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Andy Isabella | 87

WR | Massachusetts | Buffalo Bills
Ht: 5086 / 5' 09" | Wt: 188 | Upd: 03/02/2024


Birth Date: 11/18/1996
Age: 27
Original Team: ARZ
NFL Entry: 19 02 062
NFL Exp: 5
Depth Chart Key: SF23
Team History: ARZ BAL BUF

Player History

05/19 ARZ D/C signed
07/21 ARZ Covid-19
08/21 ARZ activated
08/21 ARZ Covid-19
08/21 ARZ activated
10/22 ARZ waived
10/22 BAL P/SQ 5-16
12/22 BAL activated 16
12/22 BAL P/SQ 16-17
12/22 BAL activated 17
01/23 BAL P/SQ 17-19
01/23 BAL activated 19
01/23 BAL P/SQ 19
01/23 BAL FA for 23
07/23 BAL T V V
07/23 BUF FA
08/23 BUF T V V
08/23 BUF P/SQ 0-8
10/23 BUF activated 8
10/23 BUF P/SQ 8-12
11/23 BUF activated 12
11/23 BUF P/SQ 12-19
01/24 BUF activated 19
01/24 BUF P/SQ 19-20
01/24 BUF activated 20
01/24 BUF P/SQ 20-21
01/24 BUF FA for 24

Ourlads' Profile:

2019 Guide: What Ourlads' NFL Scouting Services said about ANDY ISABELLA: Massachusetts, 5086 188 4.34. Three year starter from Mayfield, OH. Despite world class speed in high school (#1 in country in 60 meter) and a defeat of Denzel Ward in the 100 and 200 meter races, Isabella didn’t receive a lot of attention from college programs. In fact, it wasn’t until 2017 where he really popped onto the national radar. He followed that with a nation-leading 141.5 receiving yards per game last fall, including a dominant performance against Georgia. He will be a weapon from the slot because of his elite-movement ability in both short and long spaces. But even more than that, he brings the concentration, toughness, and attention to detail that will make him a quarterback’s best friend. He will be near impossible to cover man on man and while his size puts a few limitations on him, there will be enough he can do to warrant a high pick. Small in stature but understands how to take advantage. Elite quickness but that doesn’t come at the expense of long speed. The burst and acceleration translates into top shelf long speed as well. Won’t be caught from behind. Runs with a wide, balanced base which makes him seem even more agile and efficient as a route runner. Detailed-oriented and approaches his route running like a surgeon. Can separate on all levels consistently. Quick to turn north after the catch and gain the extra yardage. Tough as nails, shows no fear at any time. Can find the windows, planned or unplanned. Versatile tool box, as he was used all over the field. Undersized when it comes to height, length, and hand size. Will be limited to slot-only duties. Can be hard to locate especially in traffic. 2018 stats: 102-1698, 16.7 ypr, 13 TD. OSR:10/42. Third/fourth round. (A-29 3/4, H-8 3/8, VJ-36.5, SS-4.16).