball carrier. Can split a chip block from backs and base block from tackle. Redskins open for business. Young will be one of the league' s top pass rushers the day he is drafted. Will a QB hungry team sell the farm and move up? If not Washington has a generational talent. Arm: 33 3/4", Hand 10"
Jeff Okudah*
CB , Ohio State
HT: 6012v |  WT: 205v |  40: 4.40
Two year starter from Grand Prairie, TX. Physical corner with experience in a variety of coverage and technique. Plays press, off, and hard corner. Effective with a two and off hand jam along with press and react and press and bail. Mirrors cuts extremely well from different looks. Fluid in transition with sudden break on the ball. Closes with a burst. He’s not a ball hawk as far as interceptions but has ball skills for the pass break. He can get his inside hand to the catch point. Stays in phase on vertical routes and extended route breaks. Solid zone defender with ability to see multiple routes and react to the quarterback delivery. Occasionally will give up leverage versus a shifty receiver but has an outstanding recovery burst. Physical in run support. Can take on a stalk block and shed working to the ball. Runs through tackles with gather and finish. Occasionally goes low but generally gets the job done. He has the size, speed and athletic ability of an elite corner. He is still developing and will be coveted in April. With Darius Slay on the market, Okudah fits a talent and position need. A trade is not out of the question. Quarterbacks make people do crazy things. Arm: 32 5/8" Hand: 9 1/8"
Tristen Wirfs*
OT , Iowa
HT: 6047v |  WT: 320v |  40: 4.85v
Wirfs is a junior from Mount Vernon, IA. An all-around athlete who won state championships in wrestling, discus, and shot put as a prep. The 20-year old underclassman and the first freshman to start in the Kirk Ferentz era jacked up four reps of 450 pounds in the power clean this past summer, making The Athletic’s Bruce Feldman’s 2019 Freak list. He puts an exclamation point on country strong. Gets good pop and movement as a zone blocker. He can decleat any defender. Plays with a good base while running his feet. He can road grade a defensive tackle out of the hole on goal-line or short yardage. As a pass protector he can engulf smaller pass rushers or mirror and stone the larger bull rushers. Plays square with good knee bend. Positions and walls off a “TEX” stunt with patience. Plays well on his feet with good balance and redirect ability. Controls the defender with his big strong hands. Can anchor a bull rush. He is as strong as an oak stump. Wirfs is young and still ascending Dave Gettleman will take this big "Hog Molly" if Chase Young doesn't fall into his lap. The Hawkeye product is a 4 for 1 player with experience at both right and left tackle. Will start at right and move to left after Soldier's contract is up.ARMS: 34", Hands 10 1/4"
Tua Tagovailoa*
QB , Alabama
HT: 6000v |  WT: 217v |  40: 4.60
As battle-tested as any quarterback in the nation. Tough and hard-nosed, elevates the players around him. Confident and cool. The southpaw delivers a quick and precise release that is accurate on all levels of the route tree. Utilizes touch to near-perfection. Can add some as easily as take some off when needed. Tagovailoa is still inconsistent with his footwork and consistency from play to play. There are times he tries to do too much and forces the action rather than taking what the defense gives him. His durability has been an issue. He hasn’t learned how to consistently avoid contact. Injury prone QB must sell Dolphin physicians on medical history. Dolphins flunked Drew Brees with shoulder injury. If not Tagovailoa ,Herbert? or the top position player.Free Agent QB? Development mid round? Jalen Hurts 2nd round? .Hand 9 7/8
Justin Herbert
QB , Oregon
HT: 6062v |  WT: 236v |  40: 4.65
Has improved as a pocket passer week to week and year to year for the Ducks. Plays in a wide open pistol spread offensive scheme where he gets the ball out of his hand quickly. Makes quick decisions in the pitch and catch offense. Our scouts like the size and stature of Herbert with his strong and talented arm. He steps and makes all the throws outside the hash marks and has the touch on swing and check down routes. Has improved in 2019 selling the run or the run/pass action series and throws strikes to the slant and seam receivers. If Herbert is there, he's a Charger if not Alabama tackle Jedrick Wills JR is the pick with Isaiah Simmons in the discussion.Hand: 10"
Isaiah Simmons*
LB , Clemson
HT: 6035v |  WT: 238v |  40: 4.39v
