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David Sharpe | 75

OT | Florida | Houston Texans
Ht: 6062 / 6' 06" | Wt: 343 | Upd: 04/29/2024


Birth Date: 10/21/1995
Age: 28
Original Team: OAK
NFL Entry: 17 04 129
NFL Exp: 6
Depth Chart Key: U/Car

Player History

05/17 OAK D/C signed
09/18 OAK waived
09/18 HOU P/SQ 2-3
09/18 HOU activated 4
10/18 HOU waived
11/18 OAK w/claim from HOU
09/20 WAS trade from LV
07/21 WAS Covid-19
08/21 WAS activated
08/21 WAS T V V
09/21 BAL P/SQ 2-6
10/21 BAL activated 6
10/21 BAL P/SQ 7-13
12/21 BAL P/SQ 13
12/21 BAL activated 13
12/21 BAL P/SQ 14
12/21 BAL activated 14
12/21 BAL P/SQ 15
12/21 BAL Covid-19
12/21 BAL P/SQ 16
12/21 BAL activated 16
03/22 BAL UFA
07/22 BAL UFA signed
08/22 BAL T V V
08/22 BAL P/SQ 0-4
10/22 BAL activated 4
10/22 BAL P/SQ 5-19
01/23 BAL FA for 23
08/23 BAL T V V
09/23 CAR P/SQ 0-1
09/23 CAR activated 1
11/23 CAR waived 10
11/23 CAR P/SQ 10-11
11/23 CAR activated 11
03/24 CAR UFA
03/24 HOU UFA signed

Ourlads' Profile:

2017 Guide: What Ourlads' NFL Scouting Services said about DAVID SHARPE: Florida, 6062 344 5.47. Junior entry from Jacksonville, FL. Two-year starter. Humongous tackle who can pull out of his stance and lead block on inside traps. Locks out his target with his long arms. Mirrors the rusher and gets push up the field. A thick man who can bend. Moves his feet in pass pro and when blocking the second level he occupies the linebacker or makes him run the hump. His hands are not always coordinated with his feet. A big man who can seal an edge for a sweep. Quick and physical with his hands. Closes the deal on his blocks if he gets inside position on his target. Some team may like him at guard. Very hard for him to reach the edge. Heavy and stiff lower half. Can’t trust him in space, too much lumbering. Very limited change of direction when he is out there as a lead blocker. Struggles to bend his lower body; good leverage defenders can always get under him. Late off the snap. Legally blind in his right eye. His size and easy power are very attractive, ever-present traits. His foot speed and leverage issues will be exposed on a play by play basis however if he doesn’t get them corrected. OSR:25/41. Fourth/fifth round. (A-35 7/8, H- 10, BP-19, 10-1.89).