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St. Louis Rams Depth Chart
HC: Jeff Fisher | OC: Frank Cignetti | DC: Gregg Williams | ST: John Fassel
Updated: 07/15/2015 10:05PM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 81 Britt, Kenny U/Ten 83 Quick, Brian 12/2 13 Givens, Chris 12/4 16 Blake, Emory CF13 15 Marquez, Bradley CF15
RWR 11 Austin, Tavon 13/1 12 Bailey, Stedman 13/3 19 Wylie, Devon SF14 10 Williams, Damian SF14 2 Ferguson, Isiah CF15
RWR       3 Rodriguez, Daniel CF15 8 Slavin, Tyler CF15
LT 79 Robinson, Greg 14/1 00 Battle, Isaiah 15S/5 70 Washington, Brandon SF12 63 Williams, Darrell CF15  
LG 76 Saffold, Rodger 10/2 71 Reynolds, Garrett U/Det      
C 67 Jones, Barrett 13/4 61 Barnes, Tim SF11 65 Rhaney, Demetrius 14/7 57 Wang, David CF15  
RG 68 Brown, Jamon 15/3 69 Wichmann, Cody PUP 60 Bond, Travis W/Car    
RT 79 Havenstein, Rob 15/2 64 Donnal, Andrew 15/4 66 Baker, Steven SF14    
TE 89 Cook, Jared U/Ten 46 Harkey, Cory CF12 48 Cunningham, Justice SF13    
TE 88 Kendricks, Lance 11/2 82 Bayer, Alex CF14   87 Smelley, Brad SF14  
QB 5 Foles, Nick T/Phi 9 Davis, Austin SF13 14 Mannion, Sean 15/3 17 Keenum, Case T/Hou  
RB 30 Gurley, Todd 15/1 27 Mason, Tre 14/3 36 Cunningham, Benny CF13 24 Pead, Isaiah 12/2 34 Reynolds, Chase SF11
RB   39 Brown, Malcolm CF15 41 Franks, Terrence CF15 45 Laskey, Zach CF15 42 Watts, Trey CF14
LDE 91 LONG, CHRIS 08/1 95 HAYES, WILLIAM U/Ten 62 Westbrooks, Ethan CF14 96 Ifedi, Martin 15/7  
LDT 99 Donald, Aaron 14/1 62 Trinca-Pasat, Louis CF15      
RDT 90 Brockers, Michael 12/1 98 Fairley, Nick U/Det      
RDE 94 Quinn, Robert 11/1 97 Sims, Eugene 10/6 75 Worthington, Doug SF14 92 Longacre, Matt CF15  
OLB 55 Ayers, Akeem U/NE 58 DUNBAR, JO-LONN U/NO 59 Toomer, Korey SF14 57 Malone, Keshaun CF15  
MLB 55 Laurinaitis, James 09/2 53 Bates, Daren CF13 54 Hager, Bryce 15/7    
OLB 52 Ogletree, Alec 13/1 51 McFadden, Marshall SF14 50 Lynch, Cameron CF15    
LCB 33 Gaines, EJ 14/6 22 Johnson, Trumaine 12/3 49 Garner, Montell CF15    
SS 25 McDonald, TJ 13/3 38 Davis, Cody CF13 31 Alexander, Mo 14/4 26 Bryant, Christian 14/7  
FS 23 McLeod, Rodney CF12 20 Joyner, Lamarcus 14/2 26 Barron, Mark T/TB 43 Hagen, Jacob CF15  
RCB 21 Jenkins, Janoris 12/2 47 Roberson, Marcus CF14 45 Claiborne, Imoan CF15    
CB 22 Johnson, Trumaine 12/3 32 McGee, Brandon 13/5 35 Hughes, Jay CF15    
Special Teams
P 6 Hekker, Johnny CF12 6 Palardy, Michael SF15      
PK 4 Zuerlein, Greg 12/6        
LS 44 McQuaide, Jake CF11 84 Ott, Tyler SF15      
H 6 Hekker, Johnny CF12        
PR 11 Austin, Tavon 13/1        
KR 36 Cunningham, Benny CF13 13 Givens, Chris 12/4 11 Austin, Tavon 13/1    

DEPTH CHARTS FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before AARON DONALD made the St. Louis Rams' depth chart: Pittsburgh, 6006 285 4.68. Three-year starter. An undersized but productive interior under tackle in a 4-3 scheme. He plays all over the Panthers’ front looking for the best match up. Sudden off the ball and up the field. Good lateral quickness and effort to finish. A slippery leverage player. Works hard every play from snap to whistle. Always puts in a good day’s work. Good flexibility to dip and bend. Winner of the Bednarik Award (best defensive player), Lombardi Award (best lineman), Outland Trophy (best interior lineman) and Nagurski Award (best defensive player), unanimous All-American, ACC Defensive Player of Year, first team All- ACC after leading the nation with 26.5 tackles for lost yardage (2.2 per game). One of the most productive players in this draft class. An active player who plays low with heavy hands. He can do well at the next level in the right scheme. Shows great instincts and an ability to quickly diagnose plays. Has a great burst on first step and shoots gaps with explosive quickness. Very effective in backside pursuit down the line. Uses his incredible quickness to rush the passer, but is also a capable bull rusher. Uses a variety of moves and utilizes a dangerous swim move. Shows good hand usage to shed blocks or keep blockers at bay and move down the line of scrimmage. Solid wrap-up tackler who does a good job of finding the ball when tackling and forcing fumbles. Has surprising strength for his size. Can beat double teams with his speed. 2013 stats: 59 T, 28.5 TFL, 11 sacks, 4 FF. Edge speed:left 1.90, right 1.98. OSR:6/43. First round. (A- 32 5/8, H-9 7/8, BP-35, 10-1.63).

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