This explosive star may not last until 7. If Simmons goes to the Giants at 4 then Wirfs is in Arizona. Three year starter from Olathe, KS. Simmons transitioned from safety to the Sam/ nickel back role in 2018. An explosive athlete who can do it all on defense. Plays the run like a true Sam backer and can cover like a safety. Quick with initial read and react with quick hands to engage and shed blockers. Chases across the field and make plays in space. Sudden change of direction with stop and start on a dime quickness. Can work outside-in sifting through the wash to make plays. Solid fundamental tackling ability with knee bend and finish. Has blitz skill but will need to develop more pass rush tools. Excels in coverage with the speed to stay with slot receivers up the field and mirror route breaks. Outstanding zone defender with a feel for the throwing lane. Plays multiple receivers in a zone with good positioning to go with a sudden break on the throw. Has what is needed to play in the NFL and will fit as a Will linebacker with nickel responsibilities. Arm 33 3/8 ", Hand 9 5/8"
Andrew Thomas*
LOT , Georgia
HT: 6051v |  WT: 315v |  40: 5.30
Thomas is a junior with three years starting experience from Lithonia, GA. Played two years at left tackle and one year at right tackle as a freshman. One of the things Thomas does best is stay between the defender and his quarterback. Has a sturdy lower body and thick bubble. A big guy who can bend. Flashes an explosive punch on inside blitzers. Demonstrates his ability to regain body control and balance. Good use of hands and placement on the defender’s breast plate. Has been consistent over his career from snap to finish. Plays with good hand and foot quickness. Can bend and play in a good football position. A competitor who stays square with the ability to shadow the rusher. Easy light feet. Can anchor a bull rush. Good effort and hustle to make a second block. Arm 36 1/8", Hand 10 1/4"
Derrick Brown
DT , Auburn
HT: 6045v |  WT: 326v |  40: 5.00
Three-year starter from Sugar Hill, GA. The dominant interior athlete has collected All-SEC honors on the field and All-SEC academic honor roll attention off the field. Brown is a combination of power and force. Drives the guard or center into the backfield with leverage, hip explosiveness, and strength. Smothers the run from tackle to tackle. Holds the Auburn squat record with 590 pounds. Has good interior awareness. Can feel blocks and schemes. Presses the pocket and gives upfield pressure. As quick as he is strong. Can hit the gap 100 miles an hour with quickness and disruptive motions. Can stack and beat double team blocks. Flashes a sudden arm over move and creates backfield chaos. The big man hustles to the perimeter and makes plays. Quick to read and react after controlling the blocker. Good instincts. A top ten pick. Future pro bowl star fits a talent and position need for the Panthers. Brown can play any 3-4 front position and will dominate inside in 4-3 fronts.Arm : 34 1/4", Hand: 9"
Jedrick Wills Jr *
ROT , Alabama
HT: 6042v |  WT: 314v |  40: 5.30
Junior entry from Lexington, Kentucky. A two-year starter at right tackle that earned 1st Team All SEC and 2nd Team All American honors in 2019. Willis was the most physical blocker on the Crimson Tide offensive line but also turned heads with his quality, consistent performance as a pass blocker. It can be hard to locate a true dent in his armor outside of the fact he can get out-reached by longer defenders. His footwork and hands are as sure as it gets and he plays with an ever-present competitive streak that every team wants in the trenches. He has the look of a first-year starter that could move inside if the situation he is drafted in to doesn’t initially demand a new face at tackle.Arm: 34 1/4, Hand 10"
Mekhi Becton*
OT , Louisville
HT: 6073v |  WT: 364v |  40: 5.50
The Jets may go in another direction as Becton is a need reach at this point. Junior entry and three year starter from Highland Springs, Virginia. First team All ACC in 2019 as the team’s starting left tackle. Becton has played on both sides of the line and could project to either in the NFL. His game very much depends on the elite length and upper body explosion that can take over a one on one battle right away. Becton is rare physical force that gets movement at both the point of attack and in space the second he comes in contact with the defender. His issues are partially technique-based which, but there are also movement issues.It can be hard for a player at his height to adjust with balance and precision in pass protection. His sometimes-inaccurate hands aren’t backed up by other physical attributes and techniques which gives him a rather large buyer-beware label. He turns 21 just days prior to the draft. Flashes a little Trent Brown or Tre Thomas in his game .ARM: 35 5/8",Hand: 10 3/4"
Henry Ruggs III*
WR , Alabama
HT: 5110v |  WT: 188v |  40: 4.27v
We can't see this speedster lasting until 21 but stranger things have happened. Junior from Montgomery, AL. Two year starter with experience as a receiver, ball carrier, and special teams’ standout. Ruggs’ game begins with speed, an elite level of speed that is already being viewed as maybe the fastest in the country. Alabama coaches labeled him the most competitive player on the squad and it shows as a gunner on special teams. Ruggs has improved as a route runner to the point where he can be counted on to separate as an underneath route runner with his cut-and-go burst. If he does find some space, it’s over. His acceleration and stride-speed is that special. There are still some rough spots to his skill set as a pass catcher but Ruggs easily has the ability to be an elite game breaker at the next level. Speedster gives Carson Wentz a threat to open up the underneath routes for big receivers. Hand 10 1/8"
Jerry Jeudy*
WR , Alabama
HT: 6010v |  WT: 193v |  40: 4.46v
Junior from Deerfield Beach, FL. A second year starter who has emerged from a talented group of pass catchers. Loose-hipped and light-footed athlete who plays faster than he times because of his efficient lower body mechanics and overall skill set. Jeudy can create separation both as a route runner and ball carrier. He carries gifted athleticism off the snap, showing pro-caliber routes. The stop-and-go ability with the ball in his hands forces missed contact. He is a natural pass catcher that looks the ball into his hands consistently, whether it is underneath or deep. He is a team player who puts effort into downfield blocking . Everything about his game is NFL-ready week one.Hand 91/2" Arm 32 1/8"
CJ Henderson
CB , Florida
HT: 6007v |  WT: 204v |  40: 4.48
Junior entry from Miami, Florida. A three-year starter that earned All SEC honors all three seasons, including a first team honor in 2019. Henderson brings elite triangle numbers to the table, perhaps best in the class. He has the best combination of height, weight, speed, and leaping ability. However his greatest trait trumps all of those numbers, and it is the ability to stick to a receiver’s hip pocket with a rare combination of quickness, agility, and body control. Henderson makes his elite burst and acceleration look smooth and easy. He has the kind of speed that can stick to the NFL’s fastest deep threats but also the quickness to stick to the NFL’s shiftiest slot receivers. His poor tackling and tendency to avoid contact will hurt his team at times, but for what a corner first asked to do, cover the receiver, it is hard to find someone better than Henderson. ARM: 31 5/8", 9" Hand.
CeeDee Lamb*
WR , Oklahoma
HT: 6015v |  WT: 198v |  40: 4.45
Junior from Richmond, TX who has been starting since his freshman season. He possesses a wiry, borderline skinny frame but plays like one of the toughest guys on the field. He brings elite ball skills to the table, as he tracks the ball no matter where it is exceptionally well with excellent timing, balance, and control. He reaches the ball at full extension and will come down with complete awareness of where he is in relation to the boundaries. Lamb already specializes in tip-toeing his feet in bounds like a ballerina and shows the easy, natural hands. He is as competitive as it gets after the catch and as a blocker. He needs to improve his playing strength against more physical defensive backs. Hand: 9 1/4" Arm: 32 1/4"
Javon Kinlaw
DE/DT, South Carolina
HT: 6051v |  WT: 324v |  40: 5.00
Fourth year senior from Charleston, South Carolina. Started for three years at South Carolina after spending his freshman year Jones County Junior College. The tool set is among the best in the class at the position and there is enough tape to confirm he is much more than a blank slate with potential. Kinlaw has shown the ability to take over games from the middle with his ability to create a new line of scrimmage and close in on the action with violence, power, and speed. There are several technique-based parts to his game that need work and consistency, but he is very coachable and will make a difference early even while he tries to learn the game.Arm: 34 7/8, Hand: 10 1/2.
K'Lavon Chaisson*
HT: 6030v |  WT: 254v |  40: 4.75
Redshirt sophomore entry. Two year starter from Houston, Texas. After a 5-star recruit caliber high school career, Chaisson started week one of his true freshman season . He showed off plenty of upside that year but a torn ACL week one of his sophomore season caused him to miss the year. He had to fight through an ankle injury early in 2019, thus his experience as he enters the league is limited. With that said, Chaisson’s movement skills and leverage jump off the screen. He is a feisty, explosive straight line edge rusher. His body still has a lot of filling out to do, but nobody will question this kids work ethic. He was a permanent team captain as a true junior that wore the heralded #18 jersey for the National Champion Tigers.All the top tackles are off the board. One of 2 QBs went at 5, Fins take an explosive top front playmaker in Chaisson. Arm 32 1/4 ", 9 7/8"
18. Miami Dolphins f/PIT
Austin Jackson*
HT: 6047v |  WT: 322v |  40: 5.07v
Junior entry. Two year starter from Phoenix, Arizona. Grandson of Melvin Jackson, a five-year NFL lineman. First team All Pac 12 in 2019. Jackson has the tools and initial movement off the snap with an aggressive playing style and hustle that will get coaches excited about working with him. He can create solid torque and pop off the ball and he has enough athletic ability to play outside. However a deeper look in to his game and there are several warts that absolutely need to be ironed out. ARM: 34 1/4", Hand: 10 1/4"
AJ Terrell
CB , Clemson
HT: 6011v |  WT: 195v |  40: 4.42v
Two year starter from Atlanta, GA.Ideal size for the position. Uses variety of technique including press, press and bail and off. Outstanding footwork with no wasted movement. Mirrors cuts and can cut off route breaks. Disrupts routes with jam and is quick to turn and run on a vertical route. Rarely gives up leverage. Normally stays in phase up the field. Transitions are fluid and he is sudden to break on throws in front of him. Plays zone coverage well with good vision and ability to recognize multiple routes in a zone. Has ball skills and can get his hands into the catch point. Willing tackler but is inconsistent making plays. Will miss at times and can get locked up on a block and out of position. Occasionally will get beaten on a route break by looking at the quarterback in man. Due to his quickness breaking on the short throw has been vulnerable to a hitch and go. Still developing but has the length and ball skills NFL teams covet.
Trevon Diggs
CB , Alabama
HT: 6013v |  WT: 205v |  40: 4.47
Two year starter from Gaithersburg, MD. Versatile athlete who saw action as a wide receiver, defensive back, and returner his freshman year. Took on a full-time role on defense and was a solid return man as a sophomore. Has played press man, press and bail, off man, and off zone using outside and inside technique based on coverage. Physical in press with a two hand or off hand jam but can also press and react. Mirrors cuts in press but occasionally will take a wrong turn and get separated. Somewhat vulnerable to double moves in off man. Zone aware with the ability to see multiple threats and react quickly on the throw. Has range in zone coverage. Receiver-like ball skill shows as he can find the ball and get to the high point. Willing tackler but comes in high and rarely gathers. Still a work in progress in some areas, but size and skill level get him into the first round. ARM: 32 3/4, Hand: 9 3/8"
Denzel Mims
WR , Baylor
HT: 6027v |  WT: 207v |  40: 4.38v
Mims is a senior entry from Daingerfield, Texas. Three year starter that earned All Big 12 honors in both 2017 and 2019. The former high school basketball and track star had a bit of a back and forth career at Baylor because of the quality around him, but his 2019 cemented him as one of the top receivers in the class. Mims has a classic wide receiver build with wiry strong length and a defender’s mentality. He is incredibly physical and tough but also shows a blend of finesse and pure speed ARM: 33 7/8 " Hand: 9 3/8"
Kristian Fulton
HT: 5115v |  WT: 197v |  40: 4.45v
Two year starter, New Orleans, LA.. Has played press man, off man, hard corner, and deep outside zone coverage. Solid techniques with excellent footwork. At his best as a press corner. Can be physical in press and can be disruptive with an off-hand jam at the line. Quick fluid pedal when off and rarely wastes movement. As a hard corner flashes re-route skill. Sudden in transition with a closing burst breaking on the ball. Shows mirror ability reacting to route breaks and can recover if out of position. Has ball skills with uncanny timing to get his hand into the catch point.
AJ Epenesa*
DE , Iowa
HT: 6051v |  WT: 275v |  40: 5.00
Junior from Glen Carbon, IL . As big and strong as a man can come. A power player in every sense of the word. Not a quick twitch explosive edge player that flies up the field, but rather a powerful strong man who can push and squeeze the pocket but yet has subtle quickness and short area pop. What is so intriguing about Epenesa to NFL scouts is his size and power for an edge defender. He is an ascending player who is strong at the point of attack and uses his arms and hands to control the blocker. He has mobility and speed to string out and pursue to the sidelines. He is a hard hitting physical talent that is thick and stout. Stays on his feet although he must work to bend to ward off low cut blocks. A quality control scout could put together an NFL eye popping highlight film to showcase his career exploits. Not a finished product but has the talent to start on any defensive front.Arm: 34 1/2", Hand: 10 1/8 "
Justin Jefferson
HT: 6012v |  WT: 202v |  40: 4.42v
Junior entry from St. Rose, La. A two year starter that earned 2nd Team All SEC honors in 2019. A featured receiver for each of the past two years who’s 18 touchdowns in 2019 were second in the nation only to teammate Ja’Marr Chase. Jefferson played primarily out of the slot in 2019 and because of his crisp route running and smooth ball skills, it will likely be his ideal spot in the NFL. He has great twitch and transition for a player with his length and he will create unique opportunities in that role at the next level. He has excellent long speed and playing strength.He proved his ability to impact a game short and deep and will be a NFL-ready receiver right away.
Arm:33'" Hand: 9 1/8"
Chase Claypool
WR , Notre Dame
HT: 6043v |  WT: 238v |  40: 4.44v
Three-year starter, Abbotsford, British Columbia. From little known high school recruit in Canada, to Notre Dame’s leader in special team tackles in 2016, all the way to Notre Dame’s leading receiver in 2019, Claypool has shown the kind of progression and hard work that will impress every coach in the league. Combine that with a set of tools that few other receivers in the class can match, a credible argument can be made for him being one of the top players at receiver. He may be projected to a hybrid receiver/tight end role in the NFL.
26. Miami Dolphins f/HOU
Grant Delpit*
HT: 6024v |  WT: 213v |  40: 4.45
Three year starter from Houston, TX. In 2018 had 74 tackles including five sacks. He also added nine pass breakups, five interceptions, a forced fumble, and a recovery. Excellent size for the position. Delpit is used in a variety of coverage in multiple spots. Teams have to account for where he is on the field. Excels in run support with near perfect tackling ability. A missed tackle is rare before being somewhat hobbled in 2019 with an ankle injury. Makes quick adjustments in space and gathers and finishes tackles. Consistently drops ball carriers in their tracks. Outstanding range in pursuit and coverage. Around the ball a lot. Fluid in transition flipping his hips in deep coverage or driving on the throw. Has match-up skill and can cover a slot receiver up the field. Smart defender with vision to see the quarterback and receivers in zone coverage. Positions well versus multiple routes in a zone. Gets his hands to the catch point and can out-fight a receiver for the ball. Effective blitzing from inside or outside with good anticipation at the snap. His skill will be coveted by an NFL team in any scheme. Hand 9 1/8"
Yetur Gross-Matos*
Edge , Penn State
HT: 6050v |  WT: 266v |  40: 4.75
Junior entry. Two year starter from Spotsylvania, Virginia. When it comes to long term upside and tools, Gross-Matos can be considered one of the top defenders in the entire class. He has the height, length, and speed combination that is considered rare. He recorded 35 TFL and 17.5 sacks over his two seasons as a starter and has more than enough tape to prove he can get the job done early in his career. Possesses the ideal body of today’s edge rusher with room to add bulk. Plays with a low pad level and more than enough flexibility from is ankles and knees. Thick lower half, bubble butt and big calves. Top tier speed for the position. Pursues the ball well and will play through the whistle. Has the tool set to work with and develop that doesn’t come around often. There are issues with his game, most notably when it comes to power and inside run defense, but Gross-Matos has a top shelf toolbox that may just need some time and strength development.
Arm: 34 7/8, Hand: 9 3/4"
Kenneth Murray*
IB , Oklahoma
HT: 6024v |  WT: 238v |  40: 4.65
Junior entry. Three year starter from Missouri City, Texas. Murray burst on to the scene in 2017, winning the Big 12 Freshman Defensive Player of the Year Award. He was a part of the All-Big 12 team all three years and ended his career as an All American. He started all 42 games of his career and has been the heartbeat to the defense. Murray has been touted for both his leadership and play by coaches and opponents alike. He is the kind of player that any team can stick in to the middle of their defense and know they have a true three down player that will make others around him better. Murray has the physical tools and mental acuity to be a star in the middle. Arm 32 3/4 ", Hand 9 1/2 "
Jaylon Johnson
CB , Utah
HT: 5117v |  WT: 193v |  40: 4.51v
Junior entry, two-year starter. Fresno, CA. Was a second-team AllAmerica and first team All-Pac 12 in 2019. Has experience as a hard corner and plays both off and press. Shows a variety of technique and is very effective from a press alignment. Quick with his pedal keeping a tight cushion and normally maintains inside leverage. Can be reactive or jam in press disrupting receivers take-off and route. Can be physical with off and two hand jam. Fluid in press and bail, coming out of pedal into a lateral run.ARM: 31 3/8", Hand: 9 3/8"
Tee Higgins*
WR , Clemson
HT: 6035v |  WT: 216v |  40: 4.56v
Junior entry, two-year starter, Oak Ridge, TN. Two-time All ACC, including a first-team honor in 2019. Left the school tied with former Tigers’ DeAndre Hopkinsand Sammy Watkins as the all-time leader in touchdown receptions (27). He is the only player in program history to record 10+ touchdown catches in consecutive years. Elite ball skills and ability to snag the ball from any and every angle with a sense of ease will make a dangerous threat in the league. He plays fast enough and there are other traits in his game that make him a future number one receiver for a team that likes to throw the ball vertically.
Ross Blacklock*
HT: 6031v |  WT: 290v |  40: 4.92
Junior entry, two-year starter, Missouri City, TX. Ended his career with a 2019 first-team All Big 12 honor. Blacklock opened eyes as a redshirt freshman in 2017 but a torn Achilles tendon prior to the start of 2018 forced him to miss the year. He bounced back with vengeance, sharing the team lead with 3.5 sacks while adding 9.5 tackles for loss. He is a disruptive penetrator with excellent size and burst. He can close a gap in a hurry but also shows a power game upon contact with blockers. He is an upside-based pick that can be a package defender right away with the potential of being a top tier interior pass rusher down the road.
JK Dobbins
RB , Ohio State
HT: 5094v |  WT: 209v |  40: 4.45e
The World Champions may need another offensive weapon. Junior entry. Dobbins is a three year starter from La Grange, Texas. Dobbins led the Buckeyes in rushing all three years on campus including 2,000 yard, 2nd Team All American season in 2019. Dobbins has been a hit on campus from the start and left Ohio State as their second all time leading rusher after just three years of service. He has the ideal body type and running style of a every down back in the NFL with a diverse skill set and team-mentality